ClassiPress User Last Active

Another plugin created based on the feedback on my own live classified niche site.

One of the biggest issues that plague classified sites are users coming to a site, posting an advert and then never coming back. Visitors to your site never know if the ad listings are still relevant or if the ad owners are even engaged or still available.

This is especially true in a community like a classified hub that gets lots of recurring traffic.

One of the biggest issues I personally faced with my classified site was users not knowing if other users were still active and if their messages and comments would go unanswered.

Well, I put their fears to rest with ClassiPress User Last Active. Started off as a minor tweak for my site, and turned it into a full plugin for the community.

Classipress User Last Active Lets You:

  • Show if a user is online
  • Show when the user was last active on the website
  • Show all online users via a widget or in the footer
  • Show all recently online users via a widget or in the footer
  • 4 locations that display online & recently active notifications
  • Choose which locations you turn on/off
  • All editable, with your own text
  • Customise the colours to match your theme
  • Set how long a user had to be active on the site to be ‘online’
  • Set how long a user was last online to be ‘recently online’
  • Time is calculated by when the user last visited a page on your site, NOT when they last logged in to make sure tracking is accurate. This is key.

See a run through video here

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments.


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  1. Install .zip via plugins area
  2. Access settings from ClassiPress > User Last Active in WP-Admin area
  3. Set it up to your liking


Support is provided through the forums as per all my plugins.

11th April 2017

  • Version 1.0 submitted to marketplace
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