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Sponsored Posts is an add-on that allows your clients to submit blog posts the same way as they submit listings on your site.

It takes Listing features provided by the AppThemes themes and plugins and implements them to Blog. So blog Post appears to be a new Listing type.

What does it mean for your business?

  • Let your blog grow with the clients or partners content.
  • Monetize your blog. Earn more.
  • Provide more useful content for your visitors.
  • Make your site more SEO friendly.
  • Use the extensibility power of new generation of AppThemes products.

And now, you can get maximum from the blog on your AppThemes site!

Basic Features (from the box):

  • Optional Moderation. Manually or automatically approve each new post before publish.
  • Optional Charge. Accept payments for blog posting or make it free.
  • Basic FormBuilder UI. This is where you can setup front-end “Create Post” form: edit core fields, reorder or add new fields.
  • Optional Post Duration. Expire posts after duration period.
  • Optional Renew Posts. Re-publish expired posts.

See how this works from the box:

See other videos

Advanced Features Support (in case it provided by the theme or plugins):

  • Multiple Pricing Plans. Setup more than one plan, assign them to categories.
  • Pricing Addons. Include extra paid features to the pricing plan.
  • Upgrade Post Plan. Purchase extra features besides the pricing plan or purchase a new plan.
  • Recurring Payments. Setup a subscription model (payment gateways with recurring support must be pre-installed).
  • Category Limit. Limit the number of categories user can set for single post.
  • Category Surcharges. Setup special price per category.
  • Custom Forms. Setup custom forms and assign them to categories.
  • Coupons. Allows coupon codes to be used during the submit post checkout process. (requires AppThemes Coupons plugin)


Please, keep in mind that plugin requires the AppThemes product with Listing module support. Currently only these are:

  • Vantage 4.0.0+
  • Clipper 2.0.0+
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Can I use this plugin with any WordPress theme?

No. This plugin can be used only with themes listed in the “Requirements” section.

Why there are “Basic Features” and  “Advanced Features”? What is the difference?

The Basic Features provided by default unlike “Advanced Features” which depend on the theme and other plugins installed. So the number of advanced features might be vary.

  1. Upload the .zip file via the WordPress plugins admin page
  2. Activate the plugin and configure the options
  • Please read plugin description and install guide for a basic product learning
  • Search the Support Forums for an answer.
  • Create a new thread on the forum if you didn’t find the answer.
  • For a private communication Live chat with author on the product’s site

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed Custom Forms script load

Version 1.0

  • Initial release

One review of “Sponsored Posts

5 stars
It works and the first time we contacted support they responded quick
By -

It could be improve, but it works as advertised and the support is great so far.

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 Comments (23)

  • thesoi6

    Hello is there a way to see a demo?

  • author
    Artem Frolov

    Hello! No demo site unfortunately, but there are some video demonstrations though (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-N_hUa8Prs&list=PLeCSzFCXrNp_mSfVfILbrO4XLmggYFqnb).

  • thesoi6

    I just bought this plugin, is there a support forum for that plugin?

    – the anonymous posting option is visible for non logged in members.

    -I like that ppl post a blog and it appears under their account in their listing (like i thought it will do) , visible by a widget which u can include in linsting page or in their profile. but i saw its posting a normal post in the area reserved by the pages general private blog. in thought its similar to Notes of fb.

    how can i separate that bc so i don’t have any more a blog for my page but where all ppl post what they want.

    • author
      Artem Frolov


      We’ve got a support forum today: https://forums.appthemes.com/sponsored-posts/. Please post support requests there.

      1. I can see Anonymous posting issue. Will fix it ASAP.
      2. This plugin allows to users create a Blog posts as clearly explained in description. If there is something that makes you think that it creates some separate posts which are not supposed to be posted in general Blog – please let me know where is it and I’ll change it so it will never confuse kind people.

      Could you please post issue on forum https://forums.appthemes.com/sponsored-posts/ There I can provide better support.

      Thank you!

  • thesoi6

    Even if anonymous is not chosen in vantage settings, it’s visible and ppl are able to post anything they want. but as its posting to the page private blog i don’t think this plugin is useful for me. pls help me to show them only on their profile and be able to show them in the “single listing – main content” of a users private listing true a widget.

    • author
      Artem Frolov

      The issue with Anonymous feature has been fixed in Vantage theme in a dev-build. This will be available in a new minor Vantage version.
      I’ll update a plugin too

  • thesoi6

    Thank you i answered you on ur new appthemes forum section, thx a lot for ur support to change things and help out.

    Artem Frolov likes this.
  • mllerena

    Hi there Artem,
    I have the same issue and I have posted an entry in the support forum. Are you saying that we should download and install Vantage dev-build to fix this issue?

  • author
    Artem Frolov

    Hello, Mike!
    Thank you for purchase!

    I’ve just responded to your thread!

  • mllerena

    Hi there Artem, are you guys supporting this plugin? I left a couple of messages in the forum days ago and so far no answer. My question is very simple, what is the point for a user to post entries in the blog if they can’t edit them like they would edit a listing???

  • author
    Artem Frolov

    Hello, Mike!

    I didn’t get any notification from the forum for some reason o_O.
    I apologize for thist delay and I’ll check it out right now.

  • christinarowe

    Hi. I posted in forum but see here that you may not get notified. How do I disable the anonymous posting feature? My theme is up to date and I see you said this issue was fixed but it is showing up on my site.

  • author
    Artem Frolov

    Hello! Issue with forum notifications has been fixed. I’ll continue support you on forum.

    Thank you!

  • dutchman

    Hi Artem,

    I already bought this and I’m loving it, just wondering when you are making it compatible with the new Classipress (feels like Vantage too)?

    That would be awesome!


    • author
      Artem Frolov

      Hi Ronald!

      Thanks for your words!

      Sponsored Posts plugin depends on the Listing module which currently included in the Vantage and Clipper themes. It’s the main part and it needs to be implemented in the ClassiPress to make plugin be compatible. The plugin will be automatically compatible once it will be done. Although there is no estimation date.

      Another option would be to include this module (and some other) into the plugin and make it stand-alone. This might be interesting although labor-intensive. I need to think about this.

      Anonymous likes this.
    • carpmark1

      Are you still using this..? if so can you mail me a link to your site as i’s like to see what it’s like.


      Anonymous likes this.
  • Paul

    Can you build a custom form for this..?

    I am trying to offer a blogging option to my members where they can post blogs through the front end and which I can also charge for.

    I can’t seem to find anything else except this.

    Also do the blogs have their own post type that is different from the listings part of the site.

    I use an auto posting plugin. I wish to only pull blog posts and have them posted to my face book page. i don’t want it to also pull business listings….

  • Frank

    Any idea when this will be available for Classipress 4?

  • manishkhullar

    I am also looking forward for similar plugin for classipress

  • buddhan

    Hello Artem Frolov “dikiyforester”, I’m interested in purchasing the Sponsored Posts plugin. Is the plugin compatible with the latest Vintage version? And will be the plugin frequently updated?

  • dutchman

    Hello Artem,
    Are there any updates planned for this plugin anytime soon?

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