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This special offer has ended! You can still buy Vantage and the other plugins individually via the links below.

A complete professional business listing package. Not only do you get our completely redesigned Vantage theme, you get all the key components for running a successful business listing website.

We’ve never offered such an amazing deal before (and probably never will again)!


  • Vantage 4.0 ($69 value) – our recently redesigned listing theme!
  • Stripe ($39 value) – our most popular payment gateway plugin
  • Critic ($29 value) – our recently enhanced reviews and ratings plugin
  • AppThemes Coupons ($29 value) – our fantastic coupons plugin

A total package worth $166 for only $99! That’s a 40% discount!

This is a limited offer that expires April 21st. Hurry up and get it before it’s too late!

Vantage 4.0


Anyone who purchases this bundle will also be entered to win a lifetime AppThemes club subscription (a $249 value plus waived $79 annual renewal fees for life)! Winner will be drawn and announced at the end of this promotion!!

Note: This offer cannot be combined with any other offer (e.g. our 50% off web hosting promotion).

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I already bought Vantage 4.0 and want this package instead. Can I upgrade?
Yep. You can upgrade by just paying the $30 difference. Login to your account and click on the Upgrade/Renew link. Scroll down and look for “Vantage 4.0 Launch Bundle Upgrade”. Click add to cart and checkout! Then, contact us (include your username and receipt #) so we can add it to your account for download.

Unzip the main file and inside you’ll find zips of each individual product.

For the Vantage theme:

  • Login to your WordPress admin
  • Navigate to “Appearance” => “Themes”
  • Click the “Add New” button at the top
  • Click the “Upload Theme” button at the top
  • Click the “Choose File” button
  • Select the from your local machine and click “Open”
  • Click the “Install Now” button
  • Click “Preview” or “Activate” theme

For the Critic, Coupons, and Stripe plugins:

  • Login to your WordPress admin
  • Navigate to “Plugins” => “Add New”
  • Click the “Upload Plugin” button at the top
  • Click the “Choose File” button
  • Select the .zip from your local machine and click “Open”
  • Click the “Install Now” button

Do that for each of the three plugins. Before activating the plugins, we recommend getting Vantage setup first. Then slowly add each plugin starting with Critic, Stripe, and then AppThemes Coupons.

Support is provided in the appropriate product forums.

== 1.0.0 == Apr 7, 2017

You need to purchase this item before reviewing it.
(Just bought it? Log out and back in to enable reviews.)

 Comments (37)

  • jaortiz

    How can I test the back end or the dashboard for the customer(listing dashboard). I want to see how it works for the customer. Thank you.

    • staff

      Right now, only screenshots and in the promo video. We’re in the process of moving the demo under our main demo site. Then you’ll be able to check it out.

  • lonnyprojects

    The theme no longer supports events?

  • aj2703

    Needs the import script for ver 3 users to upgrade.

    Why wasn’t this released with it?. Makes no sense at all seeing most of the users at this time will be old version users.

    • staff

      @lonnyprojects, no we removed the events module.

      @aj2703, this bundle is designed for new customers so the migration script isn’t required.

  • Ayush

    Will I be able to import listings from Vantage 3.0/2.0 to Vantage 4.0?

    • staff

      @Ayush, yes but not until we release 4.1.0. That will contain the migration script for existing customers.

      Anonymous likes this.
  • BW

    I use Paypal, not Stripe. Is there a PayPal plugin option?

  • Terry

    Are there plans to include Events? I really liked this and it was a major reason we bought the previous version. It really fit our needs. I would assume it would be easy to add back in, right? Thanks!

    • staff

      No it’s not a simple addition which is one of the reasons we removed it. There are no plans at this time to add it back.

  • Terry

    Also, I might be mistaken, but wasn’t there tags for listings? I think that might be helpful in order to better search/display listings.

  • Patri

    Hi; I’m thinking of buying the bundle (with Stripe, Critic and Coupons)
    I have a few questions:

    – Possible to have the search boxes that appear at the very top above the hero shot/bg image instead without having to resource to development work? (basically ‘move them’ a bit below, where the image is so they sit on top of the image.
    – Possible to import large amounts of data from existing listings like yellow pages, to automatically create the entries?
    – Can I create package plans for paid listings // can I setup monthly subscriptions // edit fields (like a field editor plugin)
    – Possible to have video at the top of the homepage playing in the background (instead of a static image)


    • staff

      Hi Patri,

      – No, you’d need a developer to create a new home page template for that. It’s not too difficult, actually.
      – Yes, but you could only import 2,500 every 24 hours (if you wanted the geocoding to work for map search). That’s Google’s API daily limit.
      – Yes, those features are already built in.
      – Can’t use videos on the home page in this version. Hopefully coming soon.

  • lonnyprojects

    Is there any plans to add events again? Usually updates add features, not take features away.

  • whatamaroon


    I bought the theme, but have a question regarding the map feature on the listing. My target market is online, where few have a physical location. Is there an easy way to disable this?

    • staff

      Thanks for your purchase!

      Our support team in the forums would be able to assist you. In short, not easily b/c the maps and search are a key component to the theme.

      • whatamaroon

        you may want to reconsider the ad copy you use then, because there are many times when a directory doesnt need geotagging. I only need to be able to search by category. I wouldnt have bought this theme if I had known this upfront. I would like to get a refund on this. It is of no use to me at all.

        • staff

          Sorry to hear whatamaroon. Please contact our support team if it doesn’t fit your needs and we’ll take care of you.

  • luckypatri

    Thanks David.

    Purchased. Are there any instructions somewhere on importing data from yellow pages / other directory sites? Thanks again.


  • rayraven

    HI, i’m interested in getting the new Vantage 4.0 bundle. Are all the problems with Stripe and Critic now ironed out? (forum posts).


    1) Is the top search box a widget, and can be moved below the large image?

    2) The slider doesn’t really advertise that it’s a slider – so is it possible to make it scroll automatically, or alternatively use something like the Classipress Featured Listings carousel?

    The rest of the site looks fine for now – I could work with that. Just the two queries above are nagging at me!

    • staff

      Yes, Stripe and Critic are working.

      1) No, it’s not a widget but setup as a hook so you could programmatically move it somewhere else.

      2) Programmatically you could make it auto-slide or completely build your own. It’s a widget which makes it flexible.

      • rayraven

        Something else I noticed – the sliding text tagline on the hero image would begin to get very annoying, so I think it’s best to remove the sliding part.

        Otherwise yes, excellent theme and I’ll be investing in this one rather than those from the likes of Listable, Listify and GeoDirectory, as you’d end up spending a small fortune on those!

  • luckypatri

    Hi David;

    Is the import tutorial ready? I can’t import my listings, nothing seems to work – have gone to the forums but still waiting. Saw your message and wondered if the tutorial is finished.



  • luckypatri


    I’m on a Mac – tried Save As Windows Comma Separated (.csv) and the import worked.

    Still it would be important to get the tutorial.



  • rayraven

    Hugely disappointed with how this ‘theme’ ‘works’.

    Firstly, Stripe wasn’t working after all – I should have followed my gut feelings on that one.

    And this massively improved google maps integration, that gives pinpoint accuracy to the listings – where is it? How do you set it up? Nothing in the Documentation?

    As far as I can see, every listing in each city/town gets lumped on top of each other – a higher quality of uselessness has rarely been seen in a theme which promises ‘pinpoint location’.

    I’m not happy and I’d like a refund.

    • staff


      As we discussed in the forums, the integrated Stripe form works fine. The popup payment box has a bug which we are going to fix.

      Re: Google Maps – not sure what you mean by “every listing in each city/town gets lumped on top of each other”.

      Every new listing gets geocoded and tagged with lat and long coordinates so the search results ‘are’ pinpoint accurate.

      If you upgraded from a previous version of Vantage, your listings need to run through the geocoder again which will automatically happen in Vantage 4.1.0 (we’re working on that now).

      Please give us specific examples in the forums and tell us what documentation we can add to help you better. Thanks.

  • rayraven

    I’m already in the forums, and apart from one staff member who has done her best to help, the support has been rather poor.

    The ‘lumping on top of each other’ listings I mentioned means that all advertisers will appear just that way unless they are given specific instructions on how to enter their address. This should have been given much more thought before being sent out live and an ‘address block’ added instead of a simple text form.

    Also, I asked ‘are all the problems with Stripe and Critic now ironed out?’ – to which I got the reply – ‘Yes, Stripe and Critic are now working’ – which was obviously wrong as you did not test it on a live site and have sent it back to the devs. Sure, PARTS of Stripe are working, but I’d be a little dismayed if I bought a plugin and it only half worked.

    Dunno, I’m just a little disillusioned at the support (or lack of) that I was promised.

  • paulroger

    I can not buy the vantage 4.0 theme, what happened? Prediction ?

  • paulroger

    Questions !

    1) I can not buy the vantage 4.0 theme, what happened? Prediction ?
    2) I bought the vantage 3.0.2 and the panel has the Renew option for $ 29, is this renewal for $ 29 is the version 4.0?
    3) If so, when to launch 4.1.0 how will the renewal be?

    Ops: Sorry my english I’m from Brazil I use translator 🙁
    Att: Paulo

    • staff


      1) This promotion has ended.
      2) Since you already own Vantage 3.0.2, you can buy the $29 renewal and then download 4.0 from your dashboard.
      3) We are still working on 4.1.0 so you should wait to upgrade.

  • JA Ortiz

    Hi. I embedded Mapsupreme for Vantage and other map plugins to the homepage. But it stop working when the width exceeds 800px; Do you guys know how to fix this? I thought that the problem comes with the plugin, but it looks like the issue is in Vantage theme template. Please advise.

    • staff

      @JA Ortiz, please post your questions and screenshots in our Vantage forum so our support team can assist you.

Discussion is closed.

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