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AppThemes brings you Flannel, an attractive child theme for ClassiPress. Flannel adds a soft touch and warm feel to your ClassiPress site. This child theme supports all the features and functions of ClassiPress and will be updated with each new ClassiPress version. Support for Flannel is provided by the same great support team that helps you with AppThemes products.

As with all AppThemes child themes, Flannel is available for free to AppThemes Club subscribers.

Flannel is fully responsive and scales across all mobile and tablet devices.

View the live Flannel demo.

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Is this child theme included in AppThemes Club subscriptions?
Yes. All child themes created by AppThemes are included in AppThemes Club subscriptions.

Is this child theme included with the purchase of ClassiPress?
If you have purchased ClassiPress (our WordPress classifieds theme) only and not AppThemes Club, you must purchase this child theme separately.

What app theme does this child theme work with?
Flannel works with ClassiPress 3.2 or newer. It does not work with any other theme from AppThemes.

How do I get support for this child theme.
Support is provided by the AppThemes support team in our support forums.

    • First, make sure you have the latest version of ClassiPress installed and active on your website. If you have not completed this step yet, read the “Getting Started Guide” on our docs site.
    • Download Flannel child theme files from your customer dashboard and save to your computer.
    • In WordPress admin, go to left column menu > Appearance > Themes.
    • Click the “Install Themes” tab.
    • Click the “upload” link.
    • Click the “Browse” button to find the theme files on your local computer.
    • Once the theme is finished installing, click “Activate”.

That’s it! You’re ready to go!

Please visit the dedicated support forum.

1.2 -9/12/2014

  • Added responsive code for ClassiPress 3.3

1.1 – 4/19/2013

  • Added compatibility with ClassiPress 3.3
  • Added email template for HTML emails

1.0.1 – 12/20/2012

  • Fixed multiple display issues on IE7/8
  • Removed elements shadows in footer for all IE versions
  • Removed orange borders from sub menu items
  • Fixed bullet placement in categories drop down menu
  • Fixed menus display issues on ClassiPress 3.1.9
  • Fixed localization of contact form
  • Fixed issue when data from form been removed if back button clicked

1.0 – 11/15/2012

  • Initial release
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 Comments (49)

  • levt


    Nice looking theme and great idea for club members, have to say making a marketplace here on appthemes was the best thing of 2012, besides the cp 3.2 because that rocks to 🙂 !!


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  • surfcrf450

    Like levt above I also appreciate the added benefit of appthemes’ child themes being provided to club members. It is a very nice touch.

    I also like that the marketplace has started to consolidate a lot of the 3rd party products out there.

    David Cowgill likes this.
  • staff
    David Cowgill

    Thanks for the kind words levt and surfcrf450.

  • mintiesme

    is this a child or main theme?

  • omkarphatak

    waiting for live demo before buy…plz update your status!!!!

    admarket likes this.
  • sandeepcs

    Please clarify “As with all AppThemes child themes, Flannel is available for free to AppThemes Club subscribers”, do we have more child themes from apptheme team ?

  • mkly

    I am waiting for the demo. Also in general; classipress featured listings’ view should be improved, it is not really looks like attractive. I think alternative views should be available…

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  • CrazyNut

    Where is the DEMO..!!!!!!!!!!! it looks awesome..!

    • staff
      David Cowgill

      @CrazyNut, the Flannel demo is now available.

      • CrazyNut

        woah…!! something is terribly wrong with this theme… not displaying properly on Safai nor internet explorer…?!?!? what going on?

        • staff
          David Cowgill

          @CrazyNut, what versions of IE and Safari are you using? From the screenshots it looks like you’re using IE 7 which is over six years old.

          We recommend you upgrade IE to the latest version for security reasons.

          All modern browser versions are supported and display the theme just fine. Regardless, I’ve logged a ticket with our dev team to add IE 7 support in the next release.

          • CrazyNut

            oh ok..! well i was on ie8 when i try the demo ( at work ), but if you guy’s add support for ie6,ie7, and ie8 that would be wonderfull as not everyone updates their browsers as often.. i have ie9 at home so i cant wait to see it in action.!

            Thanks for your help!

  • CrazyNut

    Man..i hope you guys fix the theme… i really want to buy it but wont do it untill its compatible on all browsers.. =(

    Anonymous likes this.
  • CrazyNut

    Here are some screenshots of what im seeing…

    Hope this helps…

  • CrazyNut

    Sory.. for the multiples post..but here they are..



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  • Mike

    Hi Yumiko,

    Users cannot edit their ads on my Flannel site. I upgraded with new version 1.0.1 but it didn’t resolve the issue. Dimitris knows this and he will be checking with the developers.

    • staff

      @Mike, thanks for the info. Presumably you have already started a thread for this, so please continue to follow the support forum thread for updates on any issues. Thanks.

  • jackie2011ws

    Very impressive theme, I have 2 questions:
    1. Is it possible to change category block on homepage as 3 column? Is it possible to see some screenshots or whatever?
    2. In the demo, it seems I can’t log out, is that a bug or something?

  • samcy

    Hello jackie2011ws,

    I can see that you opened a thread with the same questions in the Flannel forum. Let’s continue there. Thanks

  • Anita

    I don’t have paypal or credit cart, can I pay by western union ?

  • staff

    @Anita, unfortunately the only payment options we currently have available are via PayPal or Google Wallet. Thanks.

  • Ronny

    i am a new user on your platform.i want to some inquiry about this theme.
    can i customized this theme in featured ad or listing area ? i cant find any location wise search or location list.where is it ? social Login is possible this themes ? please mention if i purchase only this theme,for running it’s need to purchase classipress theme at first ?is it possible to run this theme without classipress theme on WordPress ?

  • Ronny

    can i integrate or config this theme with my own cc-avenue payment gateway system (india)?

  • staff

    @Ronny – To clarify, child themes will not work without the parent theme installed first, so you will need to purchase ClassiPress if you wish to use this child theme “Flannel”. ClassiPress itself includes an advanced search functionality located in the category view page. You can potentially add social login functionality through use of a plugin. From the next major release of ClassiPress v3.3, you will be able to purchase additional payment gateway plugins from the marketplace, otherwise it would involve customization to integrate other payment gateways. If you have any other general ClassiPress pre-sales questions, please do post these in the pre-sales forum (no registration is required). Thanks.

    Anonymous likes this.
    • Ronny

      Thank’s for your Valuable Suggestion.Thank you very much..

      Another one Question again… Can I Use Indian Rupee Symbol in your Classipress v3.3 theme ?

      Ronny das

  • staff

    @Ronny, Yes you can set the ad currency symbol to Indian rupee, however if you wish to charge for ads, please note that the currency selector does not include INR because it is not supported by PayPal. If you were to use a payment gateway plugin such as 2Checkout for example, which does support INR, then you would be able to collect payments in this currency. Thanks.

  • levt


    Is this working on cp 3.3??


  • staff

    @levt, yes it was updated for compatibility with CP v3.3. Thanks.

  • Fatih

    Do you have Turkish language support of this theme ?

  • staff

    @Fatih – To clarify, “Flannel” is a child theme, so it requires an instance of the ClassiPress theme to be installed in order to work. Currently we do not have an existing Turkish translation for the latest version of ClassiPress, however it can be translated into any language, with instructions found on our languages page. On a related note, you could also become an AppThemes translator and save money off your theme purchase (more details on that page). Thanks.

  • Martin


    We are thinking of buying this child theme.

    But, we realize that it doesnt have grid system. Is it possible to have grid system in the main page?

    And about to put the categories in the Tabs (right in the side of “Just Listed”, “Most Popular” and “Random”. Is it possible?

    If so, I have to say that it will be perfect!

    • staff

      @Martin, there is no grid layout available in the theme or this child theme by default. If that is the specific layout you are looking for, you may like to check out the Grid child theme also available here in the Marketplace. Please note though, you cannot use 2 child themes at the same time. It would be possible to add a categories tab through customization on your part, yes. Thanks.

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