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Note: LinkedIn no longer allows API access for job board sites so we have discontinued sale of this plugin. The LinkedIn Publisher plugin uses LinkedIn’s Job Search API that is now a part of their Vetted API Access Program. You must apply here to get LinkedIn’s approval in order to use this plugin.

A highly customizable aggregator that publishes job listings on your site using the LinkedIn Job Search API. Requires the JobRoller theme from AppThemes and API Key from LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn-Publisher plugin was developed with both non-experienced users and advanced users in mind. This means, that you only need to register your site as a LinkedIn application to get an API Key, and choose a country to instantly get jobs from the popular Business Social Network based on the current user LinkedIn profile and connections.

Alternatively, instead of letting LinkedIn decide the best results, you can simply select a job industry to get the most relevant jobs for your site.

Advanced users can tweak job results by adding keywords, countries and/or postcodes and even highlight jobs from major companies (i.e: Google, Facebook, Apple, etc…). Additionally, site owners have the option to display LinkedIn jobs only to registered users.
Some job listings even earn you a referral bonus and can be styled for greater visibility.
Start making your site popular and converting visitors into registered users by displaying jobs from one of the most respected social platforms out there!


  • Up and running with minimum settings change
  • Select from over 244 countries
  • Selection of 147 job industries
  • Flexible job queries to display the most relevant jobs to each unique website
  • Set any number of jobs to pull from LinkedIn
  • Sort results by relationship (relation between the job and the LinkedIn member profile) or date
  • Search LinkedIn jobs, on demand or when no local results are found
  • Choose whether to display jobs to all users or registered users only
  • Display LinkedIn results on the front page, when searching or browsing jobs by type and categories
  • Specify and highlight any number of companies you consider important for your website
  • Cache front page results for better performance
  • Uses standard WordPress gettext libraries for easy translation
  • Clean and well commented code
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What theme does this plugin work with?
Currently it only supports JobRoller (our WordPress job board theme).

How do I setup the LinkedIn-Publisher application on LinkedIn?

  1. Register your application with LinkedIn on the developer portal to receive an API key.
  2. Create a new application (i.e: Example-Site ) and specify any required fields. You will also need to register the domain/website you intend to run this code on, in the site URL field. For example, if your site is, ‘’, you would enter ‘’ on the URL field. If you’re on a localhost you can add ‘http://localhost/example’.
  3. Once you’ve completed those steps and submitted your new application, you will receive an API Key and Secret key. Paste them on the respective fields, on the LinkedIn-Publisher plugin settings page.
  4. Request LinkedIn’s Vetted API access here. Reply can take up to 15 days.
  5. Your site’s visitors should now be able to sign-in on your site to view LinkedIn jobs.

Can I localize LinkedIn-Publisher to my language?

Yes. The LinkedIn-Publisher uses it’s own text domain for localization. The localization file (linkedin-publisher.po) is located inside the plugin /languages/ folder. You need to rename this file so that it includes your country locale. The locale is the language code and/or country code you defined in the constant WPLANG in the file wp-config.php.

For example, the locale for German is ‘de_DE’, and the locale for Danish is ‘da_DK’. The Danish .mo and .po files should be named “” and “linkedin-publisher-da_DK.po”. Both the .po and .mo files should be kept inside the /languages/ folder.

Do users need to sign in every time they visit the site to be able to see LinkedIn jobs?

No. LinkedIn caches an access token, valid for 60 days. User will only need to sign in again once this token expires.

If you have additional questions please read our LinkedIn Publisher tutorial.

Manual installation via FTP:

  1. Upload the `linkedin-publisher` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in your WordPress admin area

To upload the plugin through WordPress, instead of FTP:

  1. Upload the downloaded zip file on the ‘Add New’ plugins screen (see the ‘Upload’ tab) in your WordPress admin area and activate.
Please visit the dedicated support forum.


  1. You must have cURL installed on the server and available to PHP. ***
  2. You must be running PHP 5+.
  3. Not compatible with the PECL extension. If you’re using this extension please uninstall it to be able to use the provided ‘oauth’, authentication library.

*** To check that you have cURL installed please create a phpinfo.php file with the following content:

// Shows all PHP information

Your phpinfo.php file needs to be a plain text file. This means you need to make it in a text editing program capable of producing plain text files. Make sure your file extension is .php and not .php.txt.

  • On a Windows machine, you can use Notepad, which is one of your built-in accessories.
  • On a Mac, you can use TextEdit. You must first open the TextEdit “Preferences” menu and, in the “New Document” section, select “Plain text.” Then, you should start a new document in TextEdit for your phpinfo.php file.

Upload the phpinfo.php file to the server. You should upload the file to your WordPress folder (the same folder where your wp-config.php file is located).

Visit the page in your browser by typing your site URL and the phpinfo.php,, replacing with your own domain name.

You should now see all your PHP information, including your cURL information.



  • Language file not working correctly (‘.po’ files must be placed in /languages folder and named ‘linkedin-publisher-xx_XX’, where ‘xx_XX’ is your country locale)


  • Updated Google maps geocoding to v.3
  • Removed wp_reset_query() calls

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 Comments (51)

  • David

    Do you have a link to a working site or demo?

    • staff

      @David, not at this time. Just the information you see on the screenshots above. Thanks.

  • gacartwright

    Struggling with this. Upgraded PHP, curl ok, now working on pecl extensions. Not intuitive at all really. Any help appreciated.

    • staff

      @gacartwright, If you’re having issues with the plugin, please do post in the relevant section of the AppThemes support forums, specifically for this plugin, here. Our support team will be more than happy to assist further. Thanks.

  • Bill

    If I already bought jobroller for indeed is this a free upgrade or separate product?

    • staff

      @Bill, JobRoller has Indeed integration built into the theme, however this is a product that would need to be purchased separately. Thanks.

      • Bill

        Does LinkedIn have a publisher account option like Indeed? Who pays more between the two?

        • staff

          @Bill, unlike with the Indeed and SimplyHired feeds, only some jobs can earn you a referral bonus. You can still style referral bonus jobs like you can with Indeed or Simply Hired, but these types of jobs are not as frequent as with those services. The main advantage of the LinkedIn-Publisher plugin (aside from the LinkedIn name) is that jobs are usually picked based on the users LinkedIn profile and connections. For example, if your LinkedIn profile says you are a Marketing Expert, chances are that you’ll see Marketing jobs. Thanks.

  • jmthomas

    Worked fine out of the box – useful to help connect to linked in which seems to becoming more of a force in job hunting & placement

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  • ken

    Can you use this AND the indeed jobs? or is it one or the other?

    also, are you going to be creating a way for the job seeker to import their linkedin profiles?

    • staff

      @ken, yes you can use the Indeed integration and this plugin at the same time. I’m not aware of any specific plans relating to the linkedIn profile, however there is LinkedIn integration available in the FXtender Pro plugin also available in the marketplace. Thanks.

  • spidersavvy


    Can job postings be published based on location? For example – only job listings from Chicago, Louisville, ect. ?

    • staff

      @spidersavvy, yes you can specify the location by state if you wish. The LinkedIn publisher plugin setup documentation explains how this is done in more detail. Thanks.

      • spidersavvy

        Thanks, Yumiko.

        Do you know anywhere I can see this plugin being used? Also, are job posts actually created in WordPress or do the listings just link directly to the LinkedIn job listing?

        • staff

          @spidersavvy, sorry we do not have this set up on the demo site so the screenshots above are the only indication of how it looks at this time. The listings are dynamically displayed, so they are not created as job posts in the actual wp-admin dashboard. Thanks.

  • IQ

    Hi Yumiko

    I can see you are very busy answering queries so I apologise to add to your workload.

    I have read in the installation instructions that Jobroller must be activated at all times for this Linkedin plugin to work. I have purchased a jobroller child theme which naturally is currently activated in WordPress does this mean I cannot use this plugin?


    • staff

      @IQ, no problem, that’s what we’re here for 😉 The plugin will not be effected by the use of a child theme as you still essentially have JobRoller installed. Thanks.

  • levellb

    Can you turn this feature on and off? Also does the linked in jobs display with the jobs that are added manually?

    • staff

      @levellb, you have control over the plugin as to whether or not you want it active or deactivated. LinkedIn jobs are displayed under their own heading, separate to those manually entered, as “LinkedIn Jobs”. Thanks.

  • Jay

    Hello Yumiko,

    I have two questions to ask about the LinkedIn Aggregator before I purchase it:

    1. Is the $29 fee a recurring fee or a one time fee only?

    2. The LinkedIn jobs displayed on the job roller site…will it show the full job description from LinkedIn or just another abbreviated job description like the Indeed job aggregator does?


  • staff

    @Jay, the price of the plugin is a one-off and does not require a renewal fee. The LinkedIn jobs are displayed in the same way as the SimplyHired and Indeed job listings. Thanks.

  • Tamara

    If I have the FX extender pro, do I still need this?

  • staff

    @Tamara, This plugin provides different functionality relating to LinkedIn to the FXtender Pro plugin. This plugin offers a LinkedIn job feed for your JobRoller site, whereas FXtender Pro offers integration allowing you to log in with your LinkedIn profile and show LinkedIn profile information on various pages of the JobRoller site. Thanks.

  • Dave

    In regard to this plugin, say I set up my site for the European market. Once I have a LinkedIn account(publisher ID),

    1.) can I set the plugin to pull jobs for say UK, France, Spain etc(all European countries applicable) on this same site using this same plugin? In other words, will I be able to specify the retrievals based on several countries(and of course industry etc)
    2.) and if I search for jobs in UK, will the results show only the UK job listings, and does the same apply for the other countries?

  • Dave

    In addition to the 2 question above,

    3) How are the job retrievals displayed? Is it just the title/company/location/date that are displayed(as shown in the screenshot)? So it is not the complete job listing, but just a “teaser” that once clicked sends the user to the complete listing on linkedin website?

  • staff

    @Dave, in answer to your questions:
    1) Yes, you can refine results using a country and postal code if you wish. There is more specific information about this in the setup documentation under the “Main Options” and “Queries” section.
    2) “Searching jobs” is also detailed in the documentation under “Job Queries behaviour explained”
    3) Yes that’s correct, the LinkedIn listings are linked back to their website for display of the full listing content. Thanks.

  • Dave

    Thanks for the clarification. One more question, I looked at the setup documentation link you provided and under “Sign In to view LinkedIn Jobs” there’s a message that says “After correctly configuring the API and Secret keys, the ‘Sign-in to LinkedIn’ button will be visible to your site visitors”. Just to clarify, does this mean that users will not be able to search, view jobs WITHOUT logging into LinkedIn(so users would need LinkedIn accounts as well to view/access jobs)?

  • staff

    @Dave, yes, the user needs to sign-in with their own LinkedIn account in order to view those specific jobs. Thanks.

  • azi

    Hi, I just want to know if jobroller supports adsense ads?

  • staff

    @azi, Yes it does. Thanks.

  • berletzis

    Hi, when i want to see the detail of the job, is showing inside my website or in linkedin website?

  • staff

    @berletzis, the linkedin listings are dynamically displayed, so the details link back to the actual linkedin website. Thanks.

    berletzis likes this.
  • tomawebdev


    Can this work with Jobroller 7 ?

  • staff

    @tomawebdev Yes this will continue to work with the latest release of JobRoller v1.7. Thanks.

    berletzis likes this.
  • hronline

    Hi this doesn’t seem to want to work on my JobRoller with Jobright… any known problems?

  • Shannon Dunn

    There are no known problems with the LinkedIn plugin and JobRight. You might want to post a thread in the JobRight forum ( ) so the developer of that child theme can address this.

Discussion is closed.

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