ClassiPress Verified User

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Add verified icon to verified user’s profile and the user’s ads
Let guests know the user has been verified as a trusted user with real and verified ads
Administrator can mark/unmark users as verified from the wp admin dashboard
Verified users are skipped from ad moderation

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1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
2. Enable the plugin.
3. Mark users as verified in their profile in Wordpress Admin.


  • Fix some strings were not being translated


  • Fix always showing verified user icon in edit profile page


  • ¬†Fix not skipping moderation for verified users on edit of ad

User will still see a message about moderation because the theme doesn’t
give a choice how to avoid it but the ad will be published.


  • Add support for classipress 4


  • Change priority for appriving ads after payment from default to 12


  • Fix auto activating orders for verified users after completing a payment


  • Avoid trying to handle invalid order id


  • Skip ad moderation for verified users
  • Add verified icon in the poster tab in single ad page


  • Fix clear of verified tag when user updates his profile


  • update icon display to align with other icons from plugins like feature and bump ad


  • fix not to send unverified user an email on profile update


  • first


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  • author

    the current code uses filters/actions that are classipress only “cp_”.
    so it cannot work good for vantage as it is.
    according to updates and tags I see classipress4 is supported.

    as for social icons. you should use a different plugin. this is for the verified user tag only.

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