Lost Order

Notify users about pending purchases.

This plugin will track pending orders and email users to complete the order.
Users will get one notification per order and won’t get further notifications.

The check will be executed daily and will check for orders from the last day.
This is to avoid sending emails notifications for old orders in an existing website.

The plugin should work with any AppThemes premium theme.
You are welcome to leave me a message to test a specific premium theme.


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  1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
  2. Enable the plugin.
  3. Configure the plugin under Payments->Lost Order.


  • Show number of msgs sent when using send reminders now.


  • Add button to send reminders now
  • Limit orders handling to 100 to avoid sending too many emails in a day


  • Add admin option to send email copy to site admin
  • Change cron check from hourly to daily


  • Fix php error on save.
  • Fix enable checkbox not being saved.


  • Add ability to send email copy to admin. option is not available in wp-admin yet
  • Add appthemes id


  • Updated to work with all appthemes premium theme instead of just classipress


  • first
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 Comments (20)

  • ro24tv

    Hi, the plugin is good, but I would be prefer to edit the text I am about to send. Maybe I would like to remind to the person posted the ad, how great our services are, and to offer payment alternatives and so on. Will be good if in your future updates I will be able to edit the text as well.

  • author

    thanks ro24tv. noted.

  • zerokool

    Sounds like a great plugin to have! Anyone try it with Vantage yet?

  • ishmamjt

    Seems like a nice plugin. Will it capture email when the user put email address on the checkout page?

  • author

    guests cannot reach checkout page. when user want to post an ad he must register and login first. so the user’s email is being used.

  • ishmamjt

    Actually it is mentioned that the plugin will work on any AppThemes. I am using Clipper, so I thought that it can email the lost customers who went through checkout page but didnt’ complete the purchase. Pls advise if I can use it clipper for the same.

  • author

    All appthemes themes use the same payment system and orders always have a user profile connected to them.
    Does clipper do something different for you? can a user get into a payment request without being registered and logged in?

  • manishkhullar

    It would be nice if there is a functionality to send reminder for making the payment whenever we want. Like a button that says – remind all for payment – and email is sent to all the members with pending payment.
    Even better would be if we can choose to send reminder mail to members with pending order within 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and all.
    Would it be possible to do this ?

  • author

    hi manishkhullar,

    I noted the feature request about the button to send reminder now.
    As for changing the schedule when to send a reminder it requires a modification currently.
    There is a thread about this in the support forum how to change it to weekly. it will be the same for monthly and so on.

  • manishkhullar

    Hi … Any update on the send reminder now button ?

  • author

    yes. it is available. i’ll release a new version today that adds the button.

  • nunoestevao

    im selling ads with Wooclassify Plugin , so my question is if this works with it , if this send email for lost order ?

    Tanks in advance

  • author

    Hi nunoestevao,

    the plugin only reports on orders of the theme.
    I guess wooclassify uses woocommerce orders and will require modification to the plugin.
    I’ll check out if there is no such plugin already and if there is a room for a different plugin for this so general woocommerce could use as well.


  • manishkhullar

    If I have 1000 or more pending orders and if I click remind now button, will the mails be sent in staggered manner or all at once. Can we control the number of emails sent per hour ?

  • author

    please post in the support forum

  • Joe

    Hi roidayan,

    Can I modify text of email to other language?

  • author

    Hi Joe,
    Yes. you can translate it using poedit or probably some wordpress translation plugin.

  • manishkhullar

    Hi could you pls check the support forum and reply.

  • manishkhullar

    Hey … hope you are well. Waiting for the reply on support forum.

  • author

    hi manishkhullar, i was away but replied your forum posts today. thanks for your patience.

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