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Display Selected ads for Classipress. Pick manually the ads to show into the home page or any widgetized area (sidebar, footer etc).


  • Select ads manually
  • The Widget is packed with lot of options
  • Grid or list View (Slider option to come next)
  • More grid styles in the next release.
  • Grad/Drop to change the position.
  • Good for SEO interlinking.
  • RTL Ready
  • Responsive

How to use:

  1. Set the title of the section (block of ads).
  2. Set the number of ads to show per row.
  3. Select the ads using the real-time search form.
  4.  Set the grid   height (optional).
  5. Set the style of the ads.
  6. Show the price or not.
  7. Show meta like categories and author and date.
  8. Click Save the widget.


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Q: Can I place the ads on any page?
A: Yes, You can, on any sidebar on the home page or the inner pages.

Q: How many widgets can be placed at the same area?
A: You can add as many as you want.

A/Using WP Dashboard:
* Go to plugins => add new plugin =>Upload the plugin zip
* Activate the plugin.

B/using FTP access:
* Download and Upload files to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder
* Go to wordpress dashboard Plugins => Activate the plugin

Please visit the dedicated support forum.

1.0.0 – 12/01/2018:
– First release

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 Comments (13)

  • wzoj

    Grid or list View (Slider option to come next) – This option is going to be show! Already have a forecast?

  • nuriozgokceler

    Hi. Can I random ads. Can you fix random ads?

    • author

      Hi Nuriozgokceler,
      What’s the problem with random ads, please explain so we can resolve it.
      you simply select the ads to display on that widget. you change the order yourself.
      do you want an option to shuffle the ads randomly?

      nuriozgokceler likes this.
  • nuriozgokceler

    Yes Like as Featured Ads.
    Fresh page and random ads
    I want an option to shuffle the ads randomly for every refresh page
    Add-on would be nice

    Thank You

  • nuriozgokceler

    Yes Like as use Featured Ads.
    Refresh page and random ads
    I want an option to shuffle the ads randomly for every refresh page
    Add-on would be nice

    Thank You

    • author

      Hi Nuriozgokceler,
      I am going to plan that for the next one, although the plugin is only for selecting the ads manually which means the user ( admin) can select the ads that he wants, I have another plugin for that purpose though

  • WBMX

    Is it possible for a Membership Package to make only selected ad types available ? Can I choose which ad packs are available for members as part of the Membership Package and for another ad pack they have to pay extra?
    best regards

    • author

      Hi WBMX,
      Thank you for being interested in our plugin.
      The purpose of this plugin that the admin can select the ads manually, to display on the widget (so nothing is automatically fetched ) so it won’t be logical for the admin to select the ads
      BUT I can think of a way to add a feature for this plugin or my other one ( listing by category or tag) to show the package purchased and so they will have to pay more to be listed. this is how far it can be enhanced, unless the selected ads plugin will not be using the same name.

      Best regards

  • topsell

    Not working with last wersion classipress

  • luisobiang

    good. I bought this add-on, (Selected ads For Classipress) and it doesn’t work well for me. The suggestion box does not work, when I write a letter nothing appears blank. I mean that nothing appears on the page. Help is urgent

    • author

      Hi Luis,
      Thank you for purchasing my addon.
      can you please send url and admin access so I can debug it?
      don’t post them here , send them by email to support @

      Best regards

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