Vantage Items

  • feedpress-vantage-thumb

    FeedPress for Vantage


    Place a ListingBox directly onto your users’ websites

  • tumbnail

    Fields Touch


    Style specific custom fields using css icons on listing or event detail page.

  • Switch Off Delete

    Switch Off Delete


    Switch off the delete button in user dashboards for the Vantage and ClassiPress themes.

  • Flat Custom Footer

    Flat Custom Footer


    Easily replace the default footer text for the Vantage theme.

  • vantage-alerts-thumbnail

    Vantage Alerts


    Send Email Alerts with New Listings and Events

  • thumnail



    Show specific custom fields as tabs on listing or event detail page.

  • Custom Greeting

    Custom Greeting


    Easily replace the default WordPress greeting.

  • order-exporter-thumbnail

    Order Exporter


    Export your order details to a CSV file. Fully customizable and works with all AppThemes themes.

  • at_autosuggest_vantage_thumb

    AutoSuggest – Vantage


    Automatically suggests business listings as the user types.

  • freelancerr-thumbnail



    An innovative, professional and premium Vantage child theme.

  • Switch Off Favorites

    Switch Off Favorites


    Switch off the favorites feature for the Vantage theme.

  • Printer Friendly

    Printer Friendly


    Enable printer friendly styles for the Vantage and ClassiPress themes.

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