WP Relevant Ads for ClassiPress

WP Relevant Ads CP is a super flexible contextual Adverts manager that allows you to display Advertising Ads based on taxonomy terms (categories, tags, custom categories, etc…). As a quick example, you can display Automotive related Adverts when users are browsing automotive listings, or Sports related Adverts when users are browsing sport related listings.

Ads in WP Relevant Ads CP behave and work just like normal posts thus providing the same powerful features and flexibility you already familiar with. Publishing, Deleting, Drafting or Scheduling Ads are as easy as you are used to. This also means that by using Advertisting Ads as regular posts you can display any type of Ad: text, image, video, etc.

Adding to the already familiar functionality, WP Relevant Ads CP gives you granular control of when, where and to whom to show Advertising Ads since they can be displayed/triggered using Widgets, Shortcodes, jQuery Selectors or Hooks and can be targeted to specific user roles.

With WP Relevant Ads CP your Advertising space instantly becomes more valuable since you can sell targeted Ads for specific categories and terms. No more wasting your site Advertising space with irrelevant Ads!

Who Cares? I don’t even like Advertisements!

Not a problem, don’t go away just yet. Another advantage of using familiar posts as Advertising Ads is that you can use WP Relevant Ads CP to display any content, not just Ads. You can leverage it’s power to display any type of content on your site, anywhere! Keep reading…

Ad Flexible

Since Ads act like posts, you are free to create Ads with any content, raging from basic text to full featured video Ads. As you create each Ad you can assign it to one or multiple taxonomy terms, optionally set an expiring date and, importantly, choose which user roles should see them! Additionally, you can set your own CSS classes or styles directly on the Ad.

Just like posts, Ads have their own categories. This helps you group your Ads with meaningful names like ‘Big Banners’, ’Small Banners’, ‘Widgets’, etc.

Call to Action

WP Relevant Ads CP provides a ‘Call to Action’ option meant to help you sell Ad slots. This option allows you to set any Ad as a ‘Call to Action’ Ad that is meant to redirect users to a sales page. When clicked, these Ads will immediately redirect users to your sales page.

Trigger Happy

As mentioned above, you can trigger (position and display) Ads using Widgets, Shortcodes, jQuery Selector or Hooks. This means that you can display Ads anywhere on your theme, even if your theme does not provide any Ad slots. To help you positioning the Ads, WP Relevant Ads CP is loaded with known ClassiPress Hooks and jQuery Selectors *** that can be used as Ad placeholders.

*** jQuery selectors are dependent on CSS styles. Since child themes apply CSS changes, some selectors might not work as expected on some child themes. If you are using WP Relevant Ads with a child theme and cannot display Ads using jQuery selectors please inform me in the support forum and I will make it work.

Choose your Targets

One of the great features on WP Relevant Ads CP is the possibility to display Ads to specific user roles. This is a great way to convert non-registered users. Why not display Ads only to visitors? Or maybe display them only for non premium user roles? It’s your choice. The only limit are your site user roles.

Flexible Ads Widget

Besides all the great features already described above, WP Relevant Ads CP provides a very flexible widget that can display Ads vertically or as a 125×125 grid, from an existing Ad category. Additionally, you can set a  minimum and a maximum number of Ads to display. If the minimum number you set is superior to the available Ads, the empty slots will be filled with ‘Call to Action’ Ads, if available.

Detailed How To

To help you get started, WP Relevant Ads CP provides a detailed instructions page with a quick start guide and information on how each of the Ad triggers works.

Main Features:

  • Pre-Set Ad Placeholders
    • Each WP Relevant Ads version is bundled with pre-set placeholders (hooks and jquery selectors) for the related theme
    • For example, WP Relevant Ads for ClassiPress provides known ClassiPress hooks and jquery selectors ready to be used as placeholders for Ads.
  • Suitable for displaying any content
    • Not interested in showing Ads? Use WP Relevant Ads CP to display any content you like!
  • Prioritize Ads
    • Charge more for top positions
  • Group Ads
    • Ads can be grouped by category
  • Ignore Terms
    • Create Ads with empty terms to display them anywhere (best for Ads on front page)
  • Limited Time Ads
    • Specify Ads expiring date
    • Get notifications on expiring Ads
  • Customize Ads
    • Define CSS styles/classes for each Ad
    • Ads can be displayed vertically (stacked) or horizontally (inline)
  • Targeted Ads
    • Choose which user roles see each Ad
  • Flexible Widget
    • Integrated widget can double as a stacked Ads widget or as a 125×125 Ads widget
  • Limit Ads
    • Limit the number of Ads displayed (available for Widgets and Shortcodes)
  • Minimum Ads
    • Automatically populate empty Ad slots with Call to Action (‘Your Ad here’) Ads (available on Widgets and Shortcodes)
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  1. Installation Guide

    • Download the plugin from your customer dashboard
    • Login to your WordPress site and visit “Plugins” => “Add New” in the sidebar
    • Click on “Upload” and then “Choose File”. Browse to the ‘wp-relevant-ads-classipress.zip’.
    • Click on the “Install Now” button
    • On the plugins page, scroll down and find “WP Relevant Ads (for ClassiPress)”. Click on the “Activate” link.
    • You’ll then be redirected to the plugin page
    • You’re now ready to display relevant Ads!
Please visit the dedicated support forum.



  • Taxonomy terms not being saved


  • Added options for changing the markup for grouped ads



  • fatal errors while activating the plugin
  • javascript errors on relevant ads creation page


  • internal code changes for better theme compatibility
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 Comments (31)

  • flexqore

    Does this plugin work good with the Simply Responsive Childtheme?

    Anonymous likes this.
    • author
      Bruno Carreço

      Wp Relevant Ads CP can run on any ClassiPress child theme but if you intend to use ‘jQuery Selectors’ to display relevant Ads you may need to customize the selectors (from the edit Ad page) since by default it comes pre-loaded with ‘jQuery Selectors’ for the default ClassiPress themes.

      If you just want to display relevant Ads using shortcodes, hooks or widgets it should work without any changes.

      In any case, I intend to keep loading it with new ‘jQuery Selectors’ per request. If you need to display Ads on a particular part of your site not yet possible please use the support forum and post your request.

      Please let me know if you need any additional information.

  • aj270303


    Can you display ads for regions etc. So say you are browsing hotels in Paris. Can it display other hotels in Paris..?

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @aj270303, yes, that would work if you have ‘location’ set as a taxonomy and you have added ‘Relevant Ads’ for that taxonomy.
    For example, imagine that you have a couple of Relevant Ads (for example some 125×125 widget Ads or banner Ads) for the site ‘booking.com’ located in ‘Lisbon’. You could setup those Ads to be displayed only when users are looking at Hotels located in Lisbon.

    Please don’t mistake Relevant Ads with ClassiPress Ads. Relevant Ads is meant to display relevant ‘Advertising Ads’ and not relevant ClassiPress listings.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  • limecanvas

    Can you display the Relevant Ads every say, 6th entry in the CP ad listing?

    So CP ad 1 ..5 [ADVERT] 6…10

    Or would that require some template development work?


  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @limecanvas, that would require some additional development. As is, Relevant Ads can be triggered with existing hooks to display advertisements within ad listings each time the hook is called. To make the hook only display the advertisements on every 6th ad listing you would need some additional logic code.

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  • msyogi

    After install the plugin dont have acces to wp-admin page, why? Site it’s working like suppose to be, but something is wrong with this wp-admin page. . . .

    How to fix it?

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @msyogi, please download the latest version (released on September 30th) from your dashboard. The issue you mention should be fixed. Please report any additional issues on the support forum.


  • 100MileLiving

    Hi. I plan to purchase this plugin once we complete our site because I think it is such a good idea but right now we are stuck on one feature. You have clearly stated that your plugin only deals with advertisements. My question is: can you make a plugin that targets the actual listings that appear in the feature ads. I am surprised that such a plugin does not currently exists. Am I the only one who thinks that feature ads should be targeted by location. If I, as a user, pay extra money to put my ad in the feature ad section why would I want my ad mixed in with all the ads in the country and show up in California when I am selling the item in New York? Does that make sense? I am using AdSplash childthem which has a city and radius search function but need a way to have the feature ads targeted to a location. HELP!!!. Hope to find a way to target the feature ads in addition to the advertisements. Please contact me if you might be interested in developing such a plugin for us. Thank you!

    Anonymous likes this.
  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @100MileLiving, I’m glad my plugin caught your attention. As for your plugin suggestion I’ve taken notes. I’ll definitely consider it 🙂


    Anonymous likes this.
    • 100MileLiving

      Sounds good. Please e-mail me personally if you want to work something out soon. We are looking into hiring a developer to do this for us but I would think this would be a useful plugin for anyone that uses Classipress in different cities or countries. Also, does the targeted advertising plugin work with the AdSplash childtheme?

      eshane likes this.
  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    I’m not currently available, but thanks for the interest on my help @100MileLiving.

    Replying to your last question:

    “Also, does the targeted advertising plugin work with the AdSplash childtheme?”

    It will work with any theme. The main difference between the default themes can be if you need to display Ads using CSS selectors. You might need to provide custom selectors since the child themes usually apply changes to the default theme CSS classes and use different CSS classes.

    If you have any issues related with positioning ads in the future, please report it on the support forum and I will gladly help you.

  • eshane

    Hello, How does someone pay for an ad? When an ad expires, I notice the person will get an email, but does that email link them to a page to pay for the ad?

    Anonymous likes this.
  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @eshane, you can configure any page to be your sales page. When a customer clicks an advert it will redirect him to your sales page where you can provide details on how the customer can finish the purchase.

    Currently, the payment process must be handled by you since WP Relevant Ads does not provide an automatic integrated payment process.

  • fygureout

    Hello Sebet,

    An amateur question: Can I to display Google Adsense ads, CT-Network Ads etc. with this plugin?
    (e.g. 2x125x125 Google Adsense, + 1 x 125 CT-Network, + 1 x 125 self hosting ad, etc.)

    wp 4.5.3
    cp 3.5.5


    Anonymous likes this.
  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @fygureout, yes, you can add google ads and other content to serve as ads on a Relevant Ad. To use Google AdSense you’ll still need to make sure you have the AdSense script that google requires, on your page . You need to do this manually or using another plugin.

    As for CT-Network Ads I’m not sure since I’ve not used it. But you can easily test if it works by simply pasting the Ads you want to display on a normal WordPress page and then view it in the frontpage. Just make sure you paste any HTML code in ‘text’ mode AND NOT in ‘visual’ mode.

    Since Relevant Ads uses a custom post type which inherits all the normal pages/posts content features any content you paste on a normal page will also be valid for Relevant Ads.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  • Woo


    Just a pre-sale question, are all the options fully functional with AdSplash childtheme?

    Thanks & Regards,

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @Woo, I’ve tested it with AdSplash and yes, it works.

    If you intend to display Relevant Advertisements using jQuery selectors (you can use widgets, hook, shortcodes or jQuery Selectors) you may need to do some changes to the default jQuery selectors since some of them work a little differently in the AdSplash theme then in the original theme.

    On a side note, in case you are not familiar with jQuery selectors, they allow you to select and manipulate HTML element(s). The easiest way to use them is by referencing CSS class names. This means that if you want to display a Relevant Advertisement based on a CSS class name that’s only used on the original theme you need to change it to a CSS class name used by the child theme. It’s easier then it sounds 🙂

    If you intend to use jQuery selectors and you have have any trouble using the default ones you can contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  • Laura


    Is there ever a cost for updating the add on?

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @Laura, add-ons are sold as annual subscriptions. While the subscription lasts you are granted support and free updates.

  • evidenza

    The plugin can also work with the town of? that is, in addition to showing sports advertising in sports ads, Londoners can show advertising only and only in London ads?

  • evidenza

    or alternatively to replace the categories with your set locations on ClassiPress ads?

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    If you locations/towns are terms of a taxonomy, then yes, you can display Ads on the locations (terms) that you choose.

    Or, like you’ve suggested, alternatively, you can replace your categories with locations and then display Ads on the locations (categories) that you choose.

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @evidenz, I confirm it’s working on latest version.

  • margothuijbregts

    Nice plugin !!
    One question: is there also a possibility to charge for the ads by membership and upload data like an regular ad? I may need an extra plugin?

  • evidenza

    Hello Bruno, we bought the plugin WP Relevant Ads for ClassiPress, the replacement of the cities with the categories in which the plugin page can happen? I closely watched in class-wp-relevant-ads-metaboxes.php but can not find the file id of the categories, you can give me some suggestions? The table of the provinces that we would like to use is cp_state of ClassiPress.

  • author
    Bruno Carreço

    @evidenza, thanks for your purchase.

    I’ve replied to your direct message.

    Please use the dedicate support forum for support questions. This page is mainly for pre-sales questions.

    Thank You!

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