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User Feedback & Search for AppThemes’ ClassiPress is a high-quality feedback system with a built-in user search.

There isn’t anything out there that does what this plugin does.

Like all of our plugins, this was designed to fix a real-world situation with a site that needed a robust feedback system, but also needed the ability to search for other users on the site and easily view their feedback rating.

With this commercial release of ClassiPress – User Feedback & Search we’ve taken things a bit further to give end users a few more features.

  • NEW v1.2: Hide specific user roles and individual users from your member list. Great for hiding Admin accounts.
  • NEW v1.1: Enable email notifications to users receiving feedback!
  • Allow users to leave feedback on other user profile pages.
  • Allow users to rate users out of 5 in .5 increments.
  • User chooses the type of transaction (selling / buying) when leaving feedback.
  • Users can reply to feedback on their profile. [optional]
  • Users can leave multiple feedback on the same user. [optional]
  • Feedback has to be approved before being published. [optional]
  • Tracks IP address of users leaving feedback. [optional]
  • Add additional welcome message for users leaving feedback. [optional]
  • Moderation page allows admin to edit feedback & replies. Also to approve or delete feedback from the site.
  • 10 Feedback results per page on the user’s profile, to stop long page load / long page scroll.
  • Looks super stylish and professional layout.
  • User listing page with search box. List shows details about your users including their feedback score.
  • Ability to show / hide their usernames.
  • Ability to show / hide their names.
  • Set the default sorting of user list results.
  • Set the number of user results per page.
  • Checks to see if ‘Verified Users’ plugin is installed and if it is; displays information based on the result (not required and optional).
  • Added ‘user search’ widget for your sidebars – make finding users super easy for your visitors.
  • Added a ‘top users’ widget so you can display the best users on your site.
  • Show Feedback rating on ad previews and bottom of ad listing page (optional) [NEW – 1.0.4]

Version 1.1 Update:

In version 1.1, I’ve now added the ability for you to enable email notifications for your users. This means when they receive feedback from another user they will receive email notification notifying them. Using shortcodes you can inform the user who left feedback and include links to the profiles. This allows users to quickly and easily come back to your site and leave feedback for other users in return.

Even better is that you can completely customise this email, and write it in your own language and include HTML if you wish.

This is a great update I’m really happy to add to the plugin.

Please note, if you’re updating your plugin. It’s always best to take a backup of the original plugin on your site. If I’ve done any custom changes to your plugin then these will have typically been CSS changes. But taking a backup before updating makes any ammendments much quicker and easier.


Its core purpose is to allow users to rate each other on your ClassiPress website.

Users can rate each other via their author page. A user simply has to go to the user profile they wish to rate and click on the ‘leave feedback’ button. They can then rate the user out of 5 stars, in half-star intervals, they can also select if the user was selling or buying.

From the settings page you can choose whether users can rate the same user multiple times, whether a user can reply to feedback, do you wish to collect the IP address of users leaving feedback, whether or not all feedback requires moderation before appearing on your site and finally the ability to add a notification before the feedback box.

A maximum of 10 feedback ratings will show on each users profile page. If a user has more than 10 ratings then you will be able to browse through them using a paging system. This is to ensure that as ratings accrue for a user you will not have to wait long for their profile page to load.

Not only that but our feedback system looks absolutely wonderful.

It also provides a new page template with an integrated user search system. This user search allows your users to find other users on your site, view their feedback rating and click through to their profiles.

The search page shows your users avatar, their display name, username*, real name* and feedback rating. If you have Roidayan’s ‘CP Verified User‘ plugin installed it will also display a notification if the user if verified or not*. From the settings screen, you can set the default sort order and how many users display on each page.

*These are optional and can be disabled / enabled in the settings area. CP Verified User isn’t required for ClassiPress – User Feedback & Search to work, we simply display optional information from this if it is.

Not only have we done all this but we have also added 2 widgets to the plugin. The first is a ‘top users’ widget, which allows you to show up to 10 users in order of their feedback rating score in any widget area. Whilst the second is a search widget – giving users quick access to search your user base.

The plugin also supports localization (multi-languages). The language you set in the WordPress dashboard will determine the language used by the plugin on the front end (user facing).

You can create your own translations using the cufs.po file in the /languages/ folder. You will need to save it with your language code at the end. You can use free software like PoEdit to create the translations. Alternately I can add further translations to the plugin. See the support forum for details.

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You can watch this video here on YouTube walking you through the plugin.

  1. Upload and activate plugin
  2. Go to ‘User Feedback’ settings page and choose your preferred options
  3. Add widgets under appearance -> widgets to the sidebars you wish
  4. Add new ‘members-list’ page to your footer or main menu
  5. Enjoy a quality feedback and user search system 🙂

You can contact us for support under our forum in the AppThemes forum.

User Feedback & Search for ClassiPress is a high quality feedback and user search system.

Version 1.2.1 – 18th Feb 2017

  • Added support for ClassiPost child theme
  • Fixed minor bug with member list page and Wordpress 4.7.2 not showing members

Version 1.2 – 21st Jan 2017

  • Added ability to hide specific users / roles from the members list, search results and top users widget.

Version 1.1.1

  • Added email subject field (missed this on v1.1 release)

Version 1.1 – 7th Jan 2017

  • Added email notification support.

Version 1.0.4

  • Added optional feedback score to be shown in the ad preview boxes and ad listing pages.

Version 1.0.3

  • Added support for front end localization – create your own translations using the .po file.
  • Added German & Spanish translations.

Version 1.0.2

  • Minor CSS Adjustments to improve child theme support.

Version 1.0.1

  • Minor CSS adjustments.

Version 1

  • Initial release

One review of “User Feedback & Search

5 stars
Fantastic Plugin.
By -

OMG Why has this plugin not been reviewed yet. 5 stars from me all day long. I have been looking for a user reviews plugin for a while now. I did look at Starstruck and Critic but forget them. Not only is the pre sales support not there, the plugins aren’t up to the job either.

This one however is. You can tell the Author has listened to what users have been asking for and actually designed a plugin that is needed with the requirements to do the job. I love the different options to see the user information from both sides, ie the feedback not only for the user as a buyer but also as a seller. This is what my members have been crying out for, seller feedback.

Dale has also gone to the trouble to make a video via youtube to fully explain each option within the plugin. This is good sense as the written word can be much harder to understand.

Well done Dale a fab plugin that does what it’s meant to do :-).

PS. Can confirm that this fully works on Classy theme.

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 Comments (75)

  • filip199

    Hi Dale!

    I purchased your plugin and it seems to work well. However, I got this message error in the moderate tab: Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/emoutv2/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cp-user-feedback-and-search/cp-user-feedback-and-search-moderate.php on line 62

    Do you have any idea on how I can solve it?



    Anonymous likes this.
  • author
    Dale Miles

    Hey Filippo,

    My first suggestion would be to check with your host as to what version of PHP your server is running. It’s best to be running PHP5.6 or higher.

    If you’re still having issues after talking to your host and running PHP 5.6 or higher, please drop me a PM through the forum with your WordPress login details and I will go take a look for you.


  • Fanatic Web

    Is it me or is the Review option not available anywhere? I went on the demo and all I can see is the results but no place to actually place and submit a Review.

    Also, can we add our own custom fields or criteria? For example, to rate the Delivery service, Communication, etc

    • Dale

      You can’t leave a review unless you’re a registered user on the site. It doesn’t support anonymous feedback rating.

      When logged in, and viewing a profile that is NOT your own, you will have the leave feedback button which will display the feedback options.

      It doesn’t support custom fields or different criteria, but I can help edit the drop down if you want to provide different options (instead of buying/selling).

      Fanatic Web likes this.
      • Fanatic Web

        Yes please, as this is a crucial part of the Review that would be needed for my site, I’ll start by purchasing the Plugin for now and followup with you once the Plugin is installed.

        Thank you Dale.

        • Fanatic Web

          By the way, I just installed the plugin and completed the setup but for some reason it doesn’t detect the “Verified Users” plugin, I get the following alert: ClassiPress Verified User Plugin NOT FOUND

          Yet the Verified User Plugin is installed and Active, any thoughts?

          • Dale


            Best to PM me through the form with your sites login details so I can take a look.


            Fanatic Web likes this.
  • apnardeal


    Is this works on the ClassiPress Child Theme ?
    Here our site URL:
    Appreciate your quick response on this.


  • author
    Dale Miles

    I’m not familiar with that Child theme, it looks bespoke, and likely won’t work with out some custom work.

    If you PM through the forum your site’s login details (or a staging site with the same theme installed) I will take a look for you.


  • Fanatic Web

    I just sent you a message through your website with the admin login credentials, thank you for looking this up.

  • xenogeek

    Thus plugin has been installed on my site, and it seems to mostly be working as it should, thank you. For some reason, we are having difficulties with the top user widget as it does not seem to work as it should. When we try to view your live demo to see how it works there, we have noticed that your live demo gives an internal server error and the page will not load.

    Can you please look to correcting your live demo, and can you also please advise if there are any known issues with the top user widget or if there are common solutions to make that widget work properly?

  • xenogeek

    Is there a way to search the feedback or to change a star rating? We have around 4000 feedback ratings and a search feature would definitely be of assistance.

  • klofters

    would be nice if the demo worked

  • websitemr

    It was a good Plugin, but I think it is safe to say that it is no longer supported. Support posts on the forum have gone unanswered for months. It works but it will clog up your error log.

  • alvaro_v_b

    Hi, is this compatible with CP 4?
    On the other side, I tried the Demo but the website doesn’t load: 404 Not found

  • Fanatic Web

    Well that sucks… no more Review plugins for ClassiPress?? :-/

    Dale Miles likes this.
  • hellonik

    Can we seriously not review sellers at all with Classipress?

    madmanc likes this.
  • madmanc

    come on dale get this updated for classipress v4 !! its an essential missing function!!

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