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The Vantage Infinite Scroll Plugin is finally here!

Version 2.0 is here!!

(Please note this only works with the “Vantage” Apptheme)

Tired of clicking the pagination box and waiting for pages to load? Not anymore with the new Vantage Infinite Scroll Plugin!

Your users can now scroll through paginated pages seamlessly and effortlessly on Search, Category and the User Dashboard without ever having to load a new page!


Plugin Includes:

  1. Multiple GIF loading options
  2. Admin settings page to control various configurations
  3. No configurations needed…works right out of the box!

Version 2.0 includes:

  1. Faster load times
  2. Admin can choice Manual Mode (see images below)

Replace this:


With this (Auto):



With this (Manual):

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 10.01.24 AM

Admin Settings:

  1. Chose from multiple GIFs
  2. Show or Hide Page Numbers
  3. Enable Infinite Scroll on Home Page
  4. Full customization of colors and captions

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 10.03.09 AM


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Install a Plugin using Upload Method in WordPress Admin Panel

  • First you would need to download the plugin, then go to your Vantage Admin panel. Click on Plugin Β» Add New. Then click on the Upload Tab.
  • Browse for the file and upload it (zip files only).
  • You will then be taken to the activate a plugin page
  • Click on Activate the plugin.

Now you have installed the plugin. You would can configure the settings to fit your needs in the Infinite Scroll Settings Options under Β» Settings

Please visit the dedicated support forum.

Fixed issue with 404 error on User Dashboard

Fixed jQuery 1.10 compatibility issues


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 Comments (50)

  • James

    Do you have a working demo so I can show my client?

    Does this work with the latest Vantage theme, as it says Classipress under the installation tab above.

  • author

    Here is the un-official Demo site

    Also, yes the “Classipress” was a typo. Thank you for pointing that out πŸ™‚

  • muadmz

    thanks. does this effect Search Engine optimization in any way?

    • author

      Hi, this plugin does not have any affect to Search Engine Optimization. Please let me know if you have any other questions πŸ™‚

  • muadmz

    Does this work with the standard classipress theme? Any issues with any other plugin?

    • author

      I do have a Classipress version available but is not sold on this marketplace.

      • muadmz

        Hi, ok just before I purchase, I just thought of double confirming that this plugin works with default ClassiPress theme right? Also how about when the site is viewed on a mobile device like an iphone and android phone?

      • muadmz

        Can you let me know where I can buy this plugin for ClassiPress original theme? I am also trying to higher someone to make my own theme in the coming months, so would like to know if you are able to get this to work with other themes in the future if needed? Pls do email me on this: muadmz

  • James

    It would be great if the plugin defaulted back to the standard pagination when the Ajax fails rather than a popup box that says error. Because as it currently stands it renders the rest of the pages in un-viewable when your plugin fails, which is frustrating!

    Anonymous likes this.
    • author

      Hi James. Im sorry you are having trouble with my plugin. Please send me an email with error you are seeing and we can see what we can do.

      Thesanerone (@) gmail

  • Guest

    Can you re-up a working demo with 1.2 Vantage Theme. Thanks.

  • localarchitect

    The plugin works great… Is there any way I can have a button show up.. after a certain amount of pages, that says “show more”.

  • alexsmv

    Hi, can you do such plugin, but for comments only?

  • webjump

    Hi there,

    Just purchased plugin, however it does not seem to work properly. At the end of the page (pre-pagination) it cuts off subsequent pages.

  • Yogalia


    What about the map? Does it show all the listings locations or just the ones for the first page? Or does it change when more listings are shown?

    Is it possible to avoid the “page 1 of 5” text?

  • Owen

    Please could you answer the question that has already been asked:

    What about the map? Does it show all the listings locations or just the ones for the first page? Or does it change when more listings are shown?


    Hi, this plugin NOT WORKING with my site, I don’t know why… I already checked all things.



  • tradeamillion

    can you show the demo with featured listing
    does it print featured listing at each page break? or just on top of the page?

  • hillangully


    I am using the Vantage Home plugin to display the home page as a grid… do you happen to know if your plugin will work with this set up please? Cheers, Jane

    • author

      Hello and thank you for your purchase! Yes, it can be tweaked to work with grid. It requires special coding. Please email me at thesanerone @ gmail πŸ™‚

    • author

      Hello, it will not work out of the box. It would require special coding to make the 2 work together. I will ask the seller for a copy to test this out and let you know πŸ™‚

  • napoleon

    Dont working in my site and i dont have this option in the plugin settings

    i use Vantage without childtheme … wen i start the scrool plugin only we dont see the pagination in my site but after nothing other

  • napoleon

    I buy this plugin but i dont see the option

    and the plugin dont work in my vantage site ??

    • author

      Hi there, i will check with the Appthemes Team to make sure they loaded the correct version that has the manual load option that was recently added. Also, none of the plugins on the Appthemes Store are guaranteed to work with Custom Child Themes.

  • ecosee

    I bought this plugin and it doesn’t work on my site either. I am using vantage. When I download it, it shows version 1.0 even though the site shows that you have it out as version 2.0. Is this the problem?

  • napoleon

    Working good and fast now thanks Author !

  • thomaswinn

    So far, it look great but a bit worry about the Google de-indexing.

  • reservestudydotorg

    Is there any way to get rid of the “Page 2 of 5 ↑” when more ads are shown? It doesn’t appear to add any functionality to the website and frankly looks like a mistake.

    • author

      Yes. In the Admin menu there is an option to remove the page numbers. If you’re looking to remove just the arrow, this would require you to edit the JS file. Locate and open the mcpscroll.js file in the plugins folder and do a Find/Replace on &#8593

      reservestudydotorg likes this.
      • reservestudydotorg


        Also, does this work with Ad Injector with both banner and text ads within the results?

        Also, is there a theoretical limit on the maximum number of listings within a scroll? For example, I have one category with 997 listings. It would be nice to be able to have the scroll for 60 or 70 listings, 4 or so in a series, but eventually the page would get bogged down.

        • author

          This plugin has not been tested with Ad Injector. I would need to collaborate with that author to test.

          As for adding maximums, the plugin has been tested on sites with thousands of post with no issues. Adding additional static HTML data to a page every time the plugin loads new data does not cause any browser issues (does not bog down). Yes, calling additional ads every time you scroll down does cause additional calls to your server, but this is no different to clicking Page 2, Page3, etc.

          I can build a custom version for you if this is something you really need. I can be contacted via thesanerone AT

  • tripros

    Is this add-on still supported? The live demo domain is expired and gone and no comments for 10 months. Thanks

  • Jim

    I would like to know if this plugin supports latest Vantage version too. Thanks!

  • valuser


    Is this plugin compatabile with the curent version of Vantage (3.0.4)?

    Is this plugin still being supported.



  • author

    Works with all versions. However, it will not load additional data from 3rd party plugins suchs as additional buttons or info to each ad. It will only load the out of the box ads formats. Fully supported. Any issues please let me know.

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