Fortumo SMS payment gateway

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This plugin will add a sms payment gateway to your ClassiPress theme.

Your users can pay for a featured ad or anything else on your ClassiPress website by sending an sms.
You will need to create free account on and an fortumo Cross-Platform Mobile Payments service so this plugin can work.
You can offer to your users easiest way to pay something on your website, by sending an SMS.
You can use fortumo service in more than 88 countries. You can read more details about fortumo at their website.

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What themes does this work with?

TheĀ Fortumo SMS payment gateway will work with:

  • ClassiPress 3.3+

1. Extract the folder into your wordpress plugins directory.
2. Enable the plugin.
3. Visit Settings->Permalinks in wordpress admin panel and just save your setting’s again
4. Configure fortumo sms plugin in Payments->Settings->Fortumo SMS

Please visit the dedicated support forum.


  • fix better payment proccessing
  • fix if payment is completed on fortumo, payment button is removed
  • add support for classipress 3.5
  • add loader when fortumo late with sending back information about payment
  • fix style changed a bit



  • fix problem with activating plugin for some users
  • fix listener url path when wordpress installed in subfolder


  • fix problem with activating plugin


  • small bug fixes
  • problem with activating plugin with classipress 3.4.1


  • added support for appthemes updater plugin so you should receive updates automaticaly


  • fix some bug fixes


  • first
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  • Zdenek

    your SMS Payment by fortumo DEMO is not working.

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