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ClassiPost, the most responsive and user-friendly child theme for ClassiPress on both desktop and mobile devices.

There are many features built into ClassiPost so take your time and have a look at the DEMO site.

Here are some of the features included into ClassiPost:

Mobile Responsive Menu

  • features a new responsive menu that responds to mouse hover on desktops and touch events on mobile devices

Responsive Tabs & Accordions

  • ClassiPost features an improved tab system that turns into accordion on mobile devices making this the most responsive and mobile friendly child theme for Classipress.


ClassiPost lets you choose how you want your content to be displayed:

  • Sidebar aligned to left or right;
  • Wide slider carousel
  • Wide footer area
  • Number of column widgets in the footer ( you can place unlimited number of widgets ).


  • ClassiPost has a light, a warm and a dark Yellow color scheme called Sun Glow.  You can also choose different colors for various elements across the site.

List / Grid ad layout view:

  • the user can switch between List and Grid layout with a click of a button.
  • new site visitors are presented with grid layout by default but this can be set to list as well ( there is an admin option built for this ).
  • a site wide cookie is being set for the user to save the default selected layout, this way, the users will see the preferred layout design when they browse your site and even if they close the browser and come back later, the will be presented with the same design.

Search and filter by Location

  • The top search bar has a unique feature that allows users to search for ads in a specific location using radius search.
  • The City field is powered by Google Maps API and includes the options to either determine the user’s current location using Geolocation or to autocomplete the location as the user types the first letters. The locations can be restricted to a specific country in Google Maps settings.

Fully responsive featured ads slider carousel

  • The featured ads slider carousel has a better design and it is now fully responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.

Main Image Gallery

  • The ad image gallery features a wider area where users can showcase their images and is also backed by a fully responsive lightbox gallery that can accommodate the full size, original uploaded images even in full screen.
  • The lightbox gallery  can be used with the keyboard arrow keys, the mouse scroll wheel or mouse grab and is also touch enabled so mobile users can easily slide the images with their finger.

Infinite scroll pagination

  • Besides default pagination that exists in Classipress, ClassiPost has an optional pagination based on Infinite Scroll. Using this feature, visitors won’t have to click on page links to navigate in category pages because its enough to scroll down and new ads (pages) are loaded on the fly using ajax.
  • This feature is optional, it can be enabled/disabled in ClassiPost admin settings.

Support for Google Adsense between every 3rd ad

  • Now you can include an Adsense ad (responsive) after every 3rd ad on category pages.
  • Better yet (see bellow), these Adsense ads play well accross mobile devices.

Support for Google Adsense Mobile Responsive ads

  • ClassiPost has support for Google’s new Responsive code for Adsense which means Adsense ads won’t break the Mobile experience anymore.

Related ads

  • Single ad pages are extended with a set of 5 random related ads from the same category.

Admin Panel

  • ClassiPost has an options framework integrated so you can change some of the unique features present in this child theme.
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Why are my thumbnail images stretched?

  • ClassiPost child theme uses custom image dimensions which means you need to regenerate your existing thumbnails for this to look fine.
  • You need to install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and run it from WP-Admin – Tools

Where are the menu items / icons and how can I enable them?

Menu icons can be enabled for the Header menu (Primary Navigation) from within the Menu Editor just like in the screenshot bellow. Note the fa-home icon name in the title attribute.

Valid icon names can be chosen from FontAwesome website. You can choose from over 600 icons.


  1. Backup your existing Database and Classipress files to a safe place.
  2. Make sure you’re running the latest version of ClassiPress.
  3. Upload the childtheme to your themes folder or upload the zip archive through WP-Admin – Appearance – Themes – Upload
  4. Activate ClassiPost Child Theme.
  5. Go to ClassiPress – ClassiPost Options and save the settings
  6. You may need to set your menus again. Go to WP-Admin – Appearance – Menus and activate your Header and Footer menu.
  7. If you had a previous Classipress installation with existing content, your thumbnails may look stretched, you need to regenerate your thumbnails after childtheme activation: Please install the Regenerate thumbnails plugin and run it.

Support Forum
Note: I do not provide support for custom development of the Child Theme. I will generally answer such questions with guidance and even small code samples but do not expect me to do all your work.

1.0 – Initial Release
1.2.0 – Added a new lightbox feature for main image gallery; Added a new color scheme and options for custom colors in admin; Fixed a few bugs related to Firefox browser;
1.2.2 – Fixed admin color option sanitization.
1.2.3 – Fixed contact form tab link issue.
1.2.4 – Added missing translation strings to classipost.pot
1.3.0 – Added new homepage header feature and a new option to choose how many featured ads are displayed on the homepage
1.3.1 – Fixed homepage header issues
1.3.2 – Modified default image dimensions so WordPress can crop smaller images uploaded by users. Existing image thumbnails require a new Regeneration.
1.3.5 – Fixed some Firefox related bugs.

8 reviews of “ClassiPost

5 stars
The best theme available
By -

In my opinion it is the best theme available for classipress.

5 stars
Ray Raven
By -

One of the main reasons to buy a child theme is the support given. Ovidlu has proved to be exceptional in this respect – rapidly redesigning the tabs to my own specs and sending me an update being proof of this.

Over the next few days, I’ll be replacing a Vantage site with this theme, and I’ll be replacing a PremiumPress site with this theme – neither of them come close to how Classipost looks.

Thanks Ovidlu for proving to be a real reason for me to build directories again!

5 stars
By -

How do I translate the Portuguese search boxes? Some areas of the theme are still in English, despite having translated the parent topic. How to translate?

5 stars
this theme it is amazing
By -

I’ve bought the ClassiPost child theme few days ago and it’s exactly what I’m looking for
and it is work perfec with no issue .
thank you ovidiubica for this great theme
I’ll definitely recommend you guys to try this theme

5 stars
Best template I bought
By -

I bought Classipost a few weeks ago and now I have used it on two websites which are about to go live I can’t think of any negative comments on it. On the contrary.

To me Classipost is the best template ever. No doubt. It loads fast, never stalls or blocks, the pictures are great on mobile, laptop, pc and tablet, and it works with all plugins I have added up till now:

Feature Me
Bump Ad
Sorted Ads
CP Tabber
ACF Smart Tags
Add To Any (not from Appthemes)
Appthemes Invoices
Classipress Ad Social
Hide Widgets on Mobile
WP User Avatar (not from Appthemes)
Pronamic Ideal (not from Appthemes)

No bugs, no conflicts.

On the service provided by Ovidiu I can only say it is more than great. I had an issue on the location search which seemed difficult to solve, but within a very short time I received two files from him with adjusted scripts which solved my problem.

The changes I made to customize the template were almost all inside Classipress, in Classipost I just changed some colors and borders.

We have not officially launched the website, but fee free to take a look at to get an impression. If all goes well the website will be launched by March 1st, so do not pay attention to the blank squares for now. They should hold banner-ads later on. We also tested that during the past few weeks, and both Adsense and php-ads run smoothly without delaying the load-times.

Five stars!

5 stars
GREAT !!!!
By -

I’ve just bought the ClassiPost child theme and it’s exactly what I’m looking for!!!

Personally, I love the design and found the autocomplete search (with google) very interesting for my website.

I also want to say that the seller was very HELPFUL through support and achieved the result that I wanted. Well, I don’t know about the rest of you but I find very reassuring.

Thanks a lot. I’ll definitely recommend you.. !!!

Very best regards,

5 stars
The new Classipost Theme, ver. 1.2.0
By -

The new Classipost theme is a truly great theme. It converts Classipress into something beautiful and useful. All of a sudden images are important. Classipost includes a great lightbox feature that makes the images stand out.

The new Classipost theme is also truly responsive. Works very well on mobiles. Seems like the creator knows what he is doing.

This theme is the first theme I’ve come across that I don’t have to change. The colors work very well, especially on mobiles. Think it is very well designed. But if you want to change the colors it is very easy to do so.


5 stars
Excellent Theme!!!
By -

You need to be blind to not notice how beautiful this theme is!

But I believe in functionality too. So the first thing I did, was go to my mobile phone, and take a look at this theme on mobile. Wow, I could not believe my eyes, when I looked at the VERY LARGE thumb nails!!

So now, the 60% of my visitors that come via mobile phone, are seeing very large thumb nails, as opposed to tiny little images or no images at all!

This in itself is HUGE!!!

I also like the theme becoming “normal” with the navigation menu to the right of the logo, as opposed to that irritating empty space where you must put a banner, even if you don’t want to, just to fill that block of empty space.

Multiple new features and benefits, including sharply improved and more beautiful navigation bar where the links open on hover, a wider body site that contains more info, and a whole new one of a kind of footer that can accommodate multiple widgets, as opposed to just 4. Widgets in the footer can be piled up in each column.

Did I mention the slider? I love it. Adds a lot to the site, and it comes with an option for full screen width, so does the footer.

And last, but not least: you are dealing with Ovidiu. So you know you have a good, solid, reliable theme that works! You won’t discover after installation that half the theme is not working.

Conclusion: I strongly recommend this theme! Looks great, and works well. The first child theme ever that does NOT look like a Classipress theme!

What are you waiting for? Grab it right now…

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 Comments (202)

  • robertnbg

    you can use any custom field for header search
    you can use country state color whatever you want

  • ngocoty08

    Hi ovidiubica, if I want to change the advertisement after 4 classified ads where should I go change it? I couldn’t find it in the setting of Classipost, the default displays the advertisement after 3 classified ads!

    Best regards,

  • newryvideoman

    ClassiAlert plugin will not work with this ClassiPost theme. No popup action. Can you help.

  • oludavid

    PRE PURCHASE QUESTION: Hello, I would love to purchase this child theme. I purchased classipress 3.6.0. last week and I have done a lot of customization, I however did not edit any code though(I am not even a programmer), so I wish to know if installing classipostwould clear all customizations made such as all the categories, custom fields, forms layout and other thing I have added. Thank you.

    • author
      Ovidiu Bica

      Hi there, everything you added in the database will remain after you install the child theme. It will only change the looks of your site and add many other options.

      oludavid likes this.
  • oludavid

    Thank you very much Ovidiu. One last question, is it compartible with the latest version of WordPress 4.8.1?

    • author
      Ovidiu Bica

      Yes, it’s up to date with both ClassiPress and WordPress.

      oludavid likes this.
  • ngocoty08

    Hi Obidiu,

    I am using your theme and the just recently install the Coupons plugin, it show out of the table of the Classipost’s width as the image below

    Can you show me where to go and fix this display issue?


  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    Thanks for reporting, I’ll check it out.
    Please use the forums for support requests.

  • Hameed

    Hi. When users try to post an ad they get this error “You are not allowed to submit ad listings.”
    Only the admin is able to post ads. How do I fix this?

  • mllerena

    Hi there, is this child theme available in Spanish?

  • swisska


    (Presale question)

    Nice theme.

    I translated Classipress using translation pack and WPML. I Also have Adv. Custom Fields installed
    Is there a compatibility problem if I install Classipost Child Theme?

    Do I need to translate again Classipost?


    • author
      Ovidiu Bica

      Hello, ClassiPost has some strings that need to be translated as well, not as many as ClassiPress but you’ll notice untranslated sentences if you don’t translate classipost.pot as well.

  • Claudio

    Hi Ovidiu,
    I bought ClassiPress and as I anticipated I will also buy ClassiPost (I must first migrate an old java portal).

    If I add one or more “Custom Fields” to ClassiPress (Ads -> Custom Fields -> Add New), will they be maintained in ClassiPress?

    Thanks in advance and so many compliments.

    • author
      Ovidiu Bica

      Thanks Claudio! Yes, they will be maintained in ClassiPost. Let me know if you have other questions.

      • adexpo_it

        Perfect Ovidiu, kindly ask you another question: when is the best time to translate (Italian in my case) ClassiPress / ClassiPost?

        I wanted to understand if it’s best to apply the translation before or after installing ClassiPost theme. I read more about that your theme provides additional strings than those of the base ClassiPress theme.

        Thank you again 🙂

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    It’s not relevant, you can translate it whenever you like. Hopefully, before you go to production 🙂

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  • K

    Hi Ovidiubica,

    I have the standard ClassiPress theme, but I really like the style of your theme and would like to buy it, but I need a theme that has the option for people to upload PDF’s, as it’ll be a site for people to advertise race horses for sale, and all the breeding history of the horses is always in PDF form, can the php be edited to allow for PDF uploads alongside normal image uploads?



  • aj2703

    Can any sort of shopping cart be integrated with this…

  • robertnbg

    can you help with this price field in our ticket this rassist write non stop we say we dont want this but he spam again this reason we contact you here

  • tycoon

    Hi Ovidiubica,

    I thought the child theme looks quite good but unfortunately, after installation and activation, I got the error message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘!=’ (T_IS_NOT_EQUAL), expecting ‘)’ in /home/mydomain/public_html/site/wp-content/themes/classipost/functions.php on line 181

    I see that you don’t provide support and you don’t expect to do the work? Well, I understand that the code could be edited to remedy the fault, or it could be rectified by changing the PHP version. And the latter is exactly what I did. I was using the default PHP version 5.3 and the error occurred. After changing to PHP version 7.0, it worked. A higher or lower version did not seem to work too well either. Could you provide a modified version of this little code to make it work for the other versions? Thanking you…

    Best Regards,

    • author
      Ovidiu Bica

      Thanks James, the child theme requires PHP 5.5+ and you’re right, there’s an issue with PHP 7.1+ as well which I fixed a while ago. I just need to prepare a new release for this. Since you mentioned, I recommend that you use PHP7+ as it’s at least 2-3 times faster than any previous version and also lower on system resources.

  • debus

    Hi Ovidiu
    I like your theme. I ahave a question. I did translated into polish, uploaded po and mo files, but i see translated page only when i am logged in.

    When i am logged off, the homepage is not translated but when i click any link within the page i see translations.

    The problem is: what to do, to have homepage translated when i am logged off?

    thank you

    • author
      Ovidiu Bica

      Thanks debus, are you using any caching plugin? You have to flush your cache within both server and browser. The behavior sounds like server cache though.

      debus likes this.
    • debus

      Ok i fixed this.
      Only one thing. I think you forgot to add one word for translation in classipost.pod file.
      This word is: “Featured”. It appears as a tab under the featured ads slider on homepage.

      Will you update the .pot file please? or tell me where can i change (translate) it?

  • ultimatehorses

    I really like this child theme and would love to buy… is there any way to make the coloring red instead of yellow?

  • robertnbg

    hi i see one problem with classipress
    upload image
    now we can pload one image thne next then next
    i google solution find code ad this to snippets and work can uupload mor eimage we can select 10 or 20 or 30 thne theme upload it but with this code there is no limit we can select and upload so many we want
    ajax upload image plugin we can not buy we think support only 3.3
    then we try change multi_select false to treu in app-plupload php but same problem
    we can select and upload more then 20 (welimit to 20 in settings)
    can you make this possible in your child theme

  • jillco

    Hello, thank you for a beautiful web theme. Could you tell me how I can get rid of the text ClassiPress Theme – Powered by WordPress in the bottom footer.


  • jillco

    What is a good size for the featured pictures? Thank you in advance.

  • Quess

    Can the map be shown by default and not the description?

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