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Citrus Night is a stylish dark, customizable, and simple ClassiPress child theme with several additional features. This theme puts your work first, keeping the design elements to a minimum while still maintaining a definitive modern style.

Citrus Night is full responsive, ready to use all available language translation packs and testet with all available plugins that are recommended by AppThemes.

Features Included:

  • “Sold” Ribbon in listing and “Sold” stamp in single ad
  • Responsive for all kind of mobile devices like mobile phones or tablets
  • “Featured” Ribbon in ad listings
  • Crown image on featured ads
  • Bigger Google Map under ad description
  • Highlight ad background when ad is featured
  • Sticky ads on top of category & search
  • “New’ sign when ad is less then 1 day online
  • Supports “Price is negotiable” sign when customer agrees
  • No Price Tag when ad author sets “0? (Zero)
  • Better tab positions including the category
  • Mod – “Email this advert to a friend!” included
  • URLs and emails in posts are clickable
  • Admin can set custom backgrounds
  • Support multiple languages
  • This child theme is READY for ClassiPress 3.3.3 & WordPress 4.0


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  1. Upload the childtheme to your themes folder
  2. Activate the childtheme
  3. Go to your “ClassiPress/Settings” and under “Advanced” tab select “Disable Core Stylesheets” to “YES”
  4. You may need to set your menus again. Go to your Admin dashboard => Appearance => Menus and activate your Header and footer menu.
  5. You may need to regenerate your thumbnails after first installation: Please install this plugin: and run it once.
Please visit the dedicated support forum.

7 reviews of “Citrus Night

5 stars
Unable to browse Forum
By -

recently buy your awesome theme but unable to get support . cause your forum did’t give me permission . please help me

5 stars
another happy customer!
By -

just bought it and installed it in under 5 mins! it works like a charm 🙂 thnx for your great work and support!

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5 stars
well done
By -

Hi Samcy,
Also, your theme is awesome and clear.
Citrus Night Child Theme is highly recommended.
also your help in the forum is great.
your work is truly exemplary.

I’m glad that I bought that Childtheme Citrus Night
keep it up

5 stars
Highly Recommend, good child theme
By -

When the next updates are comming for this child theme?

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5 stars
Highly Recommend
By -

I have been using Citrus Night now for the last couple of months and find it excellent as it contains all the features needed to carry out an online classifieds website. With the now new version 3.0, it will further enhance your experience and i would highly recommend this child theme.


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5 stars
Post An Ad not working
By -

What happened, i am using the citrus night child team which is okay but the problem there is i can not post ads, the button is not working when i click on it, it won’t bring the listing process.

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5 stars
Version 1.2.1
By -

I have the version of Citrus, how do I upgrade?

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 Comments (60)

  • riskynet

    Thank you Samcy for the great child theme. Easy instructions to follow and really love the new look. Let me know what you think.

    Riskynet 🙂

  • riskynet

    Sorry the link didn’t show up….here it is.

  • tomukasteris


    I bought this theme. For me does’t work on home page Featuring Listing and no pictures on Ad Listing. How to fix it?

  • author

    Hello tomukasteris,

    Please make sure that you are using the latest version 3.0 that works on ClassiPress 3.3

    The new file is available in the Marketplace since 2 days, so i think that you are using the older version 2.1. Please check.

    If you need further help, please use the support forum:


  • vaquero004

    Hi, I am interested on purchasing a child theme but I am not really sure wish one to choose, I am between citrus or multiport, Can you explain me the diferences? I want to put a custom background and if its possible changing the skin color, The multiport and citrus childtheme are compatible with the marketplace plugins? I ask this because I want to purchase Banners Galore ClassiPress, ClassiPress Ad Scroller, Smooth Approve and Grid plugins.

  • franky

    hey samcy,

    i sent you email with my details, i couldn’t post on citrus thread , it seems colsed.


  • franky

    What can i say theme is flawless one of the best color coordinated themes i have seen so far.

  • Adevair Rodrigues

    is possible to change the background color of the citrus theme night? that orange bar can be changed color?

  • sirkiu

    I bought It right now and set up, but It doesn’t work. My classipress version is 3.1.8 (wordpress 3.9.1). I dissabled coresteelshet to yes. Maybe It doesn’t work because my classipress version is not 3.3?

    How do can I upgrade my classipres version?

  • author

    Hi Sirkiu,

    Yes, you should update your ClassiPress to the latest version. You can find it inside your AppThemes account. Link:


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  • bazoopa

    Samcy not sure if your away but I need some help fixing these theme BUGS which have been identified on your DEMO site mate. Please respond to my private E-mails – for anyone else’s information the theme has issues when using I-phone see the below thread:

    I look forward to your reply.


    Very beautiful Themes interested to buy to install on my classipress but he is in french is it possible to have a french version of this script

  • liquidaexpress

    Does not work well with ClassiPress 3.5 version. It also does not support it.

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  • devil

    this theme is dead… more problems with the last ClassiPress

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