CP Addons

CP Addons is plugin #1 for monetization of your ClassiPress site.
It allows creating unlimited pricing add-ons with different enhancements for listings.

Plugin Features

  • Unlimited Add-ons can be created
  • The listing owner can purchase new add-ons or prolong existing via a special payment form. There are appropriate buttons on the user dashboard and listing page.
  • The site owner can apply any addon to any listing manually through the back-end listing form.
  • The add-ons can be included to the listing Packages as default features. So the user can purchase an Add-ons bundle with discounts.
  • Each add-on can have multiple prices and durations.
  • The plugin shipped with a widget with a highly customizable slider where you can display random ads or ads filtered by an addon.
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.6.1 and ClassiPress 4.0.0+

Listing Enhancements

Each addon can be configured with a number of features. They will be applied to the listing after addon activation.

  • Extend listing duration – Purchased addon prolongs listing duration on number of days configured in the addon’s settings.
  • Show on Top – Display the listing on the top of other listings
  • Bump period – Allows periodically bump listing on the top (every hour, day, week, as you wish)
  • Custom CSS – Allows applying custom styles to the listing. Highlight with color, bold text, ribbon or the badge – can be added via CSS

Default Add-ons from the box

We’ve added some pre-installed add-ons so you can see how easy they can be configured.

  • Highlight – Highlights the listing with a custom background-color
  • Premium – Sticks the listing on the top of other listings (in search results and taxonomies archives)
  • Bump Ad – Bump the listing on the top once a day.
  • VIP – Displays Ad in a featured slider on the home page.
  • Extend Ad – Extend the listing for a week.
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Install the plugin

  1. Upload the .zip file via the WordPress plugins admin page
  2. Activate the plugin

Configure the plugin

  1. Open menu “Payments” >> “Addons”
    1. Enable default Add-ons or create and configure new ones
    2. Keep in mind, that addon VIP is used to display listings on the Featured Slider. You can do anything with it, but keep the Slug “vip” unchanged.
  2. Open menu “ClassiPress” >> “Pricing”
  3. Enable the option “Charge for Listing”
  4. Set option “Featured Price” to 0. You no need the standard “Featured” option anymore.
  5. Select the “Price Model”. Here you can choose between two ways of applying add-ons to the listing on listing Create/Renew.
    1. The option “Fixed Price per Ad” enables Ad Packages. You should include available add-ons to the packages. They will auto applied. Configure your ad packages with existing add-ons.
    2. Other options allow purchasing Add-ons independently by choosing appropriate options on the listing Create/Renew form.
Please visit the dedicated support forum.

Version 1.1.2

  • Fixed styling issue with the slider widget on small screens.
  • Added responsive layout for the addons table in CP3 templates.


Version 1.1.1

  • Added Help widget on the edit addon page
  • Added missed default data for the ‘Extend Ad’ addon


Version 1.1.0

  • Added an addon setting to Extend Ad listing duration. Now addons can prolong ad listing durations.
  • Added widget with custom highly customizable slider. The slider has a filter to display ads with a specific addon.
  • Added multiple pricing options. Addons can be configured with a number of Price/Duration sets.
  • Added shortcode `purchase_addons_link`.
  • Fixed the Bump cron.
  • Fixed quotes escaped in an addon CSS setting.
  • Do not display the Upgrade button on expired ads.


Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed issue with pruning expired addons.


Version 1.0.2

  • Enabled Slug meta box by default on the Addon page.
  • Fixed Version update loop.


Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed WordPress version incompatibility issue.
  • Added README file


Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release

3 reviews of “CP Addons

5 stars
A MUST have plugin and Top notch support and Updates
By -

It’s all in the title, and what really stands out is the continuous support and updates, Dikiyforester is responsive to all support and suggestions while delivering updates on the go, thank you for bringing quality work to AppThemes

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5 stars
Great and Neat plugin
By -

I would give it a 5* rating . The plugin is neat and elegant, serving its purpose, though I can be improved with additional features with future upgrade. A premium support from the developer.

Artem Frolov likes this.
5 stars
Super Nice Plugin
By -

This plugin is just what i needed – and the support on it is beyond expectation – fast and good.

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 Comments (52)

  • saltspring

    One issue we encountered when turning this on is that all the Featured Ads that were already in our slider disappeared. Is there any way to turn this plugin on and have it take over the Feature Ads payment option but not have it remove all of the Featured Ads already in our slider? We have probably 20-30 already in there and can’t have them disappear to implement this. Is there a method for that?

  • saltspring

    Yes, did that and it removed all the ads that were already in the Feature Ads slider. Seems somehow that CP Addons took over the function of the Feature Ads and took out all the Featured Ads that were already in the slider. That’s what we can’t have. Would like to enable CP Addons but had to turn it off since the Featured Ad slider went blank after VIP was enabled or am I missing a step somehow?

    • author
      Artem Frolov

      Probably the child theme slider does not understand what to do with the VIP addon.
      The standard ClassiPress slider should use filter ‘cp_featured_slider_args’, which plugin used for adding ads with the VIP addon.

      You can try the built-in plugin Slider instead. Or I can take a look if you send me your site address via Private Message on forum.

  • saltspring

    How do I find you the private forums and send you a message there? Just tried but not sure it worked?

  • canadawebservices

    Does this plugin change the duration of the featured listings on the form when people fill it out, they will see Featured For ### days? The default shows 30, I changed this in the template files to 60, will this plugin change this when I change the time?

    My issue is keeping track of featured listings and when they expire. Classipress does not offer this what so ever which is so silly. I would like my clients to get an email saying would you liek to renew as it will expire.

  • Jason

    Can the addons be included in the memberships? And as upgrades for memberships, too?

    Artem Frolov likes this.
    • author
      Artem Frolov

      Hello Jason!

      Had such plans, but not implemented yet. Give me please some ideas which type of add-ons should be added into the memberships?

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