ClassiPress Verified User

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Add verified icon to verified user’s profile and the user’s ads
Let guests know the user has been verified as a trusted user with real and verified ads
Administrator can mark/unmark users as verified from the wp admin dashboard
Verified users are skipped from ad moderation

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1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
2. Enable the plugin.
3. Mark users as verified in their profile in Wordpress Admin.


  • Fix some strings were not being translated


  • Fix always showing verified user icon in edit profile page


  •  Fix not skipping moderation for verified users on edit of ad

User will still see a message about moderation because the theme doesn’t
give a choice how to avoid it but the ad will be published.


  • Add support for classipress 4


  • Change priority for appriving ads after payment from default to 12


  • Fix auto activating orders for verified users after completing a payment


  • Avoid trying to handle invalid order id


  • Skip ad moderation for verified users
  • Add verified icon in the poster tab in single ad page


  • Fix clear of verified tag when user updates his profile


  • update icon display to align with other icons from plugins like feature and bump ad


  • fix not to send unverified user an email on profile update


  • first


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 Comments (56)

  • Saeed

    This plugins just works with classipress themes? I mean I cannot use it with my own theme or Themeforest’s themes?
    It seems no, as in comments above mentioned.
    Please let me know if it’s yes or no.

  • author
    • Saeed

      And is it possible to edit plugin to work with other themes? I mean do you allow me?
      Also can I translate this plugin into my own language and sell?

  • Jorge

    I looks like a great plug in. But how does the verified user work. Is there an option where user ask to be verified or is it just something you manually do in admin panel?

  • author

    Hi Jorge,

    An admin can set a user as verified in wp-admin when editing a user profile. you can use a plugin like contact form7 to create a request form to be verified.

  • author

    Hi Jorge,
    only the original theme was tested. I don’t have the classy child theme to test it.

  • Dixon J Parraga

    Hola Jorge, como te fue en la prueba del plugin ClassiPress Verified User con el tema niño con clase

  • paulo36


    I use this plugin on my site and also liked that the verified users to see possible can post ads without moderation ..

    roidayan Make this update does not mind paying for this update, I needed a lot to users to see with verified account could post ads without moderation.


  • author

    hi paulo36, what update?

  • davidwoolf


    Nice plugin, but…

    It does only half the job.

    After the ad has been published, the publisher will often want to EDIT the ad.

    After edit, the plugin no longer works.

    It needs to wait moderation for approval.

    It would be great if a verified user that can publish with no moderation, can also edit with no moderation….

    Thank you.

  • davidwoolf

    Hello Roidayan,

    I noticed that after installing the plugin, EVERY user can publish their ad immediately without moderation, not ONLY the verified user.

    Can you fix this?

  • author

    can’t reproduce the issue. also this is not a help section. please use the dedicated forum for the plugin and open a new thread about the issue with details. it will be more convenient. thanks.

  • davidwoolf

    I apologize! It is working well! My mistake! Sorry!!!

  • chaitanya

    Does this work with hirebee?

  • author

    probably not. this plugin is intended for classipress only.

  • Syed Mehboob Ali

    does it send the activation link to the user’s email address to verify the email address?

  • author

    no, this does not affect registration to the website. this is if a user is already registered then you add verify that user to have a verified icon.
    if you want the user to verify the email address when registering there are other plugins for that I guess in the wordpress repository.

  • Norman

    You should offer a free version so everyone can test it, than ask for a paid version with full functionality.

  • Dave

    Hi there,

    Is this plugin working for this theme (gwangi):
    I plan to let the verified badge be visible on the profile page and on the users activity log.
    Thanks for your help

  • gerardcosmann

    Plugin werkt niet denk goed na voordat je hem aanschaft.

  • Douglas

    I have a Hirebee site and require a verified user badge like this. Do you plan to create one for Hirebee anytime soon? Many users of Hirebee can benefit greatly especially with Hirebee file uploads feature. I would like my users to be verified.

  • Chris

    How can a user “apply” to be verified? Is there a button or some “request” field for it?
    Or do I have to add this information myself?

  • author

    Hi Chris, this is a simple plugin. You have to mark users as verified.
    You can use a form plugin like contact form7 to create form for users to apply to be verified.

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  • filip1996

    Hi, I bought the plugin, but the icon does not appear in the ads on the home page. The icon appears only when you list all the ads oder in the category. How to make to appear on ads from home pge . I have classipress 4.1.5 …. thanks

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