Extend Ad

Allow users to extend ClassiPress ads for a discounted price.


  • allow users to extend ads for a discount
  • option to allow extend discount if ad is not expired
  • set the discount in percentage of the original ad price
  • ad will be extended from original expiration date
  • option to allow extend discount for featured ads only
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  1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
  2. Enable the plugin.
  3. Configure the plugin under ClassiPress->Extend Ad.


  • Fix extending expired ad doesn’t extend from current time


  • Fix strings not translatable
  • Change “Enable” to “Enable email reminder”
  • Fix if disabling the plugin while “enable” was not checked didn’t clean the scheduler
  • Fix showing default options


  • Add appthemes id


  • Add support for ClassiPress 3.3


  • Fixed email template string


  • Fix load of testdomain
  • Update template email
  • Fix order description
  • Only allow extend and show extend link if in the reminder period
  • Fix preview order to show post title and not slog
  • Redirect to dashboard if trying to extend ad that doesn’t exists or not allowed
  • Allow to extend free ads or give full discount
  • Fix price to have 2 digits after the floating point


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