Shortys for ClassiPress

A tool for sorting your ads, SEO and targeted advertisements.

Have you ever wanted to change how your users browse your site? Create pages with unique content, and targeted advertisements?

And do that with the ease of shortcodes, that you create instantly, yourself?

With Shortys you can!

1. Create custom made pages with the ads you selected using shortcodes

Organize your ads by:

Shortcode Builder

To help you build shortcodes, Shortys provides a simple to use Shortcode Builder so you can build your own shortcodes instantly!

Admin Demo

2. Huge SEO help, control the title, the permalink(url), the description for your pages

Hummingbird and Useful Content

The Panda asked us to provide unique content. What makes content unique? A big part of it is originality. Original content that offers a creative and interesting read for traffic and engages the reader to the point that they want to share it was the goal. Now Hummingbird want us to change that thinking just a little bit by broadening our aim to include content that is useful. (The more useful, the better.) The five things that we should take out of the release of Hummingbird are as follows:

  • Content
  • Long tail keywords
  • Useful information
  • Increased Entrance Portals
  • Continued SEO

3. Make your site unique and control what Google indexes

ClassiPress by default adds in every category page the ‘ad-category’ link so eventually your menu categories have this structure:

With Shortys you can get rid of it and create your own menu links

You can change it to anything you like and do that for all the pages you create to organize and promote your ads!


Shortys with WordPress SEO plugin.

Create a page with ads from 2 users

Create a page with ads priced between 1000$ and 10000$

4. Place your banners, links text in every page

Additional benefits:

  • Using the Shortys Builder you can create any shortcode you can imagine.
  • Compatible with most child themes.So far we haven’t found any child theme that does not work with Shortys.
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How does it work?

Shortys creates a custom wp_query via a shortcode. It accepts most of the parameter available in WP_Query

Example #1:

I want to filter all ads from New York and display them in a page.

1. Create a page and add this shortcode

[cp_shc meta_key="cp_state" meta_value="new york"]

2. Select the plugin’s template and save, that’s it!

Example #2:

I want a page with all ads with prices ranging from 200$ to 500$

1. Create a page and add this shortcode

[cp_shc meta_key="cp_price" meta_value="200,500" meta_compare=">="]

2. Select the plugin’s template and save.

Example #3:

I want a page with all featured ads of user Dimitris and Sebet

1. Create a page and add this shortcode

[cp_shc author__in=”2,3″ featured=”yes”]

2. Select the plugin’s template and save.

Example #4:

I want a page with all featured ads of user Dimitris and Sebet in category Autos

1. Create a page and add this shortcode

[cp_shc author__in=”1,6″ featured=”yes” taxonomy=”ad_cat” terms=”auto” terms_operator=”IN”]

2. Select the plugin’s template and save.

Check the demo for more examples : )

3. Where can i use the pages?

In your menus or your sidebar using the ‘custom menu’ widget.

 4. Can i use it with my custom fields?



You have a custom field ‘color’ which is a dropdown with 3 values and you want a page to show all ads that have the color ‘blue’.

[cp_shc meta_key="cp_color" meta_value="blue"]


Manual Installation:

  1. Download the Plugin zip file
  2. Open WP Admin dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new -> Upload
  3. Upload and activate the Plugin from the Plugins page.
  4. Shorty’s will be available from Classipress’s menu



  • Security and performance fixes (update is highly recommended!)
  • Calendar popup being displayed on the builder page footer



  • Added support for listing and widget templates
  • Display Shortys custom page template on the quick edit panel


  • Added ‘esc_url()’ to ‘add_query_arg()’ calls to fix WP vulnerability



  • Added support for meta type in custom fields


  • Changing ClassiPress menu name causing JS/CSS issues
  • Parse error with PHP versions prior to 5.3
  • Content added before the shortcode showing after the shortcode output
  • Display only non-featured ads param being ignored
  • Pagination when using a static page with shortcodes as the front page


  • Use a shortcode page as your front page
  • Use <input>  as the shortcode placeholder to avoid pasting shortcodes with CSS styles attached

4 reviews of “Shortys for ClassiPress

5 stars
Great plugin
By -

Hi Dimitris,

congratulations for the great plugin and amazing support!
We are very happy!
Keep going forward with your great products and support.

Best regards,


5 stars
Love it!
By -

I did this 2 minutes after installing.

Options are endless. This can’t hurt your rankings in search engines. I will run some search test after a few months to see if pages like this will actually help.

Either way this is great for website users to find what they are looking for.
I added a text widget on sidebar with links to “popular searches” and I was just using search terms.

I’m going to change them all to short code because now I have more control over content, page title and description with a better looking url.

Buy this plugin … you will be glad you did!

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4.5 stars
Ótimo Plugin
By -

Excelente plugin, vale a pena comprar. Acredito que teremos melhores funcionalidades nas próximas versões.

Dimitris Bakalidis likes this.
5 stars
Awesome plugin
By -

Great for SEO and creating shortcut lists that match popular search engine phrases.

Cant wait for the Vantage version!! 🙂

Dimitris Bakalidis likes this.
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 Comments (83)

  • Marcos

    The plugin is compatible with the current version of ClassiPress ?

  • Marcos


    I bought the plugine and is giving the error ” Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted ( tried to allocate 8388608 bytes) in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-includes/user.php on line 896 ” on the ” Shortys :: Builder ” . Need help.

    The version of My ClassiPress is 3.5.1 .

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    Marcos, we’ve replied to your related post on the support forum. This seems to be related to the very large number of users on your database.

  • wzoj

    Quando será a atualização para classipress 3.5.4?

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @wzoj, Shortys is already compatible with ClassiPress 3.5.4.

  • kbieri85

    Your Plugin isn’t compatible with 3.5.7?
    Cause it crashes my page.

  • Dimitris Bakalidis

    Hi kbieri, we have no reports with problems.If you have any issues, please open a ticket in the forums to assist you.

    Thank you.

  • Bridge

    i have a pre order question

    deos this plugin allows to have advanced search options for specific categories, for instance search by price range or by brand (for cars) ?

    thank you for your help

  • oachour

    hi i m following all the step but when i look to choose the provided template to select Shortys Page Template , the Shortys Page Template it is not on the list how i can fix that

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @Bridge, with Shortys you can create multiple pages with specific content using simple shortcodes. For example, you could have a couple of pages for specific price ranges and then create a menu option called ‘Price Range’ that links to those pages.

    Shortys does not provide any search options that ClassiPress doesn’t already provide. It does allow you to have content filtered and organised to your specific needs and your customers.

  • oachour

    thanks Bruno Carreço , now it is work fine

  • davidwoolf

    looks interesting. But…the demo site is not working….


  • franky

    hi looks good, are you still developing this, would hate to dive into something and dev ends etc.

  • dimitris

    Hi Franky, the plugin works with the current version of ClassiPress.We still support it, if you are worried about support 🙂


    franky likes this.
  • manishkhullar

    Hi … do we need to use the shortcode template only as shown in your videos ?
    Actually I was looking for something that can create shortcodes that I can use anywhere in my blog posts or even in existing pages without changing the template.

  • Dimitris Bakalidis

    Hi, you can use the shortcode without changing the page template if you like. The page template is used for the layout of the page and style ( CSS ) only. If you do not use it you may need to add CSS.

  • singfa

    The plugin is compatible with the current version of ClassiPress 4.1.3?

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