Bump Ad

Add users the ability to bump ClassiPress ads back to top.

This will drive posters to come back to your site to bump their ads
and will help your site to look more active by ads changing all the
time even though many could be bumped ads.

Users are limited to bump at interval times and can be charged for it.
Admins can bump any ad any time without charge.

The charge is done through the framework payment gateways.

Bump packages are supported in ClassiPress 3.4+

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  1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
  2. Enable the plugin.
  3. Config the plugin under ClassiPress->Bump Ad.
Please visit the dedicated support forum.


  • Fix user dashboard icon and action for cp4


  • Add support for classipress 4


  • Fix ajax call still allowed bump all even if was disabled in settings


  • Add setting to enable/disable bump all ads option


  • Add missing translation


  • For free bump add option to bump all ads in user dashboard


  • Small update to profile page view in frontend and wp-admin


  • Fix not to allow bump for expired ads


  • Fix bump pack price doesn’t display currency in admin


  • Fix packages order being ignored


  • Fix error when user updates his own profile


  • New option to reset ad expiration date on bump


  • Fix post content disappearing on bump


  • Fix bump icon in dashboard for cp before v3.4
  • Add manage bumps link next to the charge for bump checkbox


  • Skip select package step if there is only one package


  • Add appthemes id to make the appthemes updater work


  • Fix bump for websites using default permalinks


  • Add order description
  • Packages support for ClassiPress 3.4


  • Fix possible xss vuln


  • display summary page after payment
  • fix not being able to save 0 for wait hours


  • fix showing bump icon in some pages
  • fix bump ad in admin menu when sorting ads by column


  • fix showing link in ad listing


  • add option to show bump link in ad listing


  • fix payment problem with CP 3.4


  • add CP 3.4 dashboard listing actions hook.


  • fix crash when CP theme is not loaded.


  • add bump ad link in backend ad quick links.
  • add bump ad button in backend edit ad.
  • fix to show bump for published ads only.


  • new feature: charge for bump.


  • fix timezone problems.


  • remove the time wait limit of 100.


  • fix time to wait to allow to bump was in minutes instead of hours.


  • first

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 Comments (213)

  • Alberto Liberato

    Hi. I am not currently a user of ClassiPress but based on the way you listen to users of this theme, as well as providing them with products and features that they crave, you have made my decision to possibly use this theme a much easier one.

    You are to be commended for your skills for coding and listening. Rest assured that when I purchase and start using this theme that I will have dozens of good ideas for you to work on. lol

    Kudos to you and please keep up the good work. End users depend on developers like you for new and better ways to monetize their sites.

    Cheers. – Frank

  • viandeetsubstituts

    It would be nice to give the possibility to user to promote their ads for ‘Featured Listings’ to… it would be a wonderful feature for this plugin. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • jamesweb

    Any chance something like this could be made work for taskerr theme?

    • author

      no one requested before. I’ll work on it this week.

      jamesweb likes this.
      • jamesweb

        certainly its a new request of course, I appreciate that. Would be great to try it with taskerr, let me know if you need a tester.

  • Offer Skills

    Will this feature be available for Hirebee Theme?

  • mkjska

    Is this plugin send any email to ads poster to remind that they can bump?

  • tradeamillion

    does it work for vantage?
    if yes
    can it work for featured and none featured listing?
    can it work with any type of order by.

  • weiching

    Hello Roi,

    There are news about this.

    It is planned to support somehow packs ( ad and membership) like when user has โ€œad pack1โ€ณ or โ€œmember pack Xโ€ to have 100 bumps with wait interval of X hours between bumps of the same ad.

  • picturesmarket

    Hi, is it possible make some “package” where the user pay for bump weekly ?

  • kristyc

    Hi! Can an admin bump an ad (without charge) from the Admin Dashboard?


    • author

      hi kristyc,

      yes. admin can bump any ad from an ad page and from the wordpress admin backend.
      from CP dashboard you will only see your own ads.

  • jacoo

    Does it bump free ads over featured? Or featured stays on top?

    • author

      hi jacoo,

      by default featured ads are not on top. you probably have a plugin.
      so by default new/bumped ads are on top.
      though a plugin that makes featured ads on top should work the same even with the bump plugin because the bump plugin doesn’t change anything related to ads listing.


  • madjavismart

    currently only the admin can bump the ad, how do i make for other users to bump the ads.

  • viandeetsubstituts


    When somebody bump his ads, he send me 2$ by Paypal. After this, I receive a Paypal notification and a notification from my WordPress.

    But, even if I receive the payment, I still have to go approve the transaction in my WordPress dashboard before the ads is finally bump.

    Is it possible to make all this automatic. So when I receive the payment, the ads would be automatically bump without any task on my side ?

    Thanks !

    • author


      It should be automatic. bump will happen when transaction is approved, which is handled by CP and not the plugin.
      Are you sure the wordpress notification is for payment? because then CP should have approved the transaction. Also try on paying for a new ad.


  • dwbrehm98

    Can you tell me if this works for paypal and stripe? Both of them…thanks!

    • author


      the plugin it self does not implement payments. it uses CP payment gateways. CP has paypal payment which was tested.
      As for other payment gateways if they are implemented correctly they should work.

  • brianjester


    I have also posted a similar message for featureme as well.

    In the user dashboard, can it be possible to put 16 x 16 pixel icon under options column that links to the bump ad plugin? It’s ok where it is, but in the dashboard would be highly recommended as it is more user-friendly that way.

    Note: All additional features that an advertiser has, meaning to make their ad(s) featured, bump ads, etc…All should be added to their dashboard. It’s definitley more user-friendly that way.


    • author


      i just noticed i never replied to you.
      from cp 3.4 an icon is being added to user dashboard.
      for cp 3.3 the support forum has a thread what to do to add icon in the dashboard.

  • emasanl

    Pre purchase question:

    Is the “Bump ad” notification beneath the ad itself visable by everybody or just the author of the ad?

    As it should be just visable for the author, however this isn’t specified.

  • badmaash


    If I am using ccbill as payment gateway, will this plugin still work?


  • emasanl


    I’ve recently bought this plugin, it works great thanks!

    However, would it be possible for users to bump all their ads to the top at once? Instead off doing them 1 by 1?

    • author


      this option is not available. also what would you do with users with 100 ads? if each one will be able to bump all at once then other’s ads won’t be viewable for a few pages.

      emasanl likes this.
      • emasanl

        Ah, understandable. Hadn’t thought of it like that.

        1 more question though :p. From what I can see users can bump the ad on the ad page itself but not from within their dashboard page.

        Will this be added? Or should this be possible?

        • author

          In cp3.4 users should have bump icon in the dashboard.
          If you use cp3.3 you can check the support forum for adding missing action in cp.

          emasanl likes this.
  • manishkhullar

    Hi … any plans for making a similar plugin for Vantage ?

  • Marcelo Mika

    1. can be used with option “unpaid”

    2. be possible some additional features?

    example ;

    time interval and number of bump’s, according to user role

    or different time interval according to type of advertisement;
    Premium 1 bump every 60 minutes,
    Free ads one bump per day.

    Gracias !

    salujo70 likes this.
    • author

      I dont know what is “unpaid” option
      packages of bumps will be available future versions. not sure which options of packages it will support yet. the basic is X bumps for Y $.
      I guess its possible after that to add different timing for a package.

  • jpcom


    For “Bump Add” is very useful, it would be better that the ads
    are “bump” automatically for a number days (option: 7, 15 … days).
    Maybe with different price ๐Ÿ˜‰


    PS: Maybe an option with different price for 7 days, 15… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • quibby


    From this plugin, is there a way to create a membership that allows member to bump ads more frequently and perhaps free and/or even unlimited during the membership period?


    • author

      support for bump packages is currently in testing. the packages will be price X for Y bumps.
      other kind of packages will probably be available but in the long future and not in the next weeks.

  • quibby

    That will be wonderful. Any chance the updated version would be compatible with child themes of Classipress for example Store Press and Deal Press? Thanks!

    • author

      there shouldn’t be any problem with child themes. there might be style fixes needed for displaying the bump icons. also an important note is that only ClassiPress 3.4 and up will support packages.

  • saylon

    it would be nice to have an option for paying users to bump their ads without any time restirictions and free users to wait intervals times.

  • quibby

    Hi Roidayan,

    Any update on the bump ad package options feature? Very much looking forward to it still.


    • author

      Hi quibby,

      Bump packages are already available when used with classipress 3.4
      There is no plan to support bump packages for older ClassiPress versions.

      I didnt add screenahots but it’s mentioned in the description.

      Only one type of packages currently available. It’s pay Y for X bumps.



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    can you do that?

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