Careerjet Publisher

A highly customizable aggregator that pulls job listings directly from the Careerjet database (using their partner API) and loads them into your JobRoller website.

This allows you to dynamically display jobs and monetize your listings whenever a payable job listing link has been clicked thru. Think about the potential! Works standalone or a way to supplement your existing job listing (or any type) of website.


  • Earn comissions from your site clicks on payable links
  • Select from over 64 countries
  • Flexible job queries to display the most relevant jobs to each unique website
  • Set any number of jobs to pull from Careerjet
  • Sort results by relevance, date or salary
  • Search Careerjet jobs, on demand or when no local results are found
  • Display Careerjet results on the frontpage, when searching or browsing jobs by type and categories
  • Cache front page results for better performance
  • Uses standard WordPress gettext libraries for easy translation
  • Clean and well commented code


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Manual installation via FTP:

  1. Upload the `careerjet-publisher` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in your WordPress admin area

To upload the plugin through WordPress, instead of FTP:

  1. Upload the downloaded zip file on the ‘Add New’ plugins screen (see the ‘Upload’ tab) in your WordPress admin area and activate.
Please visit the dedicated support forum.



  • Fixed issue with duplicated jobs on the front page.
  • Better parsing jobs query parameters.



  • Use ‘wp_remote_get()’ instead of ‘file_get_contents()’. Fixes issue when `allow_url_fopen` directive disabled in the php configuration.



  • Added Spanish translation



  • Use ‘wp_remote_get()’ instead of ‘file_get_contents()’. Fixes issue when `allow_url_fopen` directive disabled in the php configuration.
  • Fixed issue when plugin options have no effect in front-end.


  • Added Kenya to the country list
  • Updated API to 3.6
  • Added Grunt tasks



  • CareerJet logo being replaced by logo from other installed job feed plugin
  • Language file not working correctly (‘.po’ files must be placed in /languages folder and named ‘careerjet-publisher-xx_XX’, where ‘xx_XX’ is your country locale)


  • Added Nigeria to available countries list
  • Added Malta to available countries list
  • Added AppThemes ID for compatibility with the AppThemes Updater plugin
  • Updated Google maps geocoding to v.3
  • Removed wp_reset_query() calls

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 Comments (87)

  • Maria

    Hello there! I have some questions re: this plugin.
    1. Could we load ALL jobs to our site and not just niches?
    2. How many jobs would that be in total?
    3. Will our jobs board show them as coming from them or can their branding be hidden?

    And to be clear, Indeed integration is built into Jobroller? No separate plugin for that?

    • Yumiko

      1. You still need to specify queries for types of jobs to be pulled, but you can essentially set it up for whatever jobs you want it to pull.
      2. This is determined by you.
      3. There is branding to show where the jobs are fed from and the jobs are dynamically displayed on your site, so when the customer clicks the actual job it will go back to the source site.
      Correct, Indeed integration is built into JobRoller and does not require an additional plugin. Thanks.

      woodant likes this.
  • starahj

    Hi Yumiko,

    Quick question. When using CareerJet, will my users be directed to an external website when they find a job that they would like to apply to, or would my users be able to apply for CareerJet jobs on my website?

    To give an example, the Indeed feed takes users to an external site completely. is the same method used for CJ?



    • Yumiko

      @starahj, sorry to have missed your question earlier. Yes the method is the same as the feed. The jobs are dynamically displayed on your site, so when they actually click the link to the job they are directed to the actual careerjet site. Thanks.

      woodant likes this.
  • Fatih Kaptan

    Is it works for Turkish?


  • teacdan

    Hope you are very well!
    My site (jobroller) will be in Spanish and will cover several Spanish speaking countries.
    Can I use your plugin to populate my website with jobs from several countries?
    Will each country have its own feed?
    Is setup simple?


  • Mohammad Atief

    for our site , we need this plugin, can we post jobs from creerjet in german language?

  • ntojsi21


    I have child theme JobApps, is it compatible?
    As I cann see I can filter jobs for type of jobs…But I wanna know If I can filter jobs so that are not displayed from certain URLs. For example, I dont want to show on my website all jobs from url

  • ntojsi21

    @Bruno Carreço – What about the second part of my question?

  • skader

    Is it compatible with latest jobroller version?
    is it possible to display the few lines to job description as well?

    • Bruno Carreço

      Yes. It’s compatible with the latest version.

      The Careerjet job feed does provide job descriptions but they are only small excerpts so, JobRoller does not display them. To display this job descriptions you would need to make custom changes.

  • hyperion

    Can you choose which jobs are displayed based on location? I plan to narrow my site down to a more local base and don’t want to be showing jobs that are 100 miles away.

  • makep

    careerjet showing wrong country on search…it is showing the default country always. I searched on the forum as well. Can you please help me out.

  • stunaz

    Before I buy is South Africa included in your plugin in list of countries? Thank you.

  • rykardopedro

    update this plugin, is not work! only show 4 jobs

  • Bruno Carreço

    @rykardopedro, please note that job results will always depend on the availability of the jobs you want to display on the Careerjet jobs feed. Specially if you’re looking to display niche jobs.

    You can also configure the number of jobs that are displayed at a given time (depending on available jobs) on the plugin settings page.

    If you have any support questions or need help with the plugin please use the support forum ( Our support team will be happy to help you.

  • appological

    Hi all, I have downloaded and activated the Careerjet plugin as part of my Club membership but cannot see any related widgets to get it working and the install guide has nothing on this unless I am reading the wrong doc. Please help.

    • appological

      Ok quick update. I have found out how to activate it but results do not automatically show on the home page unless I search. I cannot quite see where to post retrieved jobs elsewhere either. Thanks in advance.

  • Bruno Carreço

    @appological, please make sure you have the option ‘Show Results on the Front Page?’ under the ‘Display’ group set to ‘Yes’.

  • appological

    Hi Bruno, I had set this to YES but can only see jobs if I search and not automatically or dynamically. Thanks.

  • Bruno Carreço

    @appological, are you using a 3d party child theme? In case you are, please try using one of the default themes. If the problem persists please use the dedicated forum thread ( so we can further assist you.

  • empregocertomg

    The plugin is excellent, but my translation does not translate to Portuguese, already tried anyway, it seems that it needs an update and only the responsible of the pluguin can provide, I have tried to contact several times but never respond.

    • staff

      @empregocertomg, did you post your question in our support forum? If so, please include the link here so we can respond. Thx.

  • empregocertomg

    Hello, I can solve it. Thank you so much

  • rsavoia

    Is this plugin still in development?

  • aga2442

    How do I start a job transfer after you activate the add-on?

  • Frank

    Is this plugin worth buying? Is is still up-to-date and functional?

    • staff

      Hi @Frank, this plugin is up to date and functional. It is up to you whether or not the plugin would work for your needs.

      Kind regards

  • Rashed

    I was configure everything but it’s not working

  • zeekzeek


    The plugin doesn’t work. Do you plan on updating it? Please advise.

  • rajdip

    I purchased the Careerjet plugin and setup all the necessary setting. Its being 3 hours no job fetched yet. I have tried with short version of seconds to fetch job also. but its fetching nothing. Help me out please

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