ClassiPress Custom Emails

Customize your ClassiPress emails easily from the WordPress admin dashboard without the need to edit any source code.

Support changing the following emails:

  • New ad
  • New ad admin
  • Ad approved
  • Ad expired
  • Membership activated
  • Membership expire reminder
  • Buyer receipt
  • Admin receipt
  • Failed transaction
  • Contact ad author
  • Report notification
  • Password reset (requires CP 3.5)
  • Password change (requires WP 4.3.0)
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  1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
  2. Enable the plugin.
  3. Configure the plugin under ClassiPress->Custom Emails.


  • Replace create_function with anonymous function to be compatible with PHP 7.2


  • Fix compatibility with other plugins that register to cp email filters


  • Fix translatable strings in contact template
  • Add image variable to contact template


  • Fix set email content-type to html


  • New template: password reset
  • New template: password change


  • Fix new ad template


  • New user var for membership emails. use it instead of author
  • Fix new_ad_url var not available in membership emails
  • Fix post_message var not working in contact emails


  • Bug fix for using %subject% in the subject template
  • New template: contact ad author email
  • New template: report notification
  • Separate variables with section title
  • Fix not loading text domain for translations
  • Internal changes


  • Fix membership email
  • Fix buyer receipt author name


  • Add appthemes id


  • first

2 reviews of “ClassiPress Custom Emails

3 stars
Works as it should but missing email for Declined ads
By -

Would be worthwhile the price if it had the option to send an email when Ads are delined

5 stars
About Custom Emails Plugin
By -

Hello! Congratulations for the excellent idea. I have two questions:

1. I would like to know if this plugin works with ClassiPress 3.3 version?

2. When an ad is not approved ClassiPress send an email informing the author, but I did not see this form on your plugin. I just do not remember if this email belongs to Classipres or a plugin.


Silva, Claudio

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 Comments (74)

  • author

    hi thao,

    There were more templates added since the first version. example templates for transactions, user contact, password reset, reports.
    As for rejected/not-approved it is not possible without doing assumptions that may be correct for one site but not correct for other site. There is no reject button in appthemes, admin just don’t publish the ad.
    As for being able to add to the email who approved the ad is not possible as WordPress doesn’t know this info. as there isn’t always someone approving and it can be automatic. for example schedule publication or auto publication after payment.

  • jorbian

    Hi roidayan!

    I bought and installed the plugin but the most important option is not working.
    The users can publish ads and these do not need the approval of the admin, and precisely this is the notification that does not arrive.
    The user when publishing a ad does not receive any confirmation.

    Contact emails, recover password work well.

    Can you fix it please?

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  • fabiocaroli

    hy i set the plugin but to admin email send the news ok …to the user no!

  • jorbian

    I have the same problem

  • author

    jorbian, the plugin does not ad approvals for ads. just allows editing the email content.
    fabiocaroli, the plugin does not add different ability to send emails. if emails are not going through then you need to check your setup.
    please use the dedicated support forum for the plugin.

  • rahmannew

    Please tell me how can i disable «ad submit» mail?
    in this plugin the text & Style are customizable.
    I can’t disable this, in mail option of classipress too!
    thank you.

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  • mllerena

    Hi there, does this work for the Theme Vantage 4x?

  • author

    hi mllerena, no. there is a vantage custom emails plugin for vantage.

  • justmotors

    Does this plugin come with pre styled templates or does it just allow you to style your own emails?

  • author

    the plugin is not styling the emails but allows to modify the subject and body of the emails.

  • livom

    Hi , does this work with Classipress 4.x?

  • author

    hi livom,
    not tested but from a quick check it looks like it should work fine.
    I’ll need to go over all the email templates available in the plugin to make
    sure all of them works ok.

  • author

    hi livom, i went over the plugin and everything should be working fine.
    if you encounter any issue you can use the support forum.

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  • Fanatic Web

    Roi, will this work for Declined ads (Trash status)?
    As in, Ad is submitted and set to Pending status by default, but the Admin declines the Ad (Move to Trash), will the user receive an email that the Ad was declined?
    If not, is it possible to implement that option within the plugin?

  • manishkhullar


    I am also looking for this feature. I have a website where I need people to know if their ad was accepted or rejected.
    So it would be nice to implement some way that ad owners get an email of their rejected ad.

  • author

    Hi Fanatic Web and manishkullar,
    the plugin doesn’t add new emails but just let edit existing ones with templating.
    i see ad rejected email template doesn’t exists in current plugin version so I am not sure if classipress supports it. if classipress sending such email it was probably missed from being added to this plugin and can be added.
    but if classipress doesn’t send such email, its not the purpose of the plugin to add new emails to classipress. you will need to request this from classipress team.

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