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Note: As of Nov 25, 2016 this plugin is no longer for sale. It will continue to work with with Vantage version 1.2 – 3.0 but is no longer supported in 4.0.

Use Bing Maps on your Vantage site. This plugin provides an alternative to the default Google Maps capability in Vantage.

Once installed, AppMaps Bing will enable the option to choose maps and geocoding from Bing. When enabled, all maps for listings and events can be rendered with Bing Maps. Additionally, locations can be geocoded using the Bing Maps API.

Other AppMaps plugins are available for MapQuest. You can have multiple AppMaps plugins installed at once and switch to a new map provider or geocoder at any time (including the default Google Maps).

AppMaps supports Vantage version 1.2 – 3.x and may not work with other maps plugins.

Setup is very simple, see installation tab for more info. Read the FAQ for more info about maps and geocoding.

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Does AppMaps Bing provide maps?

Does AppMaps Bing provide geocoding?

Does the AppMaps plugin work with all your themes?
At this time, AppMaps only works with Vantage (our WordPress directory theme). We plan to extend AppMaps to JobRoller and ClassiPress in the future.

Do I need AppMaps to have maps in Vantage?
No, you do not need AppMaps to display maps in Vantage. Google Maps comes with Vantage as the default for maps and geocoding. AppMaps provide alternatives to Google Maps in Vantage.

Can I have multiple AppMaps plugins installed at the same time?
Yes, you can. You can even use one map provider for geocoding and a different one for map rendering.

What is geocoding?
Geocoding is the process of turning a conventional address into coordinates that computers can use. Different maps providers use their own geocoding formulas. Some geocoders may work better for your area.

Does AppMaps work with MapSupreme?
AppMaps has not been tested with MapSupreme or any other maps plugin.

What is Bing Maps?
Bing Maps is a web mapping service provided as a part of Microsoft’s Bing suite of search engines and powered by the Bing Maps for Enterprise framework.

Plugin Installation:

  • Purchase and download the AppMaps Bing Geocoder plugin
  • Activate the plugin
  • Go to: ‘Vantage -> Geo Settings’
  • Choose from available installed geocoders under: ‘Installed Geocoders’
  • Click: ‘Save Changes’
  • Go to tab on top to edit the settings/API key details: ‘Geocoder – Bing’
  • Follow instructions to obtain necessary API key, or other settings
  • Click: ‘Save Changes’
  • Done!


  • Create an account with Bing Maps here:
  • Follow instructions with Bing maps to activate your account, and create new ‘API key’
  • Copy/Paste your ‘API key’ into the AppMaps settings field
  • Optional: To change the language/culture used by Bing Maps Geocoder, you can visit: to find your ‘language/culture code’, and copy/paste into AppMaps ‘Culture/Language’ settings field
  • Click: ‘Save Changes’
  • Done!
Please visit the dedicated support forum.

Version 1.0 – First release (Aug 19th, 2013)

One review of “AppMaps Bing

5 stars
Faster Than Google Maps
By -

Nice plugin…Bing has better images and seems to load faster than Google Maps. It would be nice if you could get directions with this (as with the Google Maps plugin)…the only drawback.

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  • lduke

    Looks good on large map…not so good on small maps on listing page. very hard to switch between map types because of small map in widget (default size)

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