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Display ads category and Ads filter by locations (country, state, city & postal code), category, tags either slider or grid view only for ClassiPress theme.

In this plugin package we have added individual widgets with so many different settings & features which set your home page more attractive and try to adjust page space for more meaningful & usable by display more & more content.

Current plugin working ONLY for ClassiPress theme not tested with any child themes.

Drag and drop those widgets to “Homepage” widget area to display for home page.

Mainly we have developed different Ads filter widgets as per below features
  • Ads Category List     –> which display all ads category list and/or selected category list/slider view, order as per widget settings
  • Location Wise Ads    –>    display ads either city or state or country or postal code/zip code wise filtered by latest, popular, random or sold ads in list/slider view.
  • Category Wise Ads    –>    display ads as either featured, all ads and category wise ads as per selected category filtered/order by latest, popular, random or sold ads in list/slider view.
  • Tags Wise Ads        –>    display ads  as per tag name/title (you may add multiple tags) filtered/order by latest, popular, random or sold ads in list/slider view.
  • Blog Post Widget    –> theme blog post widget display only grid list while we have added post slider and other design features.
  • Ads Posters            –> display list of ad poster/author with different features.
Widgets design features
  • Select front-end view display option.
  • Display widget content only for mobile, only for PC or display for both.
  • Widget top, bottom, left & right side space settings by manage margin settings.
  • Show/hide some display content to display different view and save space. like hide ads category link, ads content …….
Slider Features
  • Used theme slick-slider (used in features slider) so no slider related extra CSS or JavaScript added with this plugin.
  • Responsive & light weight with easy to manage and working for all size & type of devices.
  • Auto-play slide, infinite slide, slide per list, scroll slide, previous-next navigation & many more…..
  • Auto play slider enable/disable and slide timer settings.
View more link Features
  • Show/hide view more button settings.
  • Change link for view more button and add any URL.
  • Change view more button text option.
  • Open more link click in new window option.
Other Features
  • All widgets are starting with prefix of “HWCP”
  • Drag-drop widget and set widget settings.
  • Many design view like either slider view and/or list view option added for all widgets.
  • Localization ready
  • WordPress multi-site ready.
  • Clear and cool coding with necessary comments and tested by debug mode.
  • Responsive look and working good for all type & size of devices.
  • See demo for more details.


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Q: This plugin working for child theme?
A: Current plugin working ONLY for ClassiPress theme not tested with any child themes.

Q: Can I add any number of ads list for home page?
A: Yes as all are widgets and you can drag-drop as many widgets you want and display ads list.

Q: Can I change/add more designs?
A: Yes you can add more design by do some coding, no need to change any file or code because we have added necessary action hooks & filters to manage. Please email us for more details.

Q: Is plugin design responsive?
A: Yes it is responsive and working good for all type & size of devices.

Plugin Installation Guide

1)Unzip the home_widgets_classipress.zip folder

2)Copy the plugin folder “home_widgets_classipress” and paste in “wp-content/plugins/”

=======    OR =======

Get the help link how to install plugin from wp dashboard or via FTP :: http://wpwebs.com/blog/install-a-plugin-using-the-wordpress-admin-plugin-upload/

3)    Go to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Home Widgets For ClassiPress -> Active Plugin.

4)    You can see additional widgets added with prefix of “HWCP”.

5)     Drag and drop those widgets to “Homepage” widget area to display for home page.

8) Read Usage, Notes & Developer Notes Carefully.

You can contact us directly via email (info(@)wpwebs.com).

Version : 1.0.7 (15th Nov 2020)
— Ads widget design, added ClassiPress theme action hooks so addition featured of external plugin should work.
— As there was not action hook, new features not appear for ads slider view, grid view & list view – Problem Solved.


Version : 1.0.6 (29th July 2020)
— Class name was same with Home Control for ClassiPress plugin which create error – class name changed and problem solved.

Version : 1.0.5 (03rd Oct 2019)
— List view author & data not display, added as per category list page.


Version : 1.0.4 (27th Sep 2019)
— List view remove additional action hook which was crating problem.


Version : 1.0.3 (02nd Sep 2019)
— Display list view (new added) and now you can display like slider view, grid view and list view.
— Added new list view for widget title — HWCP Category Wise Ads
— Added new list view for widget title — HWCP Location Wise Ads
— Added new list view for widget title — HWCP Tags Wise Ads


Version : 1.0.2 (23rd Aug 2019)
— widget height change if ad description and/or category link hide from widget settings >>
— New option added to disable height change so list grid height never fixed.
— Category link not work for category image – problem solved.


Version : 1.0.1
— New plugin for author display.
— Display popular author, random authors, new registered users, order by title….
— Display in slide and list view.


Version : 1.0.0
New Release

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 Comments (10)

  • puremind

    What benifit my site will have instal this plugin ?
    Tank you!

  • author

    the plugin allow you to display different ads & categories list & slide.
    for example : display category list with image image in slider or list mode.
    location wise ads, popular ads and many…..
    display blog in slider format also…
    but this will work for ClassiPress version 4 or more version (full width of page).
    Your site seems lower version then ClassiPresss 4 and this will not useful for you.

    2 people like this.
  • Alex


    Can I choose category icons size in home page?
    ex: small icons, middle icons

  • author

    Hi alex,
    For this plugin there is no category icon and we only use category Image and which is change as per size of display content……
    Category icon was implemented from wp-admin but not applied with widget so there is not icon widget for current version.
    The Icon widget is available for Home Control ClassiPress Plugin .

    Anonymous likes this.
  • Alex

    Other question, Can i setup the same link in the image and text from the category?

    Anonymous likes this.
  • author

    HI Alex,
    yes image and category have same link of category listings page….

    Anonymous likes this.
  • vendarapidao

    Hi! Can I resize of the Latest Listings boxes to the mobile? Width and Height.

  • author

    Hi vendarapidao,
    While any one try to see the list on mobile screen, it will try to display full screen size and adjust the size accordingly.

  • lUIS

    Sirve para poner otra categoria?

    Anonymous likes this.
  • author

    Hi IUIS,
    See category widget settings to know what you can do with this?

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