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With this ClassiPress plugin you will be able to limit ad posting to users .

You can set default limit to all users, then sell membership pack’s that offers bigger limit.

You can also limit single user to post more ads than specified.
Why you need this plugin?
You can create for example few membership packs:

– Free membership 3 ads for $0
– Bronze membership 10 ads for $5
– Silver membership 20 ads for $10
– Golden membership 50 ads for $20

You can limit any membership pack on how many ads you like. Zero means unlimited number of ads.

Please note: Plugin is not compitable with membership packs required by category, it calculates all posted ads for users.

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What themes does this work with?

More memberships will work with:

  • ClassiPress 3.4 and gather

1. Extract the folder into your wordpress plugins directory.
2. Enable the plugin.
3. Configure membership pack to limit ad posting

Dedicated support forum.


  • fix incompatibility with some plugins


  • added support for appthemes updater plugin so you should receive updates automaticaly


  • fix when membership expired user have still membership limit
  • fix user was able to change his limit of ads


  • fix sidebar is showing only in user dashboard
  • fix incorect time of membership package expiration in sidebar
  • fix rewrited plugin
  • fix error message is displayed only on first step on purchase membership package
  • added suppot for wordpress 4.2 and classipress 3.4.1
  • added option to enable or disable sidebar
  • added choosable default ad limit for all members if membership package is not used
  • added users of your choice can have different limit of ads regardless of active membership package or default limit of ads ( option for admin in user panel )


  • fix problem where user can bypass limit with pausing ad
  • fix current limit of ads wasn’t showing in error message
  • added sidebar panel in user dashboard that show’s membership package details and limit of ad’s.


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