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Vantage Search Auto Suggest is a plugin that enables a Google-like “Auto Suggest” feature right into your Vantage theme. Search is an important feature of Vantage theme and is evident by the sheer preference given to the search box in the design, however a lot of us have been spoiled by Google’s Auto Suggest feature. Many users expect now every search to function like that of Google’s. This plugin gives you a chance to give the same functionality to your users.

Unfortunately, Vantage doesn’t have the Auto Suggest search feature. It was a requested feature in the forums too, so we decided to cook this plugin for you. Now, you can offer the “Auto Suggest” functionality to your visitors by enabling this plugin. As soon as, the users would start typing, the intelligent search engine would automatically suggest various posts or events making it easier for users to select.

Note -> Read Before You Buy: The plugin has been made compatible to default Vantage theme’s search box. Its CSS is not guaranteed to work with any of Vantage’s Child themes. You’d have to contact me to get the CSS to be fixed. It would attract an additional charge of $30-50 depending on how much time it takes.

My Answer To This Review (Click here to read review): In all honesty, I agree with Eric – The plugin will lose on speed because we have to make queries in the database rather than creating a JSON file for all the entries in your website. We had taken the JSON approach however had to switch to database because of the feedback from ITFind (1st site in Sites using The Plugin).

JSON file becomes too heavy in size if the listings are more. In case of ITFind – the size of the JSON file became 2 Mb in size when it could only process 3,000 entries. Whereas they had over 150,000 listings. That JSON file gets downloaded whenever the page loads – i’m sure no webmaster would want a page that heavy!

That’s my 2 cents in defense of this plugin and the hard work that we’ve put in it. The developer shouldn’t be blamed for poor web hosting. A good web hosting with good database server will certainly be able to deliver the results faster.

Sites Using The Plugin:

  1. ITFind.It: The site is running on a shared server and has got 150,000 listings!
  2. Punjabi Center: The site lists businesses focusing towards Punjabi community.

Please see the changelog tab for the changes.

Planned Changes –

1. Revamped UI for plugin’s settings.
2. Optimization of speed of the results fetching.

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  • The plugin generates a JSON file & queries the JSON file. The file updates every time you make a change in the events or listings. [Not the case anymore since Version 1.2]
  • On heavier sites with lot of content, there is an option to cache the JSON file and set it’s expiry time which can be done in the settings. You can access the settings through Settings->Vantage Search Auto Suggest [Not the case anymore since Version 1.2]
  • You can also set the number of search results you want to Auto suggest with in plugin settings too.
  • Download the plugin from AppThemes.
  • Upload the plugin file using via WordPress or FTP.
  • Click the Activate Plugin link.
  • That’s it!
Please visit the dedicated support forum.

1.0 – Initial Release
1.1 – Major Update

  • Changed how suggestions are shown. It now features Address & the category in which the listing was added right in the suggestions.
  • Click or Enter on the suggestions takes user directly to the listing – thus saving lots of clicks.
  • Earlier JSON file was regenerated every time a listing was added or removed. Now, the changes are incremented (if new listing is added) or updated (if changes are done in the existing listings) with each change. This makes the plugin scalable.

1.2 – Major Update

  • Changed the way plugin worked. While implementing it on website (had 150,000 listings at the time it was implemented) figured out that JSON file was huge in terms of size. with just 3,000 listings only – the size of JSON file was 900kb. Now, plugin queries directly in the database, so no JSON file is generated anymore.
  • Since the search call is made to the server (remotely), it takes some time before the search results are returned – Added an animation that notifies user that we’re waiting for the search result.
  • User can now choose to show the category or address in the settings.

1.2.1 – Quick Fixes

  • Add: CSS box in the settings that allows users to store the CSS settings specific to their site. Plugin works with Default theme – so buyer may have to edit the CSS specific to their theme/child theme.
  • Fix: In Firefox, click on the search result wasn’t taking the user to the post.
  • Fix: <Title> of the settings page.

1.2.2 – Quick Fixes

  • Added option to include categories & tags in search results.
  • Optimized search to show search listings starting with the character that was entered in search result.
  • Only Active listings would be shown. No expired listing will be shown.
  • Cross browser compatible for click redirection. It wasn’t working with Firefox earlier.

1.2.3 – Quick Fixes

  • Added the option to select search type. “Broad” or “Narrow”
  • Made changes in the CSS to ensure more listings can be shown.

1.2.5 – New Features & Fixes

  • Added: User now has the option to set custom headings for categories, tags & listings in the search result.
  • Fixed: Listing post or event post with same title will appear in suggestion list
  • Fixed: If category name is empty, the search coloum will span full width according to the search field’s width.
  • Added: Redirection Settings.
  • Added: Feature listing now appear at top in search results.
  • Optimized: Search result will fetch faster than before (20% – 30% time reduced)

1.2.6 – Small

  • Fix: not redirecting to listing or event post after click

1.2.7 – Important

  • Fix: Auto suggest would work even if events are disabled in Vantage settings. Earlier both post types had to be enabled.

9 reviews of “Vantage Search Auto Suggest

5 stars
Vantage Search Autosuggest
By -

Works beautifully!

4 stars
Good plugin and support
By -

The plugin does what is supposed to. I needed some support to start using it, because I had some issues related to CSS. The developer could improve it and add some extra feature like location auto-sugest using google maps api.

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1 star
Bought It, but did not work
By -

We purchased this but did not release it does not and did not work with a child theme purchased here as well. Just not compatible and not updated available. (or refund)

1 star
Not working at all , don't waste your money
By -

Installed it , didn’t work … asked for help , no response … reinstaled everything ,nothing …. about support … not even one response to forum or pm … I know it’s only $ 29 .. can I at least get thanks from you ..

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5 stars
Excellent Features / Functionality
By -

This plugin allows you to search by category and city or keyword and city. Then you can further refine your results by distance. Mayank and his team continue to develop the plugin and enrich it with more features and functionality that really enables the site operator to offer a directory service that is truly local.

Thank you,


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2 stars
Very slow... almost unusable :-(
By -

I am really disappointed… based on the review, that feature seems to be great but apparently, they were force to do some changes to modify the way the search is done and now that the search is done directly in the database rather than a JSON file, the search speed is really slow… well… maybe not if you have really good hosting server.

I do not have a suggestion for them but they definitely need to speed that up.

I will not ask for a refund… simply because I believe that there is something that can be done and I hope they will act on it.

5 stars
Very useful plugin
By -

I think it is a must plug-in bought it recently and very pleased with it. Should it not be the standard function in Vantage.

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5 stars
Fantastic and easy!
By -

Let me say this plugin is fantastic! It does exactly what I needed. I had a problem with the plugin and the developer worked on it right away and fixed it, so great support too.

As I can see he’s also working on creating location auto-suggest which would make the plugin even more useful.

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5 stars
Great plugin ...
By -

Hey guys – just installed plugin for my page and must say – it’s great – and it will be even better in future because author adds additional features.
When reading comments like “will wait for future releases as.” than I could shake my head – $19 is it worth to support each plugin to forced and commit the development of an plugin – waiting for a chicken bringing golden eggs is wrong way!

Myself supporting each plugin which I think it is worth to go for – from the beginning – and appthemes and their developemnt partners doing great job for really fair price.

So I could recommend this plugin without doubt – great job mayank.


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 Comments (86)

  • rgavila

    mayank Oct 12, 2013 5:37 am
    Coming up with a version for Classipress very soon 🙂

    you wrote the above 9 months ago..”very soon” ? means weeks maybe 2 months.. but 9 months and still no auto-suggest for clasipress?? are you really making it? or not?

    • author

      The plugin has been build. We’re working on its documentation and getting it approved by the AppThemes’ team.

  • simedia

    I’m using Successweb as a child theme for Vantage. Will customizing the CSS to make this plug-in work be a huge chore?

  • jigsawmark


    im trying to set up the auto suggest to only show categories & so that when i click the link to the category it will go the search page rather than going direct to the category page.

    Its for this website and its being used for treatments.

    if you type “tummy” you will see “Abdominoplasty- Tummy Tuck” being suggested however when you click it it goes to…ry/tummy-tuck/ i need it to go to…Tuck&location= so i can get the sort by to so as this is working of refine by.

    If someone can help then that would be great.

    Please message me direct to my email

  • jigsawmark

    im trying to set up the auto suggest to only show categories & so that when i click the link to the category it will go the search page rather than going direct to the category page.
    Its for this website and its being used for treatments.
    if you type “tummy” you will see “Abdominoplasty- Tummy Tuck” being suggested however when you click it it goes to…ry/tummy-tuck/ i need it to go to…Tuck&location= so i can get the sort by to so as this is working of refine by.
    If someone can help then that would be great.
    Please message me direct to my email

  • blacknight

    I purchased this plug in, and did not release it would not work as I do have child theme install, which means the plug in does not work as the “install” instructions suggested. I would recommend putting a notice there that his plug does not work with child theme.

    How do I get refund?

    • Mayank

      I’ve already written in the description of the plugin that the plugin is compatible only with the vantage default theme and no child theme. Until specific changes aren’t made to the child theme – the plugin will not work.

      The refund in this case can only be done by the AppThemes staff as I don’t think that you read the description before buying it.

  • blacknight


    Yes, you are correct as I read “Vantage” which I purchased and read the install… done. Purchased and installed then found out it does not work as I have installed the “directory” child theme. 🙁

  • tbase

    Hi Mayank,

    Do you have an update to my compatibility issue with the Directory theme?

    Thank you,


  • Blacknight

    I would suggest this would work for popular child themes such as the business directory provided by vantage. I will need to rate low star if plug in does not work as this actually cost more than $29USD. Not impressed.

  • savvas1980

    Hi there !
    I am gonna buy the plugin but I need some answers before .
    First in requirements says advanced search what you mean by that ?
    Second I want user to search by “what” for example category and then where near with auto suggest .
    For example search tyres auto suggest and clicking in the results place and search with auto correct in the near section again with auto suggest for regions from Google map.
    I found the locator plugin that makes the half job but I do not know if works with your plugin 100%.

  • turansaim

    Is this plugin working with directory child theme?

  • turansaim

    This thing looks nice! Why not making it work with directory chikld theme? I think its the most used one. Ive bought one autosuggest but this one is what I need. Would you consider helping me to get it to work with directory child theme if I buy this plugin?


    this plugin not working for me 🙁

    you can see here

  • aj270303

    Does this work with bfinder…?

    guiadelamujer likes this.
  • André

    Do you plan to make this plugin available for classipress?

  • rickthurlow

    Hi, does this plugin work with the Flatpage (Vantage) child theme?

  • guiadelamujer

    Hi, im using vantage plus bfinder child theme this is my site

    i have presale questions:

    it will work with Bfinder? have you sell this item to any Bfinder child theme user?

    and it will solve this issues happening now with vantage? you know about the google maps change in 22 june, requiring an API key, wich i created but now the near field os not working anymore

    – If you enter “city, country” the search doesn’t find anything. If you enter just the city, or city and state, or just state, the search finds nothing. We would be better off if NEAR wasn’t even used in the search. Can it be eliminated/removed?

    – Refine Search and changing the radius doesn’t seem to do anything anymore.

  • Alan

    Your demo site is no longer working is this plug in still being updated and supported?

  • bribiz

    does it work with
    Vantage 4+
    BFINDER child theme

  • Mike

    Is this plugin works with Vantage 4X? Perhaps appthemes can respond if the plugin author is no longer supporting it.

    André likes this.

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