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Add related ads blocks on your ClassiPress single ad pages.

1. More ads from the same poster.
2. Related ads from other posters sharing tags or category.
3. Nearby ads by geolocation.

This plugin is for classipress 3.x. a plugin for classipress 4 is available here.

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1. Extract the folder into your WordPress plugins directory.
2. Enable the plugin.

Please visit the dedicated support forum.


  • show nearby ads
  • adjust number of ads to show with slider/non-slider to 5


  • Fix not to show empty box where there are no related ads


  • Fix working with flatpress theme


  • Show slider with min of 3 ads or fallback to non-slider
  • Add hidden option to show nearby ads instead of the normal related ads


  • Fix missing slider arrows


  • Update style for CP 3.5


  • Fix possible related ads slider not working


  • Add appthemes id


  • Remove undefined variable


  • add slider to the related ads.


  • split to two blocks. first shows more ads from the same poster,
    second will show related ads from the tag or category but from other posters.


  •  style fix for mobile view
  •  fix text over ads for ads with no-thumb


  • fix rtl
  • fix style on newer version of CP
  • hide block when there are no ads to show


  • first

5 reviews of “Related Ads

5 stars
Second time (after Bump plugin) I must say "Well done"
By -

Another great plugin. Most important thing: my website is not slowing at all.

Anonymous likes this.
5 stars
Great plugin
By -

Good plugin, incredible price, For support, Roi is one of the best that has appthemes.

5 stars
Great plugin - Great Support
By -

nice and simple plugin!
Great support an quick response!

5 stars
wonderful plugin
By -

very useful plugin keep the website user browsing the site as long as possible.
hope next ver. come with sliders .

5 stars
By -

As usual, simple, effective and easy to implement 🙂
great coder

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