The consumers of today are more diligent and do their research before making a purchase online. They want to read what other people have to say about a product or service before pulling out their wallet.

79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (source BrightLocal) and many won’t purchase something unless they read a 3rd-party review.

Without a review system on your website, you’re losing sales.

Key Benefits

  • User reviews are proven to drive sales and increase conversions
  • Increases search engine organic click-thru rates
  • User-generated content exponentially helps build SEO-rich content for your website
  • Creates a channel for constructive criticism and suggestions of your products
  • Reduction in complaints and returns as reviews answer questions not always included in product descriptions


  • Built with WordPress best practices (uses a custom comment type)
  • Moderate, spam, or delete reviews just like comments
  • Require users to be logged in before submitting a review
  • Post author or admin can respond directly to each review
  • Rating stars use a web font (instead of images) to allow custom colors and for retina/hdpi support
  • Works in tandem with the native WordPress comment system (requires minor code & css edits)
  • Basic styles provided to allow flexibility with other themes
  • Includes Google Structured Data (json-ld) for stellar SEO results
  • Ability to close reviews anytime on individual pages/posts
  • Emails sent to author when new review submitted and/or pending approval
  • Lots of WordPress actions and filters for developers to make custom modifications
  • Allow Users to change stars rating (NEW in 1.4.0!)
  • Allow admin to edit any review star rating in WordPress dashboard (NEW in 1.4.0!)

As you can see, adding a professional review and rating system to your WordPress website can yield significant benefits. What are you waiting for? Get your own review system up-and-running today!

Critic was originally built to fill a need in our Marketplace (no other quality plugin existed). Each item needed customer reviews so sellers could receive feedback and potential customers could feel confident with their purchase.

Our goal was to make it as seamless with WordPress as possible. We did this by creating a custom comment type (no additional database tables, etc) which leverages existing comment-like functionality.

After successfully using it since January 2013, we felt it was time to share it with the world so others could benefit from it too. Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: Screenshots above are from Vantage 4.0. The look on your site will not match exactly as shown above (of course unless you use Vantage 4.0). We’ve done the best we could to integrate with most themes, however, we can’t test against them all. You may need to add some custom css so the reviews are more styled to match your current theme.

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Does this work in tandem with WordPress comments?
Yes, however you’ll need to paste a line of code into two of your theme’s template files. You’ll also probably wan to setup jQuery tabs similar to how we use it in our Marketplace. This requires some web development knowledge.

Can I use this plugin instead of the WordPress comment system?
Yes. In fact, we recommend it since it’s the easiest to setup and requires no custom code.

Where can I see a demo?
We use Critic in our Marketplace so check out any item and click on the “Reviews” tab. It uses a slightly older version though so there might be some differences.

Will everything be styled perfectly to match my existing theme?
Probably not. It includes some basic styling but we aren’t able to test it against all the thousands of WordPress themes out there. If you’re comfortable with css, it’s easy to tweak.

I’m a developer. Are there hooks built in?
Yep. You can even completely replace the reviews form with your own (just like the comment_form())

  1. Upload the .zip file via the WordPress plugins admin page
  2. Activate the plugin and configure the options
Please visit the dedicated support forum.

= 1.4.1 = May 17, 2021
* Fixed plugin files and directories permissions

= 1.4.0 = December 2, 2020
* Allow Users to change stars rating
* Allow admin to edit review star rating in wp-admin
* Do not allow empty stars ratings
* Validate title and description on review form submit
* Updated Raty lib
* Added translation for Russian language

= 1.3.4 = January 8 2018
* Fixed Review styling is not looking good in mobile view.
* Fixed Succeeding unregistered user could not make a review.

= 1.3.3 = November 2 2017
* Prevented sending moderation emails to post’s author unless he can edit others posts.

= 1.3.2 = May 18, 2017
* Removed debugging code that changed the comment type on edit.
* Removed ‘set_review_rating’ action from the ‘wp_insert_comment’ hook when it’s actually done (to avoid duplicate calls)
* Added migration script for Vantage reviews. Now since Vantage 4.1.0 and Critic 1.3.2 it is possible to migrate legacy Vantage reviews to Critic data model (on the Admin => Vantage => Setup Guide page).

= 1.3.1 = Mar 11, 2017
* Show review count column in wp-admin text is missing
* Losing ratingValue when review has been answered
* Notice: Undefined variable: output in class-critic-admin.php on line 648
* Updated Structured-Data module, fixed incompatibility with Vantage 4+

= 1.3.0 = Feb 23, 2017
* update raty.js lib from 2.4.5 to 2.7.1.
* use web fonts instead of images to easily change color and for retina/hdpi support.
* deprecated microformats in favor of json-ld for Google search.
* added reviews meta box to wp-admin edit post/page.
* fixed wp-admin text so it’s review-related and not comment.
* added option to choose star color.
* added review summary box which includes avg rating and star progress bar.
* added reviews admin counter column to “All Posts”, etc pages.
* fixed issue where comment review counters on the edit screens were incorrect.
* updated the review form so it’s more in line with the standard WordPress comments form.
* better back and front end author response handling.
* show recent reviews in wp-admin on post edit page.
* allow author to respond only once to each review.
* added missing moderate review email template.
* updated approved review email template.

= 1.2.0 = Dec 8, 2014
* fixed PHP notices
* fixed Using class methods as object methods instead of static
* fixed Post meta values missing if moderation enabled
* fixed Rich snippets and G Webmasters.
* changed Critic shows form when Allow comments is disabled. If comments are closed, but reviews open – reviews form will shown. WP die message will shown on attempts to posts review when reviews closed, or to post comment if comments closed for given post.
* added Classipress integration (not styling, but only functionality)
* added reply to review feature. Only authors can reply to reviews and only once.
* added option to enable Article item definition for rich snippets.

= 1.1.1 = Dec 12, 2013
* fixed critical errors for compatibility with php 5.2. used self:: vs static::
* fixed wp_list_comments callback error so reviews display correctly
* added text so reviewer sees status for review under moderation
* added new text string on edit review screen button
* added text replacement support to WordPress 3.8

= 1.1 = Dec 11, 2013
* fixed several php notices
* fixed issue where regular threaded comments weren’t being nested
* added new hooks which allow a custom review form
* added new sidebar module that show breakdown of ratings by star
* added user meta to hold review data across all blogs
* only store parent reviews so we can support review replies later

= 1.0 = Jan 10, 2013
* initial internal release

One review of “Critic

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(Just bought it? Log out and back in to enable reviews.)

 Comments (100)

  • gatorman2014

    I am looking for the best way to use something with callipress so buyers can rate sellers. is this an option

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  • jamesweb

    Hi there, just wondering which one someone should use for Hirebee, starstruck plugin or this Critic plugin or is there a difference? I see starstruck seems to be a little more supported here. If you could clarify the difference here that would be great.

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  • reservestudydotorg

    Hello, I have a question. Does this program overwrite the existing Vantage stars that came with the Vantage theme? Are those stars/reviews assimilated into this theme? Or is there two systems of stars?

    2 people like this.
  • depanneur

    is it possible to rating an user in classipress ?

    7 people like this.
  • depanneur

    is it possible to rating an user in classipress theme child ?

    5 people like this.
  • tpmit

    Do this plugin work for Clipper / Flatter theme so it can be used to review stores ?

  • aj2703

    Hello is anyone here, do you even answer questions about your own products……..???

    Does this have a seller rating…? As has been said, many items just get sold the one time. What is needed is a rating option for the actual seller….

  • mickie

    No, actually. They hardly ever do. Other users may answer.

    maxico likes this.
  • Dale Miles

    If users are looking for a plugin to rate sellers/buyers in Classipress then look at “User Feedback & Search” This plugin is for Classipress.

    • aj2703

      lol, nothing like a bit of self promotion hey Dale. 🙂 Looks good so far although the link to the verified users plugin inside the setting does not work.. 😉

  • staff

    We’ve just released version 1.3.0 which has been totally rebuilt! New screenshots added above. See the changelog tab for all the goodies included.

    If you’re already a customer, you can easily upgrade from your plugins page. Since it’s such a big change, we highly recommend backing up your database and save a copy of your existing Critic plugin folder BEFORE clicking the “update” link. 🙂

    Pro tip: Use a test environment first so you can preview any potential problems before you update your production site.

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    • emperador


      I am getting the following error when trying to activate the plugin:

      Fatal error: Class Critic_Structured_Data may not inherit from final class (APP_Structured_Data) in /var/www/web/wp-content/plugins/critic/class-critic-structured-data.php on line 0

      any ideas?

  • tomeksobek

    I am interested in your Critic plugin. However, I have some pre-purchase questions:
    1) Is there a way for an admin to edit user’s star ratings from the WordPress admin dashboard?
    2) Is there a way for an admin to add a star rating to any already existing comment or review through WordPress admin dashboard?

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    • staff

      Hi, thanks for your questions. At the moment, neither of those features are included.

      It’s something we could certainly consider for a future release.

  • mllerena

    Hi there, is this plugin compatible with Vantage 4?

  • mllerena

    Thanks. Is it available in Spanish or does it come with a language file I can translate? I will be use with Vantage in Spanish

  • sergio_altuzar

    Muy buenas tardes, quiero adquirir este plugin, ya que habian comentado que para los usuarios de vantage 3 que actualizemos a vantage 4 seria gratuito, ya actualize y me gustria adquirirlo, muchas gracias.

  • sergio_altuzar

    Very good afternoon, I want to acquire this plugin, since they had commented that for the users of vantage 3 that we update to vantage 4 would be free, already update and I gustria acquire it, thank you very much.

  • daniel82

    Hi guys, Critic is not working at all for me. I have the latest version plus latest version of Vantage. The “write a review” button does nothing. It is totally dead, there’s no review form, no way of rating, nothing. My site is please help, I don’t like having a broken website. I have not got “users must be logged in” ticked, so you should be able to leave a review.

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  • jgarmar

    Hi, Can we show critic ranking in home latest listings widget?

  • wzshop

    Is there a way to let listing owners respond to reviews?

  • Carsten Hansen Dybkjaer

    After 1 (one) review is posted it is not possible to make another review. The message: you have already reviewed this , is shown. It does not matter from which computer you access.
    Please help. It is urgent for my customers.

  • wzshop

    A admin email is send to the author once someone reviews their listing.
    admin email such as” [My Blog] Please moderate review on: “test”” meaning it has aproval and trash links etc. I tested it on a clean install. Please fix it asap.

    hphilipp likes this.
  • Kristina

    I’m interested in having a reviews platform for Vantage, to override their existing reviews system which requires a log-in. Will yours also work to allow reviews on LISTINGS in Vantage, as well as other content? And does it have a stars system also?

    hphilipp likes this.
  • mouradbouikni


    Does it work with clipper store.


  • Carsten

    “Require users to be logged in before submitting a review. ”

    Is it possible to submit a review without being logged in ?

    hphilipp likes this.
  • hzmhzm


    Some classified ads (some categories) have nothing to do with selling products (for example, apartment rental, loss & found, etc). Can the admin choose the specific categories/sub-categories to be associated with ratings & reviews? Thank you for your time,

    • staff

      Hi, I think this is more related with how you manage your categories. However this plugin does not provide an option to manage the categories.

      Kind regards

  • hzmhzm


    (1) I see that your plugin was last updated 2 years ago. I would like to check if it is compatible with the latest version of classipress 4+?

    (2) Can any verified buyers write reviews on the sellers/authors/ad-posters (NOT on the products/ads)?

    Thank you for your time.

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