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Add related ads blocks on your ClassiPress single ad pages.

1. More ads from the same poster.
2. Related ads from other posters sharing tags or category.
3. Nearby ads by geolocation.

This plugin is for classipress 3.x. a plugin for classipress 4 is available here.

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1. Extract the folder into your WordPress plugins directory.
2. Enable the plugin.

Please visit the dedicated support forum.


  • show nearby ads
  • adjust number of ads to show with slider/non-slider to 5


  • Fix not to show empty box where there are no related ads


  • Fix working with flatpress theme


  • Show slider with min of 3 ads or fallback to non-slider
  • Add hidden option to show nearby ads instead of the normal related ads


  • Fix missing slider arrows


  • Update style for CP 3.5


  • Fix possible related ads slider not working


  • Add appthemes id


  • Remove undefined variable


  • add slider to the related ads.


  • split to two blocks. first shows more ads from the same poster,
    second will show related ads from the tag or category but from other posters.


  •  style fix for mobile view
  •  fix text over ads for ads with no-thumb


  • fix rtl
  • fix style on newer version of CP
  • hide block when there are no ads to show


  • first

5 reviews of “Related Ads

5 stars
Second time (after Bump plugin) I must say "Well done"
By -

Another great plugin. Most important thing: my website is not slowing at all.

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5 stars
Great plugin
By -

Good plugin, incredible price, For support, Roi is one of the best that has appthemes.

5 stars
Great plugin - Great Support
By -

nice and simple plugin!
Great support an quick response!

5 stars
wonderful plugin
By -

very useful plugin keep the website user browsing the site as long as possible.
hope next ver. come with sliders .

5 stars
By -

As usual, simple, effective and easy to implement 🙂
great coder

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 Comments (53)

  • Sefa

    Thanks roidayan.Good plugin.

    • anthonygrey

      Love the plugin! One question, is there any way of having the option of adding them as a widget? Thanks 🙂

      • author

        Widget is not available.
        Notice this kind of widget only makes sense when viewing an ad.
        So it won’t show anything when adding it anywhere else.
        Is this something you will require?

        • anthonygrey

          Hmm… I see your point. It was just a suggestion as many sellers put quite long descriptions on their ads and it could be good to see related ads or more ads from seller down the side whilst scrolling through the ad. Doing some test ads myself, scrolling to the bottom of the description, my eyes goto the user/contact widget, so seeing related ads immediately under that as opposed to not seeing it at the bottom as the user didn’t scroll all the way down could be more productive for the user. Like I said, this is just my opinion. I know many use the popular ads widget on the ad page, but for example, when looking for a car and scrolling down, would be good to see related items right next to the ad.

          Still a great plugin and many thanks 🙂

          • author

            Ill try it.
            Also, if the description is so long, maybe a good option is also a float widget that stays on the screen with you while scrolling. What do you think?

  • anthonygrey

    Well, with the description, I think that can be limited by the number of characters. The option to have the option to flat sounds good too as some classified ads can be really, really long in their descriptions.

  • xxvvss

    Good plugin. Compatible with child-themes eClassify ?

    2 people like this.
    • author

      I didn’t check but it should be compatible. If a little fix will be needed then I can help you through the support forum.

  • glasertech

    Where can I set the title, number of ads to show, etc? The thumbnails are out of the box? How to fix it?

    Anonymous likes this.
    • glasertech

      I updated to ClassiPress version 3.3.3 and the thumbnails problems is solved. Now, how can I change the titles?

      • author

        glasertech, glad some problems were solved.
        can you post your new problem in the support forum please?
        also please explain in your thread what do you mean about changing titles.

        glasertech likes this.
  • picturesmarket

    Hi. Can i “remove” the box “more ads from the same poster” ? Edit the name and etc?

  • dstavros7

    I cant see the ads in the demo preview also in my site

    i use wordpress 3.9.2 & classipress 3.3.2

    may you help me with this ?

    • author

      Hi dstavros7,

      I checked your site and the plugin is working.
      Notice the “MORE ADS FROM THIS POSTER” box when viewing ad.
      For help please use the support forum.


      Anonymous likes this.
  • bluehavoc

    Hi, seems very cool. What happens in the poster only has the one ad? Will it show more related ads in its place? Can it be configured just to show related ads instead? Thanks.

    • author

      hi bluehavoc,

      with 1 ad related ads wont be shown.
      there is no settings page but its easy to edit and hide a box you dont want.
      i can help with the modification for this.


  • thaobn20

    I have setup you plugin but i don’t satisfied because it showed every ads from my site.
    Can you fix show only ads related Category from site
    i have a ads about computer from catagory Computer.
    when i’m active plugin related ads by apptheme, only show related ads form catagory Computer


  • Adam

    thanks roidayan for the plugin

    after integrated it, I have problem with gmap in sidebar !

    have you a solution

  • author

    this is not a support forum. you need to use the support forum

  • paulo36


    This pluguin works with the theme eclassify?

  • thaobn20

    eclasssify have related ads. don’t need by this plugins

  • thaobn20

    contact mail
    i will help you fix manual 🙂
    may be error on hosting

  • Harry


    Does this plugin support the latest classiPress3.5.1 ?

  • author
  • xavier

    Hello Roidayan,

    I bought this plugin and I am very satisfied.

    I want to shift this plugin on mobile (responsive)
    so that it is below the module ‘contact’

    Can you help me ?

    Thank you

  • author

    hi xavier,
    please use the plugin support forum for after purchase help. thanks.

  • nassimkasmi


    I have already purchased the plugin that works fine, I love it. My question is about the featured listing carousel in the demo site, I like it! How Can I get the same carousel ? (plugin, customization, older classsipress version .. ? )


  • vasilisp


    If the seller is selling only 1 product what it will show at the 1st box?
    Also is it responsive?

    Thank you

  • author

    hi vasilisp,
    the 1st box wont be shown.
    yes the plugin is responsive.

    vasilisp likes this.
  • wzoj


    Funciona com o tema filho cutest?

  • author

    should work with any child theme. if you’ll encounter an issue you are welcome to use the support forum.

  • khuya

    Hi Roidayan,

    Please would you urgently assist with this support question:

    I recently purchased this great plugin. I only want to show the more ads from this poster only and not related ads from other posters. I never want to show related ads from other posters. How can i achieve this? Can you not add an option in settings to turn this on or off?


  • André

    Do you have a similar plugin for Vantage?

  • author

    Hi Andre,
    no but i’ll look into it.

    André likes this.
    • André

      Thanks for your feedback.

      I intend to show with this plugin:
      1) Listings of the same user.
      2) Listings of different users, but related to the “same main company”. Imagine like subsidiaries owners posting different listings, but all related in someway. So, should be possible to set them manually as related. E.g. Outback, Outback NY (“Subsidiary 1”), Outback FL (Subsidiary 2).
      3) The possibility of switching off each functionality independently.

      Let me know if it’s possible. The first one is what I expect the most.

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