Vantage Custom Emails

Customize your Vantage emails
No need to edit source code

Support changing the following emails:
– New listing
– New listing admin
– Listing pending admin
– Listing approved
– Listing published
– Listing published admin
– Listing expired
– User receipt
– Failed transaction admin
– Contact listing owner
– Password reset
– Password change

Vantage 3 only

– Event pending admin
– Event approved
– Event published
– Event published admin
– Event expired

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  1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
  2. Enable the plugin.
  3. Configure the plugin under Vantage->Custom Emails.


  • Don’t init event mails handling and setting page if event type doesn’t exists.


  • Set email content type to html
  • Add support for Vantage 4 contact listing owner


  • Added events emails
  • Added password reset & change emails


  • first
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 Comments (17)

  • enrique_traun


    is it possible to define images (header / footer) aswell or only text?

  • author

    you can’t define header / footer for all emails though you can add images in the body per email template as normal html works but make sure to use full url and not related urls.
    For example do not use something like ‘/images/myimage.png’ as it might work in the preview because the image exists in your hosting. you need to use ‘’.

    the default vantage email template is being used so you can edit the template source or check the wp-email-styler plugin.
    there are also free ones like wp-email-template or wp-better-emails.

  • tradeamillion

    you should really ad html header footer in it

  • thomaswinn

    is it possible to see the demo?

  • jogfly

    Hi roidayan! Excited to buy the plugin but I need event support before I do. ETA on updating to support the event emails?

  • author

    Hi jogfly,

    I actually have it ready but not published yet as I didn’t have time to test it.
    You are welcome to buy and I’ll give link to latest version right away in the support forum.


  • André

    Hi roidayan.
    I’d like to know whether the plugin handles all email notifications in Vantage?

  • author

    hi andre,

    it should. if something will change in future versions of vantage let me know and i’ll update the plugin. also notice other plugins may add email notifications so those are not supported.


  • metuza

    Is it compatible and ok with latest Vantage?


  • metuza


    When will we see an update which contains all vantage emails?
    All “claim” + + emails are missing.


  • author

    the plugin should work with all v3.x releases of Vantage theme.
    I’ll check about those claim emails.

  • mllerena

    Hi there, is it compatible with Vantage 4X?


  • author

    not tested with Vantage 4 yet.

  • psicalize

    Está funcionando corretamente no Vantage 4.x ?

  • Adrian Castro

    Does this work with latest Vantage 4.2.6?

    Can it do broadcast email to all users – with throttling or buffering so I don’t get banned by my host if all emails go out at once?

    Please advise.

  • author

    Hi Adrian, this should work for vantage 4.x.

    You cannot broadcast or send emails at all from this plug-in. This plug-in is for changing the default email templates for emails the theme sends.

  • jasongeek

    Would it be possible to add:

    User Activation
    User Registration

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