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This child theme works up to ClassiPress 3.6.1, it is not compatible with ClassiPress 4.x

AdSplash is a responsive ClassiPress 3.4+ child theme enhanced with new features that extend the ClassiPress theme on both desktop and mobile devices. Some of the features built into AdSplash include:

Mobile Responsive Menu

  • AdSplash features a new responsive menu that turns into accordion on mobile devices making this the most mobile friendly child theme for Classipress

Responsive Tabs & Accordions

  • AdSplash features an improved tab system that turns into accordion on mobile devices making this the most responsive, mobile friendly child theme for Classipress.
  • these tabs, just like the List-Grid layout design, use cookies to preserve the state of the last opened tab upon page refresh or closing the browser.
  • Recent ads (3rd tab) is presented by default to new visitors but this can be changed to a different tab ( there is an admin option built for this ).
  • the first (Welcome) home tab is best used as a description page which is great for SEO (you can edit it in admin, html editor is enabled so you can use both text and images)
  • Popular and Random ads front tabs can be disabled from admin for every visitor or only for the ones that use a mobile device.

Layout and Colors

  • AdSplash features multiple color variations (Orange, Brown, Cherry, Grey, Green, Navy) for you to choose from. You can also choose how you want your content to be displayed (Aligned to Left or Right).

List / Grid ad layout view:

  • the user can switch between List and Grid layout with a click of a button.
  • new site visitors are presented with grid layout by default but this can be set to list as well ( there is an admin option built for this ).
  • a site wide cookie is being set for the user to save the default selected layout, this way, the users will see the preferred layout design when they browse your site and even if they close the browser and come back later, the will be presented with the same design.

Search and filter by Location

  • The top search bar has a unique feature that allows users to search for ads in a specific location using radius search.
  • The City field is powered by Google Maps API and includes the options to either determine the user’s current location using Geolocation or to autocomplete the location as the user types the first letters.
  • If City, Zipcode with Radius Search is too much for you, there’s also an option to use any other custom field as a location.

Infinite scroll pagination

  • Besides default pagination that exists in Classipress, AdSplash has an optional pagination based on Infinite Scroll. Using this feature, visitors won’t have to click on page links to navigate in category pages because its enough to scroll down and new ads (pages) are loaded on the fly using ajax.
  • This feature is optional, it can be enabled/disabled in AdSplash admin settings.

Support for Google Adsense between every 3rd ad

  • Now you can include an Adsense ad (468×60 recommended) after every 3rd ad on category pages.
  • Better yet (see bellow), these Adsense ads play well accross mobile devices.

Support for Google Adsense Mobile Responsive ads

  • AdSplash has support for Google’s new Asynchronous code for Adsense which means Adsense ads won’t break the Mobile experience anymore.

Sorting / Filtering ads

Category pages include a sorting / filtering ads option
Users can sort ads by:

  • Newest ads
  • Oldest ads
  • Last modified ads
  • Price – Lowest
  • Price – Highest
  • Most viewed ads first
  • Most commented ads first

Users can exclude following ads:

  • Ads without an image attached
  • Ads that were marked as sold
  • Ads that expired
  • Both ads that were sold and ads that expired

Related ads

  • Single ad pages are extended with a set of 5 random related ads from the same category.

Admin options framework

  • AdSplash has an options framework integrated so you can change some of the unique features present in this child theme.
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Why are my thumbnail images stretched?

  • AdSplash child theme uses custom image dimensions which means you need to regenerate your existing thumbnails for this to look fine.
  • You need to install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and run it from WP-Admin – Tools

Where are the menu items / icons and how can I enable them?

Menu icons can be enabled for the Header menu (Primary Navigation) from within the Menu Editor just like in the screenshot bellow. Note the fa-home icon name in the title attribute.

Valid icon names are the following:

  • fa-home
  • fa-twitter-square
  • fa-comments
  • fa-plus
  • fa-minus
  • fa-tags
  • fa-lock-alt
  • fa-unlock-alt
  • fa-pencil-square-o
  • fa-map-marker
  • fa-files-o
  • fa-folder-open
  • fa-rss-square
  • fa-cog
  • fa-clock-o
  • fa-random
  • fa-caret-square-o-right
  • fa-signal
  • fa-power-off
  • fa-asterisk
  • fa-bullhorn
  • fa-sitemap
  • fa-facebook-square
  • fa-gplus-square
  • fa-wordpress
  • fa-yelp
  • fa-user
  • fa-pencil
  • fa-envelope
  • fa-file-text-o


  1. Backup your existing Database and Classipress files to a safe place.
  2. Upload the childtheme to your themes folder or upload the zip archive through WP-Admin – Appearance – Themes – Upload
  3. Activate AdSplash Child Theme.
  4. You may need to set your menus again. Go to WP-Admin – Appearance – Menus and activate your Header and Footer menu.
  5. If you had a previous Classipress installation with existing content, your thumbnails may look stretched, you need to regenerate your thumbnails after childtheme activation: Please install the Regenerate thumbnails plugin and run it.

Support Forum
Note: I do not provide support for custom development of the Child Theme. I will generally answer such questions with guidance and even small code samples but do not expect me to do all your work.

1.0 – Initial Release
1.0.1 – Fixed issue with search button style.
1.0.2 – Fixed issue with header image (logo)
1.1 – Added a new options framework together with the ability to change layout (Aligned to Left or Right) and also two new colors for you to choose from. Make sure you save the new options from within AdSplash Options menu.
1.1.2 – Added Grey stylesheet and minor css tweaks.
2.0 – Added Location in top Search Bar and also in the ad meta. Added Green color.
2.0.6 – Small Bug Fixes
2.1 – Improved the top search bar, added city/zipcode with radius search powered by Google Maps API. Child Theme is now compatible with Classipress 3.5+ and WordPress 4.3+
2.1.1 Fixed small bug on older PHP versions.
2.1.2 Added backwards compatibility for Classipress 3.4+ and latest Wordpress for those who don’t want to upgrade to Classipress 3.5.1, this fixes the password field issues for them.
2.1.3 Added a new feature to detect when a user is online and show their presence on ad meta, ad poster tab and author page.
Added navy color scheme.
Minor bug fixes that have been reported.
2.1.5 Added counter for uploaded images in the ad loop, fixed reported bugs.
2.1.6 Fixed missing Dashicons.
2.1.7 Fixed compatibility with Wordpress 4.5 and jQuery 1.12.3, Fixed responsive grid layout on iPhone 6s and Nexus 6P
2.1.8 Fixed the ad contact form to include recaptcha when enabled

17 reviews of “AdSplash

5 stars
Categories Dropdown not opens on the ads listing
By -

Also after installing the newest Version of Cp (3.5.7) and also the newest version of AdSplash (2.1.8) still the same proplem…
Th user cant go further with the ad listing process. The Categories not open to choose.
Can you help me.
The Link is

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5 stars
Waste of Time and Money
By -

Classipress and this theme is a waste of time and money, don’t bother buying it. Classipress has a lot of bugs and limited functionalities.

gspinney likes this.
5 stars
Great theme
By -

great theme , or just did not regret that bought it , how the child theme can check on

5 stars
Excellent Theme
By -

Adsplash works very well, and is VERY beautiful!

You can see my site here:

By the way, if you don’t mind, once you are on my site, please be kind and click on one of the ads…thanks!

4.5 stars
Great childtheme and great support
By -

This theme is really good looking and very functional.
Also the support ist top!

5 stars
Great theme & Good support
By -

Theme is excellent, i have purchased this theme and i have faced couple of issues but not need to worry about. ovidiubica is right there to help you out if it is with in terms.

Love the theme and totally satisfied

5 stars
By -

This developper is amazing ! He answered each one of my single question really fast with complete answers. He solved quickly all problems I had and I can clearly say I am more than a happy buyer ! The theme is beautiful and extremely responsive for all devices
Thanks gain to ovidiu for his great work and seriousness !!

5 stars
The best Child Theme and responsive Support!
By -

Recommended seller and child theme…..

hope update release support colour header background ##313131 and #B22222

the same colour as classipress general theme red-black

Thanks ovidiubica for the great effort….

5 stars
Great Child Theme and Amazing Support
By -

Just installed the child theme and I am so HAPPY with how it looks and how it works. And the support received was fantastic. Thank you so much for everything….I really can’t say enough. My website would not exits without Ovidiu’s help. Merci mult Ovidiu!!!

auction81 likes this.
5 stars
Fantastic Classipress Child Theme - Worth Every Penny
By -

I’ve tried out a few Classipress themes, and I have to say this is by far my favourite.

It is well thought out, the support is great and most importantly it looks really good.

Definitely recommended!

You and auction81 like this.
5 stars
Great Child Theme and Wonderful Support!
By -

I am a bit a particular about how I need my site to look and function. AdSplash caught my attention when it implemented the green theme and location search, and since I’ve come to love the clean and simple look and feel AdSplash has to it. I’m glad to be using this wonderfully well built child theme, as it works perfectly for my site’s needs. While rebuilding the site, I did run into a couple of issues, and I was impressed and grateful with how quickly Ovidiu is to give support. Thank you for the excellent work you have accomplished with AdSplash and for providing good support, Ovidiu 🙂 It’s much appreciated!

3 people like this.
5 stars
great child theme
By -

great child theme

Anonymous likes this.
5 stars
By -

I want to thank not only the work is excellent, but the support is more. bravo

2 people like this.
5 stars
Awesome Theme, Great Seller!!!
By -

I have bought a lot of classified themes the web space has to offer and I can categorically state that Adsplash is hands down the best off-the-shelf classifieds theme in the marketplace. Period!

The seller has been fantastic, I have been using his themes for two years now.

He responds to queries and does a fantastic job at that!

I strongly recommend him!

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5 stars
The Best Classipress Child Theme
By -

A nicely designed classified theme. Beautiful, simple and clean. I am very impressed because you take note of the importance of the location search function that you have added-on on your new 2.0 updated AdSplash version. I highly recommended this theme. Thanks Ovidiu.

You and 3 others like this.
5 stars
AWSOME child theme
By -

This child theme work great especially with mobile device. Also it has a really nice modern design. The Admin option is really easy and straight forward to setup. The author is very helpful with solving issue or answering questions as well. A++ for this theme.

2 people like this.
5 stars
Very Good Beautifull Template and excellent fast helpdesk!!
By -

I bought this child theme and i am very very happy with it. I had a problem and the seller he fixed it very fast (within one hour!!). So i am verry pleased and as i am beginner with wordpress i am verry satisfied that this seller helps me when i have a problem! 🙂

Anonymous likes this.
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 Comments (293)

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    Can you please use the forum for support requests? You should also point to a live site and mention which versions are you using, WordPress / ClassiPress / AdSplash

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  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    I fixed it, will be available in the next version.

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    @thisov , that sounds like an issue within Classipress. Most likely you upgraded WordPress without upgrading ClassiPress as well. You need to run the latest versions of the software.

  • entreparisiens

    Hello Ovidiu,
    This is a nice child theme !
    However I encounted a problem with the main searchbar, when I use the localization :

    When using the search with google geolocalization, I type a precised place in the field ‘City / Zipcode’, with a defined radius, without category precision, and no word in the text field.

    The result page displays all the items, without any filter on the localization. So items not in the selected city (even including the radius) are displayed as results.
    Is something wrong parameterized ?

    Have you encount this problem ? Is there a known bug about that ?

    Thank you for your reply

  • entreparisiens

    To precise it, this seems to be the same problem than the one mentionned by ‘Bair’ on the previous comment page.
    thank you

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    Its hard to say without having a look. The ads should have all the necessary geo location information stored in the database. Perhaps you’re missing something? <- all ads are geo located within USA and appear to be working just fine.

  • entreparisiens

    Hi Ovidiu,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I’ll check the settings. Your example works fine.. yes 🙂
    I keep you poste

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  • entreparisiens

    Hi Ovidiu,
    After some changes/tests it’s really hard to identify the origin.
    Would you have un direct contact where I could send you more information about my website ?

    Sometimes the result is fine after changing settings, and just after it’s KO.
    I dont know if it’s due to a cache (maybe ? but even after deleting browser cache, problem is still here ).
    I’m using :
    – Auto-identifying of the place of the user (1st option of 3 in Classipress > Adsplash > Search)
    – Google Maps javascript API
    – I just moved some values in the radius list (just kept 5/10/15/20 etc…)
    – I changed some wordings not present in the .pot file

    So… nothing that changes core of the searchbar system.

    That point is crucial for my business so I really need to fix it.
    Thank you for your help,

  • entreparisiens

    Hi, any help about my previous post please ?

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    @entreparisiens, I sent you an email 4 days ago. Can you please check your mail and get back to me in there?

  • André

    Ovidiu Bica,

    Your theme is really nice!
    I’m interested on the “My Account Menu” and “Grid View”. Do you plan to deliver a plugin to both features to be installed with ClassiPress and Vantage?

  • savanup

    Dear ovidiubica!
    I would like to see demo of this theme with post section.

    • author
      Ovidiu Bica

      You mean you want to see the blog section? I don’t have any demo content in there. I’ll add some when I get the chance.

  • Claudio

    Good morning Ovidiu,
    I’m very interested in your classified ads solution, but I need some clarifications about the differences between ClassiPost, AdSplash, and Jibo.

    1) Are the 3 products different only in the graphic aspect or do they have different (frontend / backend) features? Eventually do you have a summary table of differences?
    2) Grid view + Infinite scroll I see on Jibo’s demo are similarly applicable to the other two products?
    3) The fact that Jibo is absent the searches into city/zip code depends on the options configuration or is this feature not foreseen?

    I apologize for the many questions … My need is to migrate my ad site (built in java/jsp but with old and non-responsive layout) that has 138,000 ads.

    For this reason, I needed these clarifications to understand which of the 3 products fit my needs.

    You can also reply on my private email.
    Many thanks,

    • author
      Ovidiu Bica

      Claudio, the themes are different from each other, ClassiPost being the most advanced and most responsive across devices.
      You can see the admin options on the demo site for each of these themes.
      Please note that these are just child themes (skins) for ClassiPress which runs on WordPress. Your biggest challenge is to migrate your content over to WordPress / ClassiPress first and only then worry about the looks.

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  • savan veat

    Hi there! I like adsplash….i click on demo my account=> post new ad then it’s said :
    Whoops! Page Not Found.
    The page or ad listing you are trying to reach no longer exists or has expired.


  • millertime

    “Claudio, the themes are different from each other, ClassiPost being the most advanced and most responsive across devices.”

    I am interested in learning how ClassiPost is more advanced than Adsplash. Seems to me, AdSplash has many more capabilities when it comes to *sorting and filtering* ad results.

    I recently purchased ClassiPost, and now am feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse. Should I have chosen AdSplash instead???

    Anonymous likes this.
  • John

    Hi Ovidiu
    AdSplash is really beautiful
    and I have some question about that

    1-Does it support right 2 left languages?

    2- How many days are your update support?
    I want to know about the future of this them when new updates comes for wordpress and classipress?

    3-phone number for each ads will show in the homepage
    4-contact information of expired ads will hidden?


  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    Hi John, RTL needs some development but can’t help you much since I’m not native with those languages.
    Support is valid for 12 months, after that.. you need to purchase a new support subscription.
    Doesn’t have the features you’re mentioning at 3 and 4.

  • rfroland

    Hi Ovidiu,
    I purchased AdSplash because I would like to use the grid view on my website. I going to try to upgrade the ClassiPress on a multisite to ClassiPress 3.6.1. Before I do that on the live site I have created a clone test site with the WordPress 4.9.8 and ClassiPress 3.6.1 with AdSplash to see if everything will run correctly. I have 90 sites on the multisite but I can only get the network admin site working on AdSplash. the other sites do not seem to be able to get any of the themes. Those sites show up in text form. How can I set the theme for all the sites.

  • sitespronto

    Hi! I bought this theme for some time, it’s version 2.1.7. I was using it in another project and now I have the error: ERROR: Nonce field is invalid. How to fix without having to buy a new license?

  • entreparisiens

    Hello Ovidiu,

    What about the compatibility with Classipress 4.1 and WordPress 5.01 ?

    Can you confirm there’s no issue ?

    Thank you,

    • author
      Ovidiu Bica

      @Laurent, none of the current 3rd party child themes work with ClassiPress 4.x as this is a major rewrite of the front-end.

  • entreparisiens

    Thank you Ovidiu for your reply.
    Have you planed to update AdSplash ? If yes, would you have any release date ?

  • Vendarapidao

    If we buy this and need support, who will we turn to?

    If you don’t meet expectations, do you have a refund? How do we request?

  • author
    Ovidiu Bica

    Hi there, keep in mind that this child theme is for a legacy version of ClassiPress, it won’t work for 4.x
    If you really need it for ClassiPress 3.x, I would recommend ClassiPost child theme instead.
    As for support, I have dedicated support threads on the forum for both.

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