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Display ads from specific category (or categories) or ads by Ad Tags by using a full-features filter widget.
This plugin is the perfect choice if you want to fill the home page with classified ads and split them into sections, and displaying them into grid mode , list mode, or even a slider.


  • Filter ads by category widget, or by ad tag
  • The Widget is packed with lot of options
  • Slider , Grid or list View, all come with backend settings
  • Horizontal or Vertical Slider
  • Shortcode enabled to display ads into inner pages/posts
  • A link to view more ads (Good for SEO interlinking)
  • RTL Ready
  • Responsive
  • Very light weight plugin

How to use:

  1. Set the title of the section (block of ads).
  2. Set the number of ads to show.
  3. Select the category (or categories) to pick the ads from.
  4. Select the type of ads (order): Featured ads, Latest ads, Random ads, Sold ads.or by name.
  5. Set the number of the ads/grids to show per row.
  6. Set the view mode: Grid view, List view or Slider.
  7. Sort ads randomly or by date.
  8. Set a “View all” button with an option to paste a custom link.
  9. Click Save the widget.


  • You can display as many custom widgets as you want , on the home page or any widget area (sidebar).
  • Each view mode has its special options within.
  • You can use this plugin on as many websites as you want.
  • The plugin works perfectly with Classipress 4.x.

Q: Can I place the ads on any page?
A: Yes, You can, on any sidebar on the home page or the inner pages.

Q: How many widgets can be placed at the same area?
A: You can add as many as you want.


A/Using WP Dashboard:
* Go to plugins => add new plugin =>Upload the plugin zip
* Activate the plugin.

B/using FTP access:
* Download and Upload files to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder
* Go to wordpress dashboard Plugins => Activate the plugin


Please visit the dedicated support forum.

  • 2.0.0
    -Added shortcode for ad listing post type option
    -Added short code for blog posts or any post type
  • 1.0.3
    -Added widget: Ad by Ad tag
    -Enhanced the filter function
  • 1.0.2
    -Fixed attached images to load if featured image is not set.
    -Added RTL support
  • 1.0.1 – 11/01/2018
    – Added option to set the number of ads per row to see on mobile view
    – Fixed responsiveness bug on slider and grid view
    – Improved RTL compatibility
  • 1.0.0 – 10/25/2018:
    – First release

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 Comments (67)

  • wzoj

    Feito, acabei de qualificar seu plugin!

    Anonymous likes this.
    • author

      Hi Wzoj, could you rate it or still having troubles doing that?
      I would appreciate if you can rate and review the plugin in case you like the plugin or its support.
      Best regards

  • bluehavoc

    Thank you. I look forward to using that feature.

  • bluehavoc

    Hi. So I bought both Ads by Category and Selected Ads. Selected Ads is working as expected – Great. Ads by Category only displays one ad no matter how I set it. Any widgets below it won’t show. I running the latest version of Classipress. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • author

      Hi Bluehavoc,
      only one ad is appearing even you select categories with more than on?
      could you please send the url, and admin access by email?

    • author

      I have tested the widget again, it worked properly.
      please send url so I can see

    • author

      Hi Guys, the Ad by ad Tags widget is now added. just update to 1.0.3, and go to widgets, You’ll find another widged named “DAW: Display ads by Ad Tag”, use the same approach 🙂

      Anonymous likes this.
  • wzoj

    Agradeço por ter inserido o filtro por tag’s. Pense para o futuro, filtro de categorias e tags na mesma widget.

    Parabéns, muito satisfeito com o seu trabalho!

  • bluehavoc

    Hello, thank you for your fast response. I have over 2000 active listings and 4000 expired. We just switched to ClassiPress 4 (lastest version). I thought it might be one of my other plugins but nothing so far. I will need to let my coder give it a try first. Maybe it is something I missed. I will let you know. Again, thank you.

    • author

      You are the most welcome, Bluehavoc
      if you use any cache plugin, deactivate it and try again, perhaps it’s messing something in the cached data.
      for me, it works just fine.
      Ah , yes, dont forget to change the options of the widget. and save it again.

      bluehavoc likes this.
  • wzoj

    You can develop a classipress plugin:

    1 – This plugin will replace the fields cp_zipcode, cp_street, cp_state, cp_city and cp_country by a field only, for example cp_address

    2 – Be connected to google maps. As we begin typing the address the same is already filled (same as the vantage theme)

    Can you do it for classipress?

    • author

      Hi Wzoj,
      1-You don’t want any of these fields, or you keep them but you only display the cp_address?
      2-I thought classipress theme was made with the same framework of vantage, so in the geolocation module, it must work the same. I will inquire and get back to you if I find anything


      • wzoj

        1 – Yes, I want to use this field only. It does not make sense to have so many fields in the classipress. The VANTAGE theme should be the same.

        • author

          Hi Wzoj,
          I will dig into the code and see if there is a similar option or function for classipress there like Vantage.

  • Kris

    Do you have a demo to show list view in home page?

  • vxmedia

    Hi, I have Classipress 4, how do I find the shortcode to place on inner pages ? I see it working fine in the widgets but I’d like to create a new page and place in the main body of that ?


  • vxmedia

    Problem solved, I found the button in editor 🙂 thanks

  • vxmedia

    This plugin doesn’t work correctly on inside pages, thumb size doesn’t change and it doesn’t recognise the categories or tags.

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