ClassiPress Ads Delete

A powerful plugin to remove old Ad posts and related files based on Date range selected

For a ClassiPress website, as time goes, the number of ads and related images/files gets huge. The huge number of ads take a toll on website search and the huge number of related files consumes a lot of Server space and makes it difficult for back up.

  • This plugin allows Admin to delete old ads. All related images/file attachments will be deleted along with it.
  • Admin can delete all ads before a particular date or ads between a date range.
  • Admin can decide whether he want to delete the Published/Pending/Draft items.
  • Once the deletion is done, it will show the number of Ads deleted. Also admin will receive an email with list of ads deleted.

The plugin should be used with caution. Ads are deleted permanently.


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Q) Does it work with all AppThemes themes?
A) No, it works with ClassiPress theme only.

Q) To which email do I receive the mail?
A) Email will be send to the email id saved under Settings -> General .

1. Follow standard WordPress plugin installation.
2. Activate the plugin.
3. A new menu item is created under ClassiPress menu in Dashboard

Please use the forum for support.

Version 1.0

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 Comments (11)

  • lucasatkins


    Can this be setup to use a cron job? So once an ad is expired it automatically gets permanently deleted?


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  • author

    Sorry, currently no scheduling option is added in this plugin. You have to manually select a date or date range and click delete. The deletion will be done in the background and once it is finished, you will get a summary email.

  • ffonche

    Just uploaded and activated classipress delete ads on my website to delete ads but I cannot find it under classipress nor anywhere else. Please help

  • acheica

    hi… I would like to know if this plugin is compatible with the cp 3.5.7?thanks

  • author


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  • javad

    is this deleting images ? after ad expire ?

  • author

    It doesn’t do auto delete . When you select the date range n click delete, then it will delete all ads n related images in that date range

  • masoudullah

    purchased ur plugin delete-ads. installed it. but when i click on it underclassipress goes to this page:
    and the page shows this message: “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”

    kindly advise what could be the problem.

    thank you

  • author

    Not sure whether the issue is related to the plugin, haven’t came across such an issue. Please double check other causes. If the issue persists, please raise an issue in the support forum with more details.
    Thank you

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