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Simply put, it’s the ultimate plugin to easily populate your JobRoller site with real jobs from the most popular job sites and job aggregators. This handy plugin fetches jobs from RSS feeds and imports them to your jobs database.

Pick your favorite big job site, look for the jobs RSS feed, paste it directly to Go Fetch Jobs and instantly get fresh jobs in your database! It also supports scheduled automatic imports so you can put your job site in full auto-pilot!

Please read more below. For more information and feature details please visit the official site.


– Extract FULL job descriptions, company and company logos directly from the providers site (select providers only)
– Improved Smart Assign (auto assign job types/categories based on jobs content)


Very Complete

Besides the usual title and description, Go Fetch Jobs can also pull company logos (*), job companies and job locations for selected providers. You can also set job categories and job types and custom field values for  the jobs being imported. You can even set it to feature the jobs being imported.

There’s plenty of options to control and identify your job imports and you can even save your import settings as templates. These templates, beside simplifying future imports, can be assigned to automatic imports, available through schedules. You can create unlimited schedules to automatically and regularly import jobs. Just specify an existing template, the schedule recurrence and watch your site being refreshed with new jobs on a regular basis.

(*) If you want to display company logos on job listings as in the demo site, and add a ton of new features to your JobRoller site check out my other plugin named FXtender Pro.

Seamless Integration

Each imported job seamless integrates with your JobRoller site but since these jobs don’t provide an explicit ‘How to Apply’ field the ‘Apply Online’ link will be hidden. Instead, under the ‘How to Apply’ title, your customers will see a (customizable) ‘Click Here To Apply’, link, that links directly to the external job.

Ready to use RSS Feeds Providers

Go Fetch Jobs comes packed with ready to use RSS feeds providers grouped in categories like: Design, Blogging, Gaming, IT, Marketing, etc… Providers include The Guardian, Smashing MagazineCareerjet, and many others. Just click the feed you want to use!

More features

  • Import jobs from any valid RSS feed
  • Seamless integration with JobRoller jobs
  • Set job duration
  • Save import rules as templates
  • Company logos on select providers
  • Ready to use RSS Feeds, including big sites like jobs.theguardian.com, with detailed setup instructions
  • Ready to use RSS feeds from popular job sites including: [careerjet.com](careerjet.com) and [craigslist](cragislist.org)
  • Custom RSS builder for select providers that allows creating custom RSS feeds with specific keywords/location, without leaving your site
  • Extract and auto-fill job company names and locations on select providers
  • Auto assign job types and job categories based on each job content
  • Filter imports using keywords
  • Automated scheduled imports

For more information and feature details please visit the official site.

Why are jobs not showing full job descriptions ?

Some sites don’t provide full job descriptions on their RSS feeds. This is usually intended to have users still visit the original site to read the full description.

Why don’t all jobs show a logo after importing?

Logos are not available in all RSS feeds and unfortunately, RSS feeds that provide them are still the exception.

How do I import jobs so that they are all automatically assigned to the matching category?

To have imported jobs assigned to their most relevant categories/types you need to enable *Smart Assign* option. This option will scan each imported job looking for terms that match your existing categories/types.

Manual Installation:

  1. Download the Plugin zip file
  2. Open WP Admin dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new -> Upload
  3. Upload and activate the Plugin from the Plugins page.
  4. A Go Fetch Jobs menu item will be available on your admin sidebar.



  • Fatal error: Declaration of GoFetch_JR_Sample_Table::row() must be compatible with that of GoFetch_JR_HTML_Table::row()
  • Existing location info for providers using geolocation tags sometimes not recognized and displayed as ‘Anywhere’
  • Additional ‘Settings’ page showing on WP backend sidebar
  • Wrong import limit calculation when limit was superior to total jobs in feed
  • Check for ‘OpenGraph’ class before loading it (better compatibility with other plugins that use the same class)


  • Added ability to search for additional meta data like company name and locations in RSS items title, on select providers
  • Added manual actions to schedules: ‘Test’ or ‘Run’
  • Added option to extract incomplete/missing meta data on select providers (can extract full job descriptions, companies, locations and logos directly from the site providers – not always guaranteed to work!)
  • Moved ‘Fetch Logos’ checkbox to the ‘Import Details’ section
  • Moved logos fetching and geocoding previously done while the RSS feed was loaded to the main import process (improves RSS feeds loading speed)
  • Added New settings page with several options:
  • — General:
    . Imported Jobs Filter – Displays new filters for filtering jobs by ‘type’ (imported jobs/regular jobs)
    . Providers Filter – Displays new filters for filtering jobs by ‘provider’
    . Jobs Provider Column – Display a new column on job listings with the job provider site
    . Duplicates Behavior – Choose to ignore or update duplicate jobs
    . Google API Key – Specify your Google Maps API key to use geolocation and reduce API limits
    . Rate Limit – Geocoding rate limit (number of locations geocodes per second)
    . Status – Choose the status to be assigned to imported jobs
    . Read More Text – Specify the read more text appended to job description excerpts (default is […])
    . Canonical Links – Improve SEO with canonical links pointing to the source URL
    . Debug Log – Enable it to generate a report to debug any issues with the support team
  • — Scheduler:
    . Start time – Set the approximate time for the import schedules to start
    . Interval – Set the interval between schedule runs
  • The ‘Smart Assign’ feature will now search for taxonomy terms (job types and categories) on any custom RSS feed tag hooked to the ‘goft_jobs_providers_valid_item_tags’ filter
  • Introduce custom function for reverse geocoding locations (fixes some location ‘Anywhere’ issues where a location exists)
  • Company logos from imported jobs are now displayed on the job listings backend page
  • Check for Indeed company names in the job title
  • Removed ‘CareerBuilder’ as provider since it no longer provides RSS feeds
  • Updated ‘jobsproblogger.net’ provider (now called ‘problogger.com’)
  • Added ‘seek.com.au’ to the list of RSS providers
  • Added new filters
  • Use ‘wp_kses()’ instead of ‘strip_tags()’ for sanitizing job descriptions
  • Added ‘nopaging’ to the query that checks for duplicate jobs



  • Security and performance fixes (update is highly recommended!)
  • Schedules being “stuck” with no response


  • Laying foundations for upcoming  major new version



  • Schedules authors not saving correctly
  • W3 Total Cache plugin sometimes causing import process to fail
  • Template names using quotes/double-quotes causing javascript issues
  • Multi-country providers not inheriting main provider settings (ignoring location and other meta)
  • JobRoller theme check sometimes giving false ‘not installed’ positives


  • Added 30 seconds time interval schedule runs (interval time can be customized using the filter – ‘goft_jobs_schedules_interval_sleep’)
  • Added multi-country provider ‘monster.com’ (US, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Netherlands) with location meta



  • Javascript error causing dropdowns issues on in import job page



  • Fatal error on plugin install screen
  • Fatal errors when viewing the plugins page
  • Conflicts with WooCommerce ‘select2’ libraries causing weird visual issues in import jobs page



  • Minor fixes


  •  Tweaked UI
  • Replaced simple providers dropdown with fancier ‘Select2’ dropdown
  • Added ‘Smart Assign’ option to terms group (automatically assigns the best term(s) to each imported job considering jobs content)
  • Added ‘Keyword’ filtering option to filter imported jobs using keywords
  • Added log meta box to schedule pages (provides stats info on imported, duplicates, and total excluded jobs)
  • Added ‘Advanced/Basic’ toggle under the ‘Screen Options’ for toggling between basic/advanced import settings
  • Added guided help tour
  • Added ‘Screen Options’
  • Added ‘Help’ tab
  • Added new generic RSS providers: trabajos.com, us.jobs



  • Invalid ‘Create Template’ link under schedule pages
  • Use ‘the_content’ filter for feeds description (fixes HTML entities not properly converted on some RSS feeds)
  • Strip tags in titles (fixes HTML tags showing in post titles on some RSS feeds)


  • Added Option to force load a feed (for feeds that although valid may fail to load)



  • Feeds not loading in Firefox


  • Revamped UI
  • Added 25+ list of ready to use RSS feed providers
  • Added custom RSS feed builder for select providers
  • Added Detailed instructions on how to find and setup jobs RSS feeds
  • Auto-fill meta fields like location, company name and company logo for select providers
  • Allow featuring job imports in listings and/or category pages
  • Optionally allow fetching company logos from RSS feeds
  • Automatically create a sample RSS template and schedule on new installs
  • Integration with ‘FXtender Pro’ for displaying company thumbnails on imported jobs (select providers only)
  • Added image uploader for RSS providers and companies logos
  • Code refactoring



  • Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in WordPress 4.4.


  • The imported jobs more text ‘[…]’ and the source logo links are now added using ‘the_content’ filter instead of being embedded during import (easier to remove using ‘remove_filter()’)



  • ‘How to Apply’ field for imported jobs always hidden from non logged users ignoring the ‘Only registered users can apply for jobs’ option
  • Duplicate jobs check failing in some cases



  • Fatal error on PHP versions prior to 5.3



  • Missing jobs description during import

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 Comments (129)

  • zeekzeek

    Thanks Bruno, that fixed it. I will use the forum going forward, thanks again.

  • Sanjay

    Hi Bruno,

    would this child plugin works with child themes like “joby” ?
    Smillar to jobs can we able to import posts or news through RSS feed in the sites blog posts?
    If we import jobs from other sites then it could be a duplication of that job/content, will it affect the SEO and sites current google ranking, because as far as i know a duplicate content will the affect the SEO & google ranking.


  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @Sanjay, yes, since this is mainly a plugin that pulls data to a database it should work with any child theme.

    “If we import jobs from other sites then it could be a duplication of that job/content, will it affect the SEO and sites current google ranking, because as far as i know a duplicate content will the affect the SEO & google ranking.”

    To be honest, I don’t know if it can affect your SEO and I couldn’t yet find a valid answer for that question. Since RSS feeds don’t usually provide a 1 to 1 copy of the jobs on the external site, and as long as you keep the external source visible you shouldn’t be affected.

    Anyway, I’m still trying to figure out if there are any changes needed for good SEO.

    • Sanjay

      @Bruno,My another question was,Smillar to jobs can we able to import posts or news through RSS feed in the sites blog posts?

      Ok, let me know when you will figure out if there are any changes needed for good SEO

  • Sanjay

    @Bruno, Is there a manual, installation guide, instructions available how to use this plugin etc?

  • author
    Bruno Carreço


    “My another question was,Smillar to jobs can we able to import posts or news through RSS feed in the sites blog posts?”

    No.’ Go Fetch Jobs’ is meant to import only jobs RSS feeds.

    “Is there a manual, installation guide, instructions available how to use this plugin etc?”

    The plugin provides a guided tutorial the first time you use it. It also provides an help page with all the guided tutorial steps for reference if you need it. Each feature also provides detailed descriptions and tips.

    You can get additional information on how the plugin works on the official site.


  • Sanjay

    Hi Bruno,

    I am very much interested in buying this plugin, it would be great if you address my earlier query on
    SEOs,Have you tried to figure out if there are any changes needed for good SEO.?

    Also please let me know that it works perfectly with child theme joby without any issues or any conflicts between child theme and plugin.

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    Sanjay, as far as I’m aware, if Google finds a job in your site that was already indexed in other site, like Indeed, it will simply prioritize the Indeed site. It shouldn’t penalize you. But as I’ve said before I don’t have a concrete answer from an official SEO expert to base this claim.

    As for the Joby child theme, I don’t own that child theme so I can’t be 100% sure it works. Maybe you can check with the child theme owner?

    • Sanjay

      Hi Bruno,
      I do understand that you are not a SEO expert,My site is very new and i am looking for new content hence i want to buy this plugin which may help me to increase site visitors.

  • thamonark


    I was using the rss aggregator plugin for word press. it seems to work great. I have a job board that i am importing jobs into on the JOBROLLER theme. Will the GO FETCH JOBS populate my jobboard and fill in the required front & back end details automatically?

    Right now the RSS aggregator only shows extracted feeds as simple posts (more Like Comments) instead of actual job postings that you can click on, and fill out an application.

    I wanted to know if the GO FETCH JOBS would fix this issue by automatically filling up my jobboard from RSS feeds that i pulled from employers jobs listings section? including company logos and current location?


  • marbot

    It works for Brazilian sites?

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @thamonark, ‘Go Fetch Jobs’ can import jobs from any valid jobs RSS feed using the data provided by the feed. ‘Go Fetch Jobs’ will fetch any data that it can recognize, like job title, description, location, company logos or categories. Note though, that this data is not available in all feeds. Only some job sites provide company logos on their feeds, and not all feeds provide job locations.

    ‘Go Fetch Jobs’, provides a long list of RSS feed providers with information about the data that it can extract from their feed.

    Also note, that some feeds only provide a brief job description instead of the full description to make users visit the original site to read it in full. I’m working on a new feature to get full descriptions but the current version uses the description available on the feed.

    ‘Go Fetch Jobs’ will import jobs from RSS feeds to your jobs database and they will seamlessly integrate with your normal user submitted jobs but job applications must be done on the external site since the feed doesn’t provide any direct email for job applications. The ‘Apply Online’ link for imported jobs is replaced with an external link to the job.

    You can visit the official site (gofetchjobs.com) for detailed information on what ‘Go Fetch Jobs’ can do. You can also try the demo site (gofetchjobs.com/jobroller/?demo=1).

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @marbot, it works with any valid job RSS feed. If the Brazilian sites you are referring to provide a valid RSS feed then they will work.

    You can test the feed on the demo site (http://www.gofetchjobs.com).

  • RDL

    If I use Go Fetch Jobs with my JobRokker install….does it REPLACE the Indeed.com setup under Intergration? Please explain the difference between using Go Fetch Jobs or the default Integration with Indeed.


  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @RDL, the Indeed Integration provided within JobRoller fetches jobs dynamically from the Indeed database every time the listing is loaded. These jobs are not on your database and are not available as single job pages. This means that every time a user clicks an Indeed job on a listing they are immediately redirected to the Indeed job site.

    ‘Go Fetch Jobs’, is different in many ways, but mainly, it allows you to import jobs from any valid job site that provides valid RSS feeds, including Indeed. These jobs are imported directly to your database like regular jobs submitted by job listers. They integrate seamlessly with the other jobs on your site keeping your users engaged on your site.

    The main difference between imported jobs and jobs submitted by job listers is that job applications for imported jobs must be done on the original job link since RSS feeds don’t provide a direct application email. When a job seeker clicks the ‘Apply Online’ on an imported job, they are redirected to the external job link.

    You can visit the demo site (http://gofetchjobs.com/jobroller/) to see it in action. Every job on the demo site is automatically imported through RSS feeds from multiple providers.

    Anonymous likes this.
    • RDL

      Thanks for the detailed reply – very helpful!
      I have a couple of follow-up questions:
      1. If I I use Go Fetch Jobs instead of the built-in Indeed integration, then I won’t get credit from Indeed for clicks on jobs, correct? If I am importing their RSS feed, rather than using Integration, then my publisher ID is not reported to them when someone clicks on the link?

      2. Using Go Fetch Jobs and importing job listings into my site database…once those listings reach their expiry date, are they deleted from the system or just unpublished?

      Thanks for your assistance!

      thamonark likes this.
  • author
    Bruno Carreço


    1. I’m still waiting for a definitive answer from Indeed on this topic. According to their latest reply suffixing links with ‘?indpubnum=your-publisher-Id’ should work but I’m still confirming this.

    2. They are unpublished just like regular jobs. The next update (in development) will provide a filter to easily filter all imported jobs and easily deleting them.

    Thanks for your interest in Go Fetch Jobs!

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    Yes 🙂 You have a field to add any parameters you want. Those parameters are then applied to the provider external job links.

    But please note that I’m still confirming if that parameter works. I can’t guarantee you clicks will be counted by Indeed. If you get any additional info from them please let me know.

  • Rawat

    I am using Jobroller theme with Jobapps child theme.. purchased your plugin
    its working.. but one problem everything is fine on computer, but when using mobile theme on mobile
    How to apply and click here link is not showing.. i mean no link to redirect to job site
    please fix it

  • thamonark

    How do you stop the gofetch plugin from importing the exact matching jobs that it has imported already?

    it imports the new rss job board feeds but it also imports jobs that it has already grabbed from the day before, with exact name and matching everything.

    how can i get that filtered out so it will only grab new jobs and disregard the matching jobs that it imported the day or week before?


  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @thamonark, please use the support forum for support questions as it’s easier to follow and keep a clean history of the conversation. This area is mainly for pre-sales questions.

    ‘Go Fetch Jobs’ already filters out duplicates. It uses the external job link as a unique identifier. If you are getting duplicate jobs then it’s probably because, although the jobs are identical, they have different external link URL’s. Please check this by looking at the external URL for the jobs you identified as duplicates.

    Please use the support forums (http://forums.appthemes.com/go-fetch-jobs/) if you need to reply.

    Thank you.

  • Jesse

    Can you tell me if Go Fetch Jobs places jobs inline with other jobs on site? I would like all jobs – jobs retrieved with Go Fetch Jobs and jobs posted by others to all be together not separate sections.

    Can you let me know if that is how Go Fetch Jobs Works.

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @Jesse, jobs imported with ‘Go Fetch Jobs’ are seamlessly integrated within your job listings. They are not grouped separately like they are with the JobRoller Indeed jobs.

    You can check the demo site to see how they look.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  • Panda

    presale question:
    If I sign up for the pro+ plan, can the plugin fetch the full job description from indeed or just the short snippet like the free version?

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @Panda, both versions can only fetch the excerpt, available on the RSS feed. I’m working on an update that should be able to pull the whole description but I don’t have an official release schedule yet.

  • Steve

    Hello, importing scheduled jobs with careerjet feed seems not to work for me. I get a “Skipped Jobs ( discarded – enforced import limit)” error. With Indeed.com I don’t have such an issue. Can you please help me? Thanks

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @Steve, please use the support forum for support questions. This page should be mainly used for pre-sales questions.

    The support forum is easier to track, keep an history of the questions and help other users.

    Regarding your issue, the ‘Skipped Jobs ( discarded – enforced import limit)’ message is not an error. It means that you’ve set a limit of jobs on your import schedule and the importer skipped the remaining jobs. Please check your import schedule and clear the ‘Limit’ field to have the importer import all jobs without any limits.

  • notime

    Hi Bruno,

    Any ideas on the next major update of this script?


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