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Phoenix is a stylish light, customizable and readable ClassiPress child theme packed full of some awesome features.
The theme puts your work first, keeping the design elements to a minimum while still maintaining a definitive modern style.

Phoenix is full responsive, ready to use language translation packs and testet with all available plugins that are recommended by AppThemes.

Features Included:

  • “Sold” Ribbon in listing and “Sold” stamp in single ad
  • Responsive for all kind of mobile devices like mobile phones or tablets
  • “Featured” Ribbon in listing and single ad
  • Highlight ad background when ad is featured
  • Sticky ads on top of category & search
  • Bigger Google Map under ad description
  • “New’ sign when ad is less then 1 day online
  • No Price Tag when ad author sets “0″ (Zero)
  • Supports for “Price is negotiable” sign when customer agrees
  • Better tab positions including the category
  • URLs and emails in posts are clickable
  • Admin can see the IP from ad author under the ad description
  • Support multiple languages
  • WordPress Multisite compatible
  • This child theme is READY for ClassiPress 3.3


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  1. Upload the childtheme to your themes folder
  2. Activate the childtheme
  3. Go to your “ClassiPress/Settings” and under “Advanced” tab select “Disable Core Stylesheets” to “YES”
  4. You may need to set your menus again. Go to your Admin dashboard => Appearance => Menus and activate your Header and footer menu.
Please visit the dedicated support forum.

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