Ads Stats for ClassiPress

Sends weekly stats emails to all users with active ads.
Users can disable receiving the weekly stats email from their profile page.

NOTE: Using this plugin requires the admin to add a weekly cron job.

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How to check the emails the plugin is going to send?

Enable demo mode on the options page so there will be an email to admin only
with preview of all emails and execute newsletter.php


  1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
  2. Enable the plugin.
  3. Configure the plugin under ClassiPress->Ads Stats.
  4. Add weekly cron job to execute newsletter.php.

An example for a full command to execute will be displayed when saving
changes in the settings page.

Please use the dedicated forum for any questions you have


  • Add content type filter to html – should fix issues email sent as text because of 3rd party plugin


  • Add option for users to disable receiving weekly stats email


  • Show 0 instead of empty in total views
  • Escape urls
  • Add demo mode option to send single email to admin with preview


  • first

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Useful but not completed
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Useful but not completed. I have to improve the display and some functions

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 Comments (23)

  • André

    Is there a version for vantage?

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  • author

    Hi Andre,
    no but i’ll look into it.

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  • Anders

    Is there an option for the user to turn this off – if a user do not want any stats?

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  • author

    Hi Anders,

    No actually. I’ll add this option.


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    • André

      Is the a report available in the user dashboard to see this information? Maybe, the user doesn’t want to receive because of the frequency of the emails (weekly), but once in a while it’s available to check in its dashboard.

  • author

    it’s not available from the dashboard. the classipress dashboard already has a column for total visits though.

  • usa4sale

    Do advertisers get one email with all their listings or an email for each?

  • author

    It’s one email per advertiser with all their ads.

  • Andres Alvarez Hernandez

    I would be very well the plugin also has the statistics how many saw the phone, sent an email and few have if you can desarrolar one pluging for youtube video links and custom xml so that you can post on trovit , Mitula , etc … otherwise good development

  • BlueHavoc

    Hi, Can it be set to send to only ads that have not been marked Sold?

    Thank you.

  • author

    Hi BlueHavoc,

    I’ll add an option for this.

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  • 100mileliving

    Can admin have the option to select different time intervals to send the notifications, maybe an option for once a month?

  • author

    hi 100mileliving,
    it’s not possible currently i’ll try to add it soon.

  • pachakuti

    Hi roidayan,

    It should be great if you could ad a column for contact stats.


  • author

    what do you mean by column for contact stats?

  • merwinjs

    hi roidayan,
    will it send notification to live ads and expired ads?

  • merwinjs

    hi roidayan,

    Its not displaying other languages like arabic, malayalam, hindi.. Can you provide me the update?

  • author

    hi merwinjs,

    stats are only for published ads.
    the plugin doesn’t have more languages thanks english.
    to add a language just translate the pot file using poedit.

  • author

    hi pachakuti,
    contact stats not available

  • sonicxxx

    Is it possible to send mails to chosen users for some amount of ads, because I have some users that have more than 400 ads and if it woll send all stats of all ads the list will be infinity. And second if is it possible to chose to send daily stats. And Third, I actualy was looking for an plugin that will be fixed on user dashboard and will show the Views Counter of all ads and will work with CP Premium Ad-ons (mean to show premium ads different) Thanks, will reqruit it soon.

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  • author

    hi sonicxxx, currently the plugin can only do weekly stats. the only option now to decrease stats for ads is not to send stats for ads with no weekly views.
    I can add to my todo list option to filter ads with minimum views which can help decrease the ads in the stats report.
    As for daily report isn’t it too much?
    I don’t understand the third option. the dashboard already has views counter for each ad.

  • richfinch

    Hi Roidayan,

    Is there or will there be a version of this for Vantage?

    Many Thanks.

    richfinch likes this.

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