Price Comparer

Jump start your Price Comparision site with products from Amazon, Commission Junction, and LinkShare. Thousands of advertisers submit product feeds into those affiliate networks, and now you can use this data on your site. No more complicated updating products in tables! The Price Comparer Plugin simplifies all the work for you.


  • Searches products from 3 affiliate networks
  • Automatically updates your price tables daily
  • Affiliate link cloaking


  • At least one publisher account ( Amazon, Commission Junction, or LinkShare )
  • WordPress 3.4+ with any theme installed
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Please visit the dedicated support forum.

Version 1.1

  • Fixed issues with ‘find post’ button

Version 1.0

  • Initial release
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 Comments (26)

  • tomukasteris

    For what theme is for this plugin?

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  • demonoid

    It would be brilliant if Affiliate Window was included (as an affiliate option). I would purchase immediately if they were!

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    • savebox

      i agree 100% i am form the uk and we use affilate window and Trade doubler, offen. it would be nice if appthemes take these affilate networks into consideration when makeing affilate network plugins. hope to get a reply form appthemes about this implementation.

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  • Jean

    I cannot find a theme related to this plugin? Can someone help me?

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  • elderban

    It’s for “Rave” the review plugin according to a post on the forums.

  • galverito86

    Can We see a demo? Is it very important for me… and I will be a better plugin if you could import the other affiliate networks as zanox, tradedoubler, webgains, tradetracker, smart4ads and more… Also I would like to compare a specific product, not a some products related or similars…

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  • radlam

    Can this plugin be used for any WordPress theme?
    I am trying to use plugin, but it does not pull any products to select from Amazon.
    Is it useable without the Rave theme?

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  • Yumiko

    The theme can be used on any WordPress theme, but is not specifically designed for use with AppThemes themes at this time. We have an actual price comparison and review theme “Rave” which will be released in the near future. Thanks.

    • Mads

      Will the Rave theme support other affiliate networks than Amazon, CJ and Link Share?

      For example by supporting a special CSV format that we can generate ourselves.

      • Yumiko

        @Mads, we don’t have specific information about the Rave theme at this time. Thanks.

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  • nvsaffilliate

    I am planning to buy with to use with my clipper theme. Can i display prices compare results below the coupon information.

    • Yumiko

      This plugin is not yet specifically designed to work with our themes. Thanks.

      • Dan

        Hi Yumiko / AppThemes,

        I’m curious if this plugin has made any progress on working with AppThemes templates.

        I don’t see any mention of Rave any longer on the site. Is Rave still something AppThemes is working on?

        Would love to see this plugin work!!!

        Thank you!

  • Rich

    Any chance that other affiliate programs can be integrated (i.e. Book Depository, AbeBooks etc)?


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    • dmorell51


      I would also love to know if this could be integrated with book / textbooks / downloadable books / rent a textbook / buyback programs ect . . .

      @Yumiko – any thoughts on this or advice?

      Thank you!

  • Ernie Simons

    Where do you get the Rave theme?

    • bubbley

      Any idea of when the Rave price comparison and review plugin will be released? It says Fall and it is almost Winter. 😉

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  • dimis

    hello this theme have demo?
    or more infos?

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  • coollibro2015

    Can I use this plugin for classipress?

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  • zingonetwork

    I am from India can I connect it to price with Indian websites comparison because all others service providers are not working in India please guide me

  • mwusaw

    This does not seem to be a real comparison tool. I expected to be able to compare identical products, not “kind of related products”. The point of a comparison tool would be to compare prices on identical products from different stores. Do you offer a refund as this does me no good since it is not comparing prices of identical items.

    Also, when I go to create a table it populates it with CJ products that are not from Advertisers I have signed up. Is there a way to see only products from only My Advertisers?

  • Theo

    Since i bought mine many months ago I have not been able to use it. It appears the plugin is just useless. long now i probably would have call for a refund. No demo, nothing

  • vidal

    Hi, where can we see a demo, I really want to buy this. Thanks

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  • kamilionweb

    What Appthemes theme is this compatible with? Please tell us.

  • koko333

    Hello, could it be possible to convert the plugin so that it connects to the Polish Alegro, this is the largest website in Poland. Regards

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