ClassiPress Custom Emails

Customize your ClassiPress emails easily from the WordPress admin dashboard without the need to edit any source code.

Support changing the following emails:

  • New ad
  • New ad admin
  • Ad approved
  • Ad expired
  • Membership activated
  • Membership expire reminder
  • Buyer receipt
  • Admin receipt
  • Failed transaction
  • Contact ad author
  • Report notification
  • Password reset (requires CP 3.5)
  • Password change (requires WP 4.3.0)
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  1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
  2. Enable the plugin.
  3. Configure the plugin under ClassiPress->Custom Emails.


  • Replace create_function with anonymous function to be compatible with PHP 7.2


  • Fix compatibility with other plugins that register to cp email filters


  • Fix translatable strings in contact template
  • Add image variable to contact template


  • Fix set email content-type to html


  • New template: password reset
  • New template: password change


  • Fix new ad template


  • New user var for membership emails. use it instead of author
  • Fix new_ad_url var not available in membership emails
  • Fix post_message var not working in contact emails


  • Bug fix for using %subject% in the subject template
  • New template: contact ad author email
  • New template: report notification
  • Separate variables with section title
  • Fix not loading text domain for translations
  • Internal changes


  • Fix membership email
  • Fix buyer receipt author name


  • Add appthemes id


  • first

2 reviews of “ClassiPress Custom Emails

3 stars
Works as it should but missing email for Declined ads
By -

Would be worthwhile the price if it had the option to send an email when Ads are delined

5 stars
About Custom Emails Plugin
By -

Hello! Congratulations for the excellent idea. I have two questions:

1. I would like to know if this plugin works with ClassiPress 3.3 version?

2. When an ad is not approved ClassiPress send an email informing the author, but I did not see this form on your plugin. I just do not remember if this email belongs to Classipres or a plugin.


Silva, Claudio

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 Comments (74)

  • Cherelle

    Great job on developing the Custom Email feature. I would like this feature for the Vantage theme. Is this something you can also develop for this theme?

  • b3d1


    Good idea! I’m not sure why this isn’t already built in .. but, do you think it would have any problem with plugin WP Email Template LITE ?

    Also, is it possible to have all emails cc to admin?
    I have modified a core file to do this now but it would be nice in a plugin so I didn’t have to redo it after every update.


    • author

      shouldn’t be any problem with wp email template. I used to use it.
      as for cc to each email, it’s not really the purpose of this plugin so I’m not planning to add this kind of feature to this plugin.
      I’ll think about it if to add to the wp email styler plugin.

  • Mehdi

    Can we use custom html templates in this plugin or it just change the text of emails?

  • author

    what do you mean html templates?
    if you’re asking if you can add html code then the answer is yes.

  • Mahmoud

    Can we use this plugin to change the text of user password retrieval emails too?

  • author

    I don’t understand the question. You can use html in the editor boxes.

  • author

    No but I’ll check about adding it.

  • wzshop

    Is this plugin working for vantage?

  • author

    Hi wzshop,

    This plugin is for ClassiPress only. there will be a plugin for Vantage soon.

    wzshop likes this.
  • author

    i’ll start looking at it this weekend and hopefully finish it by end of the month if there are no problems.

  • jasongeek

    I just bought the plugin and love it. It seems like the lost password email isn’t in the plugin though. Will that be added in the future?

  • author

    hi jasongeek,

    for lost password there was a need for a fix in classipress. the fix was added and will be available in future version and then i’ll be able to add it to the plugin.
    of course you will also need to use the newer classipress version that will have the fix.

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  • Mahmoud

    This one (%posted_message%) does not work. The message text is empty in emails but %from_name% and %from_email% work correctly.
    Any problem?

  • sandy

    can you please confirm if this works with vantage or if there is another plugin for vantage?


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  • author

    i can confirm this plugin is not working for vantage. there is also a “classipress” in the name of the plugin to make it clear.
    a vantage custom emails plugin will be available later.

  • reject ads

    Hi roi
    this plugin have template reject ads, menu ads–> Ads is pending if click publich System send email as Ad approved, else click Move to trash system send email ADS Reject –> don’t approve ads.

    Please tell me

  • author

    there is no email for rejected ad. I added your suggestion for future version.

  • paule


    With your plugin, can we add In the buyer receipt : the date, the client address, our No. of identification (Siret) and the means of payment that the customer has used?


  • author

    I can add var for order date. is it really needed? the email date is the order date.
    client address field does not exists in CP. all payments are for online service. i.e. posting an ad.
    what is siret number?
    I can add var payment gateway string identifier. is it really needed?

  • paule


    Thanks for your answer.
    Is it possible to add on the receipt: the title of the ad, the user’s address (fields present in the ad creation form) the amount and method of payment, the date of announcement as well as images ?
    That should make like bill…
    Is what your plugin allows this ?

  • author

    the order email has a var for order_summary which will show a table of items and the prices of the items that are in the order.
    you can add any html tag you want in the editor so you can basically put any style you want and any static images you want. remember to use full url with http prefix as the image files are not included in the email.

  • paule

    Thank you, I just bought your plugin, I would like to know if it’s possible to change some things on the receipt:
    – Add the payment date at the end of receipt
    – Include only the amount paid and not the details
    – Displays the payment method


  • Harry


    Does this plugin support the latest classiPress3.5.1 ?

  • author

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