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Jibo is a responsive ClassiPress 3.3 child theme enhanced with new features that extend the ClassiPress theme. Besides features, Jibo brings a beautiful, well-crafted design that increases you site reputation in the eyes of the audience. Some of the features built into Jibo include:

Responsive design

Jibo is designed to fit nicely in all modern devices including Smartphones and Tablets.

Grid – List based layout design:

  • the user can switch between List and Grid layout with a click of a button.
  • new site visitors are presented with grid layout by default but this can be set to list as well  ( there’s is an admin option built for this ).
  • a site wide cookie is being set for the user to save the default selected layout, this way, the users will see the preferred layout design when they browse your site and even if they close the browser and come back later, the will be presented with the same design.

Jquery-UI Tabs

  • the home, single, blog and author pages got a new tabbing system based on jQuery-UI Tabs.
  • these tabs, just like the List-Grid layout design, use cookies to preserve the state of the last opened tab upon page refresh or closing the browser.
  • “Recent ads” (3rd tab) is presented by default to new visitors but this can be changed to a different tab ( there’s is an admin option built for this ).
  • the first tab is best used as a description page which is great for SEO (you can edit it in admin, html editor is enabled so you can use both text and images)
  • Popular and Random ads front tabs can be disabled from admin for every visitor or only for the ones that use a mobile device.

Infinite scroll pagination

  • Besides default pagination that exists in Classipress, Jibo has an optional pagination based on Infinite Scroll. Using this feature, visitors won’t have to click on page links to navigate in category pages because its enough to scroll down and new ads (pages)  are loaded on the fly using ajax.
  • This feature is optional, it can be enabled/disabled in Jibo admin settings.

Support for Google Adsense between every 3rd ad

  • Now you can include an Adsense ad (468×60 recommended) after every 3rd ad on category pages.
  • Better yet (see bellow), these Adsense ads play well accross mobile devices.

Support for Google Adsense Mobile Responsive ads

  • Jibo now has support for Google’s new Asynchronous code for Adsense which means Adsense ads won’t break the Mobile experience anymore.

Featured ads

  • each sticky (featured ad) is presented with a distinct “Premium” ribbon, different background and active yellow border.
  • all featured ads stick on top of normal ads both on category pages and on search page.

Sorting / Filtering ads

Category pages include a sorting / filtering ads option

Users can sort ads by:

  • Newest ads ;
  • Oldest ads;
  • Price – Lowest
  • Price – Highest
  • Most viewed ads first
  • Most commented ads first

Users can exclude following ads:

  • Ads without an image attached
  • Ads that were marked as sold
  • Ads that expired
  • Both ads that were sold and ads that expired

Mark sold and/or expired ads

  • Sold ads or the ones that expired can be marked with a “Sold/Expired” text overlay over the loop images
  • Title and descriptions are marked with a line-through the middle of the text so your visitors will know that the item/ad is no longer available.
  • Both these features are optional and can be enabled/disabled individually in Admin settings.

Custom field in post-meta

  • There’s an admin option to include an existing or  a new custom field you may have created, in category loop pages for every ad like this: “Category | Author | cp_custom_field | Clock”.
  • Any existing field can be used. Default is cp_state so it prints the state location for every ad. You can change it to cp_city or even cp_telephone (if its defined).
  • Another nice feature about this field is that when it’s clicked, it triggers an advanced filter for that custom field within the current category to show only ads that include that value.

Optional Backgrounds

  • The default background is now “White” but you have the option to choose your own background color (color picker enabled) or you can upload a background image from your computer. The settings can be found in WordPress Admin under Appearance – Background.

Google Maps

  • For those that don’t want to use Google Maps, there’s a Child Theme admin option to disable both Google Maps and the external js file loaded for the maps.

Custom image dimensions

  • Jibo uses custom (bigger) images for better appearance. (Please see the install section regarding these custom images)

Related ads

  • Single ad pages are extended with a set of 5 random related ads from the same category.
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Where are the category icons?

  • Category icons are not included into the childtheme, these are only for demo childtheme.
  • However, its pretty easy to add your own icons, Google search for “free icon set” and get the icons that are representative for each of your main categories.
  • 2nd, follow this tutorial written by Seth on how to Add Category Icons to Classipress.

Why are my thumbnail images stretched?

  • Jibo child theme uses custom image dimensions which means you need to regenerate your existing thumbnails for this to look fine.
  • You need to install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and run it from WP-Admin – Tools


  1. Backup your existing Database and Classipress files to a safe place.
  2. Upload the childtheme to your themes folder or upload the zip archive through WP-Admin – Appearance – Themes – Upload
  3. Activate Jibo Child Theme.
  4. Disable your Classipress core stylesheets at WP-Admin – Classipress – Settings – Advanced, Check Disable Core Stylesheets.
  5. Go to WP-Admin – Classipress – Settings – Advanced, and check “Use SelectBox Js Library”.
  6. You may need to set your menus again. Go to WP-Admin – Appearance – Menus and activate your Header and Footer menu.
  7. If you had a previous Classipress installation with existing content, your thumbnails may look stretched, you need to regenerate your thumbnails after childtheme activation: Please install the Regenerate thumbnails plugin and run it.

Support Forum

Note: I do not provide support for custom development of the Child Theme. I will generally answer such questions with guidance and even small code samples but do not expect me to do all your work.

1.0 – 10.05.2013 First release

1.1 – 07.06.2013
– fixed category drop down positioning
– fixed empty category layout bug
– fixed featured ads thumbnail ( no image thumb )
– added admin option to choose the default ad listing view presented to new visitors ( Grid / List )
– added admin option to choose default tab presented to new visitors on front page ( Welcome SEO tab / Category List / Recent Ads /  )

1.2 – 09.06.2013
– added the option to disable Popular ads and Random ads on front page for every visitor or only to those that use a mobile device.

1.3 – 10.06.2013
– added a new SEO description tab on front page (HTML enabled)

1.4 – 10.07.2013
–  Added optional infinite scroll pagination
–  Sold and/or expired ads can be marked now
–  A custom field can be added in the post-meta
–  Users have the option to choose their own background color/image in Jibo Admin Settings
–  Google map features have been improved.

1.5 – 10.11.2013
– fixed reported bugs.
– added support for Responsive Google Adsense ads
– added login and register forms combined on the same page
– added support for adsense ads after every 3rd user ad.

1.6 – 11.02.2014
– fixed reported bugs.
– added sorting and filtering ads feature.

1.7 – 12.01.2015
– fixed reported bugs
– fixed compatibility for Classipress 3.4+

1.8 – 06.12.2015
– minor bug fixes
– fixed compatibility for Classipress 3.5+

1.8.1 – 18.03.2016
-fixed the refine widget layout.

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 Comments (310)

  • chrisbenedict88


    I’m interested with this child theme but I am reconsidering because there is no mention of the color-change features of the menu bar and the search bar areas. Are the colors in these areas difficult to change? Will they change back if I update the child theme?

    Thanks. Your themes look great

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    Sorry, Jibo doesn’t have multiple colors included and its not yet compatible with Classipress 3.5.1. You can have a look at https://marketplace.appthemes.com/child-themes/classipress/adsplash/ though, its much more evolved and up to date.

  • chrisbenedict88

    I see. I was waiting for your response before I make the purchase. I’ve seen your other child theme. It is my second choice anyway. I’ll check its demo again. BTW, I like your themes because of the infinite scroll feature. Please include them if you are developing new themes.


  • fergal

    Does it work with the latest version of Classipress?

  • bilimotoph

    Hi question? Your theme refine result dropdown area turn into a checkbox in mobile. I tried to activate latest classipress theme its shows me dropdown. But when i activate your child theme it shows me a list of checkboxes. This is a mobile issue?

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    Probably a bug. I’ll look into it.

    bilimotoph likes this.
  • bilimotoph

    Thanks for the reply. Please advise us if it is a bug or not. 🙂

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    Its a bug. I’ll have it fixed.

    bilimotoph likes this.
  • bilimotoph

    So we need to download the child again?

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    Yes, are you planning to modify it? I’ll do my best to document the changes.

    bilimotoph likes this.
  • bilimotoph

    Yeah i am planning to modify it 🙂 The friendliest way 🙂 for mobile. Where can i contact you directly for future questions.

  • bilimotoph

    Hi again sir, i tried to update the jibo child theme, i downloaded the child on my account download area. But the problem is still there. The dropdown list became a checkboxes on mobile phone. Please check.


    This is my problem.

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    I fixed the issue but didn’t have the time to test and release a new version. You can check the demo theme and let me know if you still see the issue.

  • bilimotoph

    Your theme works fine on mobile. How can we fix ours? Can you please send me the new version or let me know how to fix it.

  • bilimotoph

    Any updates to this sir?

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    Yeah, its published now.

  • bilimotoph

    How can i remove the image hover?

  • bilimotoph

    Is it possible to have upload avatar image in registration page?

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    There’s a setting in Classipress – Settings – Listings – Preview Image

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    I’m afraid not.

    bilimotoph likes this.
  • bilimotoph

    There’s one more issue on the site. The Dropdown is not working on IOS please check. It gives a listbox not a dropdown. Same issue i encountered last time. But on IOS only.

  • bilimotoph

    Also, please check the resolution for lower, its not showing its categories and ads. I only see the menu and the footer, the main content is blank.

  • thegioirenhat

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function cp_admin_fields() in /home/thegioirenhat/public_html/wp-content/themes/Jibo/functions.php on line 495

  • kyei_zz

    I have activated this child theme on my classipress theme on http://row180.com/, however the .price-wrap don’t show on the classified ads. it works fine on my localhost but after i upload it with c-panel i do not see the prices show on the ads. what could be the problem?

  • kyei_zz

    I have activated this child theme on my site at row180.com however i do not see the price show on the classified ads i post on the site. what could i be doing wrong as it works fine on localhost but once i upload with c-panel i do not see the prices show on the ads. Kindly let me know

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