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Banner advertisement to maximize your ad revenue. This plugin allows you to add the advertisement banner and advertisement script like Google Ads. You can set the Different Advertisement for different pages like the home page, different category listing pages, ads detail pages, content pages for different places like above header, below header, above footer, below footer, above listing start, below listing end. Also for ads detail page above and below ads description. Same way the plugin has the feature such a way that you can set your advertisement after every ads listing of 2,3,4,5 or 6 for listing page. Please see screenshots & demo for more details. This plugin works with ClassiPress only. It is also compatible with WordPress Multi-site.

Significant Features:

  • Banner advertisements to maximize your ad revenue.
  • Different banner spaces for different places & pages
  • Banner spaces for different places like above & below header, above & below footer, above listing start & below listing end
  • Banner space option for ads detail page above and below ads description
  • Banner spaces options for individual category listing, To get more advertisement space can set different banners for all listing category pages
  • Different banner options for Home page, ads details pages, content pages & blog pages
  • Sequential banner ads after every number of ads like after every 2 ads or after every 3 ads and so on.
  • new feature Sliding effect if display number of banners are more than one for a single place.
  • Insert sliding banners from same banner post.
  • new feature Add upto 5 banners for sliding.
  • Using jquery.cycle.all.js fade effect for sliding the ads.
  • new feature Expiry Date added.
  • Slider speed & effect change as per banner settings.
  • Display banners for Ads Tag listing page same as Ads category page.
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.2.0+

Important note for version : 1.0.6 upgrade: Expiry date is must otherwise all banners will be gone. Please read change log for more details and how to set expiry date automatically for all banners. Otherwise you should manually set expiry date for each banners one by one.

New options added — added after version : 1.1.0 (13th Nov 2017)

Added shortcode to dispaly banners.
Shortcode example :: [wpwcp_banners_galore banner_id=10]
— Argument :: banner_id=10

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1)Advertise plugin dosen’t working for footer section of ads detail page.
==>It is a problem in the file is :: sidebar-ad.php from your classipress theme folder. We have report to apptheme team for the problem.

Get Download the updated file sidebar-ad.php

2) Is the Banner Advertisement allow rotating banner/sliding banners?
==>Sorry, we have provided only static banner for current version, you can add video,flash or any advertisement script instead.

3)Banner Advertisement is responsive(view able for all most size device) ?
==>Yes Banner Advertisement is working ok for all size of device automatically.

4)How to make Google Ads script, advertisement flash or any other advertisement script responsive(view able for all most size device) ?
==>Please refer the plugin document to make Google Ads script viewable for all most size of device. Related to video, flash or any other kind of advertisement script you need to add css style below to make it responsive.
eg ::

Your Iframe Code ::
<iframe style=”max-width:100%”> … </iframe>

Your Object Code ::
<object style=”max-width:100%”> … </object>

Your Image Code ::
<img src=”your image” style=”max-width:100%” />

5)How to add banners in sidebar?
–Add the ads as normally adding, as per above guide
–go to wp-admin > widgets > drag & drop widget “Banner Galler – Sidebar Banner Ads” to the sidebar widget area where you want to display the ads.

1)Unzip the plugin folder

2)Copy the plugin folder “banners_galore_classipress” and paste in “wp-content/plugins/”

======= OR =======

4)Go to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Plugins-> Banners Galore for ClassiPress-> Active Plugin

5)You can see additional “Banners Galore” section box at left menus

6)Start adding banner Ads as per you want

7)Read Usage, Notes & Developer Notes Carefully.

You can contact us directly via email (info(@) or support under forum in the AppThemes forum.

Version : 1.1.0 (13th Nov 2017)
— Added shortcode to dispaly banners. Shortcode example :: [wpwcp_banners_galore banner_id=10]

Version : 1.2.9 (20th July 2017)
— PHP Notice: from widget section — Removed.
— In last update, banners settings option not working – Problem solved.

Version : 1.2.8 (30th June 2017)
— PHP notices removed.

Version : 1.2.7 (28th June 2017)
— PHP notices removed from banners_galore_all.php

Version : 1.2.6 (29th May 2017)
— Widget update, widget name : Banner Galore-Sidebar Banner Ads
— Added widget option to display on tags listing.
— Added widget option to display on search page.
— Added widget option to display on blog category pages.
— Added widget option to display on blog tag pages.
— Added widget option to display on author pages.
— Added widget option to display on ads paginations.

Version : 1.2.5 (26th May 2017)
— SSL enabled but not work for some server, problem solved.
— Removed the extra block displa while there is no banner for specific page, mainly for sidebar widget section.

Version : 1.2.4(20th May 2017)
— Widget display blank if condition not match — Problem solve.
— Now if condition not match, the blank box will never display.

Version : 1.2.3(14th March 2017)
— Widget filter added for custom post type.
— Banner add/edit from wp-admin >> if number of tags are very much like 2000 or more the page not loaded – Problem solve – Now you can see only popular 500 tags.

Version : 1.2.2 (19th July 2016)
— Banner add/edit category and tags selection make easy. Not by one click you can make all category and tags selected.

Version : 1.2.1
— Banners display for Sidebar — display error – Solved

Version : 1.2.0
— Display banners for Tags also.
— Slider Effect Selection
— Slider timer change as per you want.

Version : 1.0.10
— Changed localization feature
— Added Franch language.
/*Change your local language by change below line*/
//load_textdomain(‘wpw’, $bgc_plugin_dir_path.’/languages/’);

where “” will be your local language file that you should create in “languages” folder.

Version : 1.0.9
— CSS change for bigger banner image.

Version : 1.0.8
— Added plugin usage document with more details inside readme.txt file.

Version : 1.0.7
— Sequential banner display for category listing was not dispaly – It was ERROR – SOLOVE – Not it is working
— ADDED NEW OPTION : Display sequential banners for home page and all category listing.

Version : 1.0.6
— Banner Expiry date added.
— You can set the expiry date so banner hide as per date you have added.
— Expiry date is must otherwise all banners will be gone.
The easy way to set expiry date for one month later is below url. It will set the banner expiry date to next month of same date.
eg if today is : 10th-march-2015 then the banner expiry date will be 10th-april-2015

see the direct link on plugin list page with plugin description from where you active/deactivate the plugins.

— You can see the expiry date in the banner listing page.

Version : 1.0.5
— Sliding Banners – New feature added
— Advertisement make easy and faster.
— Display more than one banners as sliding banners.
— Display multiple sliding banners by add more than one banner post.
— Add up to 5 banners in single banner slider from banner post.

Version :
— Added Sliding effect if display number of banners are more than one for a single place.
— Using jquery.cycle.all.js fade effect for sliding the ads.
— If you want to disable the slide effect open the file banners_galore_classipress.php
>> find line “$wpw_ads_display_slide_effect = 1;”
>> set it to “$wpw_ads_display_slide_effect = 0;”

Version :
— Wp-admin > extra fileds ralted to locations on add/edit banners > removed.

Version :
–(NEW Feature) Display banner on specific place in the listing of Ads – Added new feature for sequential banner
–(NEW Feature) Changed the sidebar ads widget, you can select ads as per added & use any where as per options given.
–(ERROR) – on home page tabs – sequential banner ads not working for some tabs — solved

— NEW Feature — should add — banner display for SEARCH page

Version :
— Home page sequence banner ad problem – solved.

Version : 1.0.2 – final
— Category listing page sequence listing banner ads was hang the page. — Solved.

Version : 1.0.2 -beta

added below flag in plugin file which controll the conditional setting like if any of member
who is already have purchased the membershiop package and still not expired, they cannot see the
advertise banner, rest of all visitors, non-register memers and whose membership expired – can see the
advertise banners

You can set below PHP variable value ‘1’ OR ‘0’

$wpw_adv_is_show_for_members_only = ‘1’;

Version : 1.0.2 – alpha

— Show banner in sideber (via widget) Option added on banner add/edit page of wp-admin.
— Banner Galler-Sidebar Banner Ads (New widget added) in wp-admin > widget section.
— Widget will show banner specially for :: category listing, home page, detail pages…

Version : 1.0.1
–(NEW Feature) Display banner on specific place in the listing of Ads – Added new feature for sequential banner
–(NEW Feature) Changed the sidebar ads widget, you can select ads as per added & use any where as per options given.
–(ERROR) – on home page tabs – sequential banner ads not working for some tabs — solved

Version : 1.0.1
— Show Banner Advertisement on listing after every XXX ads Sequential –show as per selection of setting
— like show on home page or on selected category pages. if not selected any thing, it will show for all.

Version : 1.0.0
New Release

12 reviews of “Banners Galore ClassiPress

5 stars
An excellent and expected plug-in for users deserves all the money.
By -

I like this plugin very much. If you could add the possibility of splitting in columns would be great. Thank you.

5 stars
theme clasifichados
By -

Hi … I think the plugin does a great a job on the original theme … unfortunately I am using the clasifichados theme and did not check out (before I bought your plugin) that it does not work with that theme … is there a slightly chance you adapt a few lines of the plugin-code for me so I can inject ads also in that theme from wprabbits? … thanx in advance

By Vipul - February 7, 2017

Hi theme clasifichados,
You may send me your child theme so I can check it.
My email id :

5 stars
By -

Banners Galore is a state of the art plugin.

In addition to the obvious benefit of being able to post banner ads everywhere, it also creates the necessary space for posting blocks of text, as normally there is NO place one can post text in Classipress. Having the ability to post blocks of text in different locations is a huge help for SEO optimization.

With the most recent updates, we can now select all categories and all ad tags with one fast click. It is worth every penny x 1000 and I strongly recommend.

I also am deeply impressed by the sincere professional timely support I have received from Vipul.

Buy with confidence.

5 stars
Dont work
By -


i have thid plugin an the ad scroller plugin. But at same time it doesnt work. I must deactivate it. Ssorry i cant get my money back. Please update this plugin.

By Vipul - April 24, 2016

Would you please send me ” the ad scroller plugin” that you are using right now for your website and your website url so I will check all settings and make correction if any.
My email :
Please don’t forgot to add your problem detail in the email for better understanding.

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5 stars
Great plugin!
By -

A must have for every classipress site.

5 stars
Banner Galore
By -

A great product. I only found it difficult how to change the permalinks. For now, the plugin works very well. The service is excellent. I will let you know if there will be problems in the future. Congratulations.

5 stars
Special plugin to make money
By -

This plugin me are paid off in a few days, do not imagine how many possibilities will give you to monetize your site with, thanks Vipul 5 stars

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5 stars
By -

Lo he instalado en ClassicPress y lo he configurado para que se muestre cada 5 anuncios, dado que la capacidad de mi sitio es mostrar 10 anuncios por página, entonces puedo mostrar la publicidad cada 5 anuncios, es decir 2 por páginas.
El problema es que solo lo hace en la pagina 1, mientras que en el resto de las categorías no se muestra ninguna publicidad.

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5 stars
Bought it and haven't used it
By -

I needed to use this plugin on a LOT of sites. I have decided against using it as you have to manually click all the radio buttons for the categories you wish to display the banner ads in. My sites all have 20+ categories, so manually clicking them all over and over again is too much. Would use if you implemented a “select all categories” feature.

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5 stars
great plugin..!
By -

i like it…just wish there were more places to put banners. more banners.different sizes..

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1 star
By -

Instructions are not clear. Product does not work with other items in the Market Place like child themes etc.

5 stars
Banners Galore available for VANTAGE ?
By -

Hi – I’m looking for such a plugin to use in VANTAGE?

Improvements for monetize such a plugin would be a NEAR BY loacation based banner – even combine with currently already integrated category based selection –

kind regarsds,

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    Hi tstrong ,
    There is no such feature for current version of plugin.
    We will add this feature in next version soon.

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