Add users the ability to feature live ClassiPress ads.
By default only when users purchase an ad they can select if to make it featured. With this plugin users will be able to feature an ad at a later time.

The charge is done through the framework payment gateways.

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  1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
  2. Enable the plugin.
  3. Configure the plugin under ClassiPress->Feature Ad.
Please visit the dedicated support forum.


  • Fix going back from payment to preview item
  • Fix dashboard title


  • Add support for classipress 4


  • Add missing strings from template to pot file


  • Fix not to allow to feature an expired ad


  • Fix post content disappear on feature ad click


  • Fix icon not showing in child themes


  • Use Wordpress dashicons
  • Update style for CP 3.5


  • Add appthemes id to make the appthemes updater work


  • Add order description
  • Add preview step


  • Fix possible xss vuln


  • fix expiration update to be according to the original length of the ad
  • display summary page after payment


  • fix showing feature icon in some pages


  • fix showing link in ad listing


  • new option to show link in the ad listing


  • fix payment problem with CP 3.4


  • when featuring an ad extend the expiration date like a renew.
  • add CP 3.4 dashboard listing actions hook.


  • added action hook to allow users to add link in the user dashboard.
  • fix crash when CP theme is not loaded.


  • first

One review of “FeatureMe

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 Comments (89)

  • Radmehr Jahani

    Is this plugin is compatible with ClassiPress 3.4.1 ?

  • author

    yes it is.

  • marioserrano

    Plugin en espaƱol ?

  • author

    only English translation available. you can add translation using poedit.

  • nigobvba

    Hi, and with classi 3.5 ?

  • author

    yes it works with cp 3.5.

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    • Gino

      Hi mr Roi,

      it doesn’t seem to work on http://www.vindhet.eu
      Website is uptodate with 3.5 class and latest version WP. i have changed hosting to a more professional one and i am working with php5.5, so that shouldn’t give any trouble too.
      All other plugins are working fine. It has been a very difficult excersice, but we have found the right balance with the right plugins, i would appreciate if you could look in to it.

      Thanks in advance

  • author

    you can’t get support in the comments section. open a thread in the support forum of the plugin with info what exactly is not working.

    • Gino

      Will do, thank you for your quick reply.
      It’s easy, plugin just don’t work. After activating and enable pluging, we don’t see the crown in the single ad page.
      But will go to support section.

  • mxtrader

    This doesn’t look promising, the one review is 5 stars yet says it doesn’t even work?

  • author

    hi mxtrader,
    many use the plugin so I can assure you it works as in the screenshots. there is a support forum if you need after purchase help. you’re right that review is confusing. I removed it.
    you are welcome to ask questions pre-purchase.

  • robert

    its possible search for category subcategory like cars bikes trucks if select cars see all carmakes like aud if slecet audi see only audi models

  • mkjj

    Hi there,

    we have some pre-sale questions: Is the plugin compatible with classipress 3.5.8? Does it include some kind of email notification? Customs should get an email after their featured ads had expired. Otherwise they won’t know when to renew the ad.

  • mkjj

    Hi, I’ve just purchased the plugin. While it is very easy to reactivate the featured ad, it does not start any payment action. The user can simply click and reactivate it. Not quite what we wanted. Of course, I checked “Charge to featured ad” and set a price. However nothing happens. What’s going on?

  • author

    hi mkjj,

    for long answers and support please start a thread in the support forum.

    as for your question, you probably checked with an admin user. the plugin will not charge admin users.
    also the plugin doesn’t add the feature of expiring feature-ad and returning it back to normal.

  • robertnbg

    hi cna i add price 0 i want that user feature ad but they dont have to pay and its possible to limit days of featuread ad sample user press feautred ad pay 0 and add ist featured only 7 days or this ad is featrued all the tim until ad expire date? because then any ad can be featurea ll the time

  • author

    its possible to use price 0.
    its not possible to limit the days for feature ad.

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  • cedricquestel


    When I feature an ad, it is automatically set to “Waiting for admin approval”.
    So the ad disappear (become a draft) each time the user feature it.

    What can I do ?

  • author

    maybe some classipress settings. help is not available in the comment section.

  • usa4sale

    Will this work with Limit Featured Duration? I can send you the file if you like.

  • author

    hi usa4sale. the feature me plugin uses stick_post() function. if Limit Featured Duration hooks to the post_stuck action to mark when ad become sticky then it will work.

  • Noorul Idil


    I use this plugin with latest wordpress 4.9. Previously it work. But now fail to re feature


  • Noorul Idil

    This is fixed by my web server provider.

    Thank you.

  • Noorul Idil


    I use your plugin combine with plugin Paid Ad Features [another developer]

    Paid Ad Features : i can set different featured Ads (7days, 14 days and 30 days)

    Featureme : can only feature normal ads but not using setting in Paid Ad Features.

    How can i intergrate this two plugins?

    Sorry if this is out of your scope.

  • author

    sorry but this is out of scope..

  • hilzan_wp

    When will these plugins be updated to work with ClassiPress 4?

    Bump Ads
    Feature Me
    Ad Social

    Please let me know if any of them currently works with Classipress 4.

    Thank you,

  • hzmhzm

    Hi, is it compatible with classipress 4+? Thank you for your time.

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