WP Email Styler

Add good looking html template to emails. the template is optimized to look good in desktop, web and mobile email clients.
Tested on Outlook 2013, Gmail, Gmail Android, Inbox Android, iPhone 5.

– Header color and text
– Header logo image
– Footer color and text
– Add links to social networks
– RTL support


Works with all AppThemes premium themes and all WordPress themes that use the wp_mail function.

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  1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
  2. Enable the plugin.
  3. Configure the plugin under Settings->Email Styler.

Please use the dedicated forum.


  • Update header img placeholder url.


  • Fix RTL for header text


  • Add outer header and footer text options
  • Small fix to styling


  • Fix changing footer background color
  • Add linkedin social option


  • Fix getting options


  • Add tabs for easier navigation. will be really helpful as more features being added.
  • Fix header logo preview not being refreshed.
  • Add media buttons to footer and header html editor.


  • Add appthemes id


  • first

One review of “WP Email Styler

5 stars
Great plugin, does what it says on the packet
By -

Installed this on WP 4.6.1 with HireBee 3.7 and it works like a charm even with the Gmail SMTP v1.0.6 plugin.

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 Comments (25)

  • aj270303


    I am glad I looked at the pics.

    They convinced me not to buy it.

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  • anuraagv


    Can you supply more info about it. Will it work with vantage and does it integrate with when a new listing is submitted, approved, expired and/or removed.


  • author

    Hi anuraagv,

    The template is being applied to all emails. the only restriction is the theme must use the WordPress API wp_mail function to send an email.
    All AppThemes premium themes do that. though a broken child theme or plugin may not do that and then the template won’t be applied to the specific theme that child theme or plugin may send.
    You shouldn’t get into any problem with AppThemes Vantage theme.

    What kind of more info are you asking?
    the template is configurable from wp_admin as shows. can edit the header and footer texts using html editor. can easy add logo and social links.
    You can add any image actually in header/footer using the html editor.


  • author

    Shouldn’t be a problem. if there is a problem the template doesn’t apply I’ll help you in the forums.

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  • jamesweb

    does this work will all hirebee emails?

    • author

      There shouldn’t be a problem. This plugin hooks to the wp_mail function which all themes use to send emails.

  • richfinch


    I’m using the Hirebee template and would love for the notifications emails to be nicely formated.

    Apparently this is supposed to work with the theme as it uses the wp_mail function but I just tried another plugin that uses the same function but it didn’t do anything?

    Can someone confirm this plugin definitely will work with hirebee. Thanks

    • author

      you can try to put the following in functions.php and if it will work so plugins using wp_mail will work. maybe you miss-configured the plugin.

      add_filter( ‘wp_mail’, ‘my_wp_mail_filter’ );
      function my_wp_mail_filter( $args ) {
      $args[‘subject’] = ‘test mail’;
      return $args;

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  • enrique_traun


    having a question before going for your plugin: I’m using “AppThemes Confirm Email” – is it possible to format these predefined emails aswell? If Yes – it would be great – and wouldn’t hesitate to buy …

    • author

      this plugin doesn’t modify the content of the email but just add wrapping to make it look nice.
      if the plugin uses wp_email then it should be formatted as in the screenshot.

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  • b3d1

    I am currently using WP Email Template LITE plugin. I have P3 – Plugin Performance Profiler installed and it reports that it is using too much resources (36%). Do you have P3, and if so can you tell me if your plugin is more efficient?

    Also, does this wrap all emails from system including from contact poster?


  • author

    The plugin will wrap the contact owner emails.

    As for P3. since it’s in percentage it depends on what you have installed. Since my demo site doesn’t have anything installed it could show higher percentage of usage but if I’ll install some heavy plugins then the percentage will be a lot lower. It also depends on the amount of traffic to the website and my demo site doesnt get visitors at all. Also for this plugin it depends on the amount of emails generated.
    So you see I can’t really get real result for you as I use non active demo site.
    Also someone checking will get real result for his website but it won’t be the same for you.

  • Fasarkerpj

    hello, can i use it with jobroller and child theme jobsapp?

  • author

    Hi Fasarkerpj,

    it works fine with jobroller default theme. I don’t know if jobsapp is changing how emails work so I’m not sure about it.

  • author

    Hi Fasarkerpj,

    I don’t have a lite/trial version but you can use any free email styler plugin from wordpress.org.
    If it works then this plugin will work as well.
    You can try wp-email-template. they have a free lite version.

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  • sophiacarib

    Does Email Styler plugin and Custom Emails plugin work together or seperately?

  • author

    the plugins work separately. email styler is for nice html template you see in the screenshot and can work with any theme. classipress customs emails is for changing the content of the email and is for classipress only.

  • futura123

    I chandged font on Calibri but Outlook still show email text as a Helveltica. When I preview email in web browser everything is okay. Any ideas?

  • artmobster

    vk.com social network needed!

  • buddhan

    Will be there an update coming soon ?????

  • author

    hi buddhan, there is no planned update. what are you missing? if you already bought this you can with me in the forums about an update that you need.

  • buddhan

    Thx for your reply, I was just wondering if it is still compatible with the new updated CP and Vintage

  • author

    hi buddahn, yes it should be. for any issue you encounter with the plugin you can post a thread in the support forum of the plugin and i’ll help you there.

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