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ClassiSky is a responsive child theme for ClassiPress with six colour schemes. It was first responsive classipress child theme on MarketPlace even when ClassiPress was not fully responsive. The theme will provide page layout and custom design options.

Once you install this theme, your ClassiPress site adjusts layout automatically by keeping all the resolutions intact in on, all devices. We have kept ClassiSky name because it goes with it style and look. It also add, clean & clear instinct appearance by diminishing graphics and thus the page load swiftly and, here it give its really attitudes to stands for those website which are having heavy content.

Significant Features:

  • Clean and light weight design with 6 colour schemes. [New]
  • Featured ad tag on ad listing and single pages.
  • Sold ad tag on ad listing and single pages.
  • Theme options page to manage page layouts [New]
  • Custom design options to manage the look and feel of the website [New]
  • WordPress Multisite compatible
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.4+
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Installation Guide:

  • Using FTP
  • Extract zip file into this path: – /wp-content/themes/ directory.
  • Activate the theme through the ‘Appearance’ menu in WordPress.
  • Sub menu would be created for the theme options
  • You can manage theme options from ClassiPress → ClassiSky Settings.
  • Using WordPress dashboard
  • Go to appearance →  Themes Install new theme
  • Select the Directory zip and upload it
  • Activate the theme

Support Policy

However it is important to us to make sure that every customer is satisfied with our products. Therefore we have a dedicated Support Team helping you to solve any products-related issues in timely and efficient manner.We are also very active on twitter or facebook where you can certainly catch our attention.

Before you reach us upon a problem?

    1. Read the documentation guide for your theme and plugin.
    2. Search the Support Forums for an answer.
    3. Submit a new thread inside the forums or Email Us on in case the issue requires us to connect to your site this may happen those times when we feel more individual attention to your issue may be required. When we do direct you to our Email support system, we may ask you for your login details.

Support Hours

We don’t have exact support hours, generally we can provide feedback on any support request within 12 or 24 hours. But note, that depending on the issue complexity and our workload. If we are online and able to provide you with support during the officially “holidays” period we will certainly not ignore you.

Support Offered

We only cover support for the Reload Web, add-ons,child themes and basic WordPress help. We cannot provide support on third-party plugins. we will try to help you with any type of requests including customization that requires only a couple lines of code changing, you must understand that we cannot provide extensive help in terms of modifications.

Moreover, technical support will always take priority over modification/customization requests.

Modification support

If your request for modification or customization help only requires us to publish a couple lines of code, we will be glad to assist you. If however you request requires more an that amount of code to be published, we can only provide guidance OR you can hire us if you don’t have the skins to implement it yourself.

Bug Fixing

It is our commitment to fix all theme bugs as quickly as possible after they are brought to our attention. We will also try provide a solution via the forum for smaller bug fixes, after which we will update the core theme or plugin.

1.5 – 02/03/2017

  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.5.8 and WordPress 4.7

1.4.1 – 09/17/2015

  • fixed – Double password fields showing on registration page/reset password/edit profile pages (after WP 4.3 update)

1.4 – 02/19/2015

New features added:

  • Six color skins added
  • Custom design and page layout theme options added

New files and folder added:

  • styles.css
  • includes
  • classi_sky.pot (Language file)
  • content-ad_listing.php
  • includes/classisky-style.php
  • includes/default-options.php
  • includes/theme-options.php
  • includes/tpl-left-sidebar.php

File changes:

  • style.css
  • functions.php
  • single-ad_listing.php

File Removed:

  • featured.php
  • loop-ad_listing.php

1.3 – 05/01/2013

Fixes :

  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.3

File changes

  • All files are updated in this version.

File Removed

  • header.php
  • index.php
  • loop-featured.php
  • sidebar-ad.php
  • wrapper.php
  • includes/sidebar-contact.php
  • includes/theme-searchbar.php

1.2.3 – 03/05/2013

Fixes :

  • Fixed Search bar go button ie, firefox issue
  • Fixed Post Ad button ie issue
  • Fixed Main Menu Categories ie issue

File changes

  • style.css

1.2.2 – 12/31/2012

Fixes :

  • Fixed Logo scaling with different resolution
  • Fixed Header advertise banner scaling with different resolution
  • Fixed On Ads listing/Blog listing/Blog detail page image scaling with different resolution
  • Fixed ad detail page Images opening on new page instead of popping up.
  • Text domain updated Compatible with ClassiPress 3.2.1 and Wordpress 3.5

File changes :

  • All files are updated in this version.

1.2.1 – 11/16/2012

Fixes :

  • Feautre Slider Rollover Problem
  • Header Search bar alignment

File changes

  • style.css
  • functions.php

1.2 – 11/10/2012

Fixes :

  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.2

New File Added :

  • includes/theme-searchbar.php

File Removed :

  • style_3.1.8.css

File changes

  • All files are updated in this version.

1.1 – 10/31/2012

Fixes :

  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.2 beta

New File Added :

  • wrapper.php

File changes:

  • styles/blue.css
  • header.php
  • index.php
  • style.css
  • single-ad_listing.php

1.0 – 09/09/2012

  • Initial release

2 reviews of “ClassiSky

5 stars
LightBeautiful, light and 100% responsiveLight
By -

That is how i would describe this theme.
Becouse of the fresh layout the content (the ads) becomes more visible.
Theme has some royal feel with it.
Also i can say only the best about support via forum.

Great work!

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5 stars
By -

This child theme really is the deal for me. Through some modifications and translations I have now a responsive site that my beta testers really praise and enjoy. A request to the developer got me some .png´s translated within days, so the support from reloadweb really is there too:)

If you decide to go with this theme you won´t be disappointed, that´s for sure.


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 Comments (73)

  • Joshuas

    Good afternoon wanted to put a plug in my advanced search ClassiPress whose theme is the classisky but this give me problems.
    I can recommend to put a plug in my classisky advanced search?

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  • author


    I appreciate your comments, but you would be glad to know that we have already been thinking on putting on all the things in our new version.
    However, we will update our theme after the release of ClassiPress 3.3 and after that I will be updating my theme with the popular plugins compatibility like advanced search, so you will be getting it sooner.


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    • ngocoty08

      Did you ever update the advanced search plugin to compatible with this theme Reloadweb?

      reloadweb likes this.
  • robwhe


    Just wanted to inquire if the map function is part of the child-theme?


  • gem

    I am wanting to make a classifieds site but not to list things for sale. Instead it is for lost and found items. Could the “sold” tag be changed to “found” instead?

  • guiadelamujer

    I think if any of the developers add a page of stores like in clipper to classipress, it will be a success, i cant believe no one of you guys, with the knowledge, has developed something like that function

    something like this (clipper stores) but in classipress

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