Bump Ad

Add users the ability to bump ClassiPress ads back to top.

This will drive posters to come back to your site to bump their ads
and will help your site to look more active by ads changing all the
time even though many could be bumped ads.

Users are limited to bump at interval times and can be charged for it.
Admins can bump any ad any time without charge.

The charge is done through the framework payment gateways.

Bump packages are supported in ClassiPress 3.4+

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  1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
  2. Enable the plugin.
  3. Config the plugin under ClassiPress->Bump Ad.
Please visit the dedicated support forum.


  • Fix user dashboard icon and action for cp4


  • Add support for classipress 4


  • Fix ajax call still allowed bump all even if was disabled in settings


  • Add setting to enable/disable bump all ads option


  • Add missing translation


  • For free bump add option to bump all ads in user dashboard


  • Small update to profile page view in frontend and wp-admin


  • Fix not to allow bump for expired ads


  • Fix bump pack price doesn’t display currency in admin


  • Fix packages order being ignored


  • Fix error when user updates his own profile


  • New option to reset ad expiration date on bump


  • Fix post content disappearing on bump


  • Fix bump icon in dashboard for cp before v3.4
  • Add manage bumps link next to the charge for bump checkbox


  • Skip select package step if there is only one package


  • Add appthemes id to make the appthemes updater work


  • Fix bump for websites using default permalinks


  • Add order description
  • Packages support for ClassiPress 3.4


  • Fix possible xss vuln


  • display summary page after payment
  • fix not being able to save 0 for wait hours


  • fix showing bump icon in some pages
  • fix bump ad in admin menu when sorting ads by column


  • fix showing link in ad listing


  • add option to show bump link in ad listing


  • fix payment problem with CP 3.4


  • add CP 3.4 dashboard listing actions hook.


  • fix crash when CP theme is not loaded.


  • add bump ad link in backend ad quick links.
  • add bump ad button in backend edit ad.
  • fix to show bump for published ads only.


  • new feature: charge for bump.


  • fix timezone problems.


  • remove the time wait limit of 100.


  • fix time to wait to allow to bump was in minutes instead of hours.


  • first

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 Comments (213)

  • wololo

    hello, when a customer makes the dump, only addresses the PayPal payment method can be modified to display THROUGH bank transfer, in my country it does not address paypal

  • author

    there is no support in the comments section in the marketplace. please use the support forum.

  • wololo

    Dear, I’m not asking for support, I am wondering if it is possible, to see if it works, to buy.

  • author

    oh sorry I didn’t understand that.
    basically the plugin forwards to the classipress theme payment page which shows the available payment gateways available. so its not only paypal. it can be any payment gateways you enable. also bank transfer. note that with bank transfer you will need to activate the order manually after receiving the payment.

  • tartasweb

    Hi, i need language spanish for this plugin

  • smit

    I welcome your plugin is compatible with wordpress theme (classy) ?????

    Anonymous likes this.
  • acheica

    Hi I would like to know with this plugin works with cp 3.5.7,thanks…

  • author

    hi smit, I didn’t check classy theme but all child themes should be compatible.

    hi acheica, classipress 3.5.7 is compatible

  • metuza


    Any plans on making the plugin available also for Vantage?


  • author

    hi metuza, it was not planned. though vantage 4 is out now so I’ll take a look about it.

  • chrisc1186

    Hi would this work with the Vantage 4.0?

  • author

    hi chrisc1186, it wont work for vantage. it’s classipress only.

  • tamimi89

    Hi roidayan, i have premium ads plugin and i want to buy bump ads, before that i want to know if these 2 plugins can work together without errors?

  • author

    hi tamimi89,
    I don’t know what premium ads plugin is doing and was not tested.

  • aaronling

    Hi, I bought the plugin but am having trouble installing it. Could you guide me through it?

  • aaronling

    Hi, I can’t seem to install it into wordpress. Please help

  • author

    please use the support forum.

  • xxxsok28xxx

    i like to know if is possible to include a reall time cooldown timer on plays on dashbord to see the time to left to rebump the ad



  • abeikuforson

    Hello, I want to know if bump ads will be showing on the front page regardless of the number of ads that are posted on the website. And also i want to know if bump ads are different from featured ads. I want to buy the plugin and i want to know everything like the questions i have asked. Thank you.

  • author

    in the default theme, bumping an ad will cause the ad to appear first regardless of number of ads. bumping an ad is not related to featured ads.

  • davidwoolf

    Hi Roy,

    I have a special request.

    Can you make a new plugin which will be “similar but very different”, you can call it “bump up lite”.

    I would like to have a prominent “Bump This Ad” button on each ad, so anyone, even just a browser, can bump to the top any ad he likes.

    This will create more interaction with the site, and let the visitors participate and be part of “shaping up the site”, bumping any ad they like to the top.

    Obviously this is free for all.

    This beauty will hopefully make you a lot of money. Great idea.

    No charge. Lol. Just give me the plugin.


  • author

    Hi David,

    Not sure how many would like this but we can do a test on your website.
    Can you email me so we can continue with this?


  • davidwoolf

    Hi Roi,

    Changed my mind. Bump is the best way to monetize a site, let’s keep it that way.


  • chiaeh2013

    does this bump ad work with classi 3.6.1 ?

  • author

    I have tested up to 3.5.8 but 3.6 should work find.
    i’ll be able to do some testing later this week.

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