LinkShare Publisher

Jump start your Clipper coupon site with coupon and promotional deals from Rakuten Marketing (previously LinkShare).

Rakuten Marketing has a huge database of affiliate program partners so you can choose the from the best for your Clipper site. Forget the complicated CSV imports!

Get the LinkShare Publisher Plugin and import a truckload of coupon data in seconds!


  • Import coupons from joined advertisers
  • Automatically create stores or define store relations
  • Automatically create categories or define category relations
  • Import coupons on demand or schedule hourly, twice daily or daily updates
  • Define number of coupons to import
  • Choose from categories, 32 available
  • Choose from networks: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States
  • Choose from promotion types: Black Friday, Buy One/Get One, Clearance, Combination Savings, Cyber Monday, Deal of the Day/Week, Dollar off, Free Delivery, Free Shipping, Free Trial/Usage, Friends and Family, General Promotion, Gift with Purchase, Other, Percentage off, Pound Amount off


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What themes does this work with?

LinkShare Publisher will only work with Clipper (our WordPress coupon theme), version 1.4 or later.

Full install instructions can be found in the LinkShare plugin tutorial.

Please visit the dedicated support forum.

Version 1.5

  • Fixed issues with saving stores relations

Version 1.4

  • Added pagination to stores relations tab
  • Added validating terms before returning relation
  • Fixed setting stores relations

Version 1.3

  • Added email notification when plugin couldn’t create stores
  • Added displaying API response errors
  • Added displaying quantity of imported coupons
  • Added check to omit coupons that missing category or promotion type
  • Limited displayed stores on stores relations tab to 50

Version 1.2

  • Changed API keys test into manual, on user demand
  • Added option to control imported coupon title length
  • Clearing dynamic transients on plugin deactivation

Version 1.1

  • Checking for coupons all possible result pages
  • Added validation of API token
  • Suppressed XML parse errors

Version 1.0

  • Initial release

5 reviews of “LinkShare Publisher

1 star
Not importing stores
By -


I have the same problem than kasirkiani:

“LinkShare plugin while importing coupons has failed to create some stores.
Please manually create stores and stores relations for listed below advertisers”

Somebody knows who to fix it?


5 stars
Problems with Linkshare plugin
By -

When I first installed it, it would’t work.
Then it suddenly started working. Now it won’t work again. My key is valid, but it imports 0 coupons. I created the stores manually- still will not work.

5 stars
This is a Great Plugin from Appthemes
By -

Worked great ! Will you be coming out with other affiliate network plugins?

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5 stars
Linkshare Plugin with Clipper Theme! Having a Problem!
By -

Hello, recently i have purchase Linkshare Plugin for Clipper theme 1.5
Linkshare can,t worked fine! show me error.

(LinkShare plugin while importing coupons has failed to create some stores. Please manually create stores and stores relations for listed below advertisers)

Even i have create some shore and stores relations manually, no effect! still having a same problem.

Need Help! urgent…

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5 stars
Thanks for great plugin
By -

Thank you appthemes for this great plugin,its working great for me. plugin is also working very well but i need to edit every coupon post because this plugin not put codes in right place like linkshare.

Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

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 Comments (59)

  • shmall


    Just bought the plugin and trying to setup on test site. After we entered the API Token and click Save. There is an message: Your LinkShare API token is invalid. Please check it one more time.

    The only API token from LinkShare under WebService is Web Services Token.

    Is that the one?

    • toluca

      me too, i can’t use this plugin because this message: “Your LinkShare API token is invalid. Please check it one more time”. Please help me to fix it! thanks

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      • meloniq

        Update of a plugin is available to download.

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  • radlam

    Same problem.
    Your LinkShare API token is invalid. Please check it one more time.
    Did this three times.
    Some coupons loaded, but who will get paid?

    • radlam

      It seems this plugin has not been tested.
      It does not work.
      It continues to print:
      “Your LinkShare API token is invalid. Please check it one more time.”
      I checked it ten more times, but the message is the same.
      The tutorials on Clipper are awful. Ditto the Linkshare plugin tutorials.
      When you join Linkshare you have to wait for advertisers.
      There is only one that has approved me right now.
      SO All I got was 18 coupons from the one site.
      Even a Valentines Day offer?
      So the Plugin cannot work as it is advertised.
      And of these 18 coupons on my site, who gets paid? Where do you check you site IDs?
      This is the worst plugin I have ever tried to use.
      Please refund my payment.

  • ademuth

    The new version is working, but I’m seeing duplicate coupons. If a Linkshare publisher posts their coupons in multiple categories, this plugin is importing multiple/duplicate coupons instead of putting the single coupon in multiple categories. Can you add an option to have coupons placed in multiple categories to match Linkshare, or at least a way to filter out the duplicates?

    • meloniq

      Each coupon have checked ID before importing to Clipper site, so if there are duplicates as mentioned by you, we can’t do too much about it.
      You can disable ‘Immediate publish’ option in the admin settings, and review each imported coupon before publishing on your site.

      • ademuth

        I see that now, I’ve been digging through the code. It was just the affiliate posting duplicate coupons…I’ve removed them.

        However, I was still having sporadic issues with the invalid API token error, which was also causing the scheduled updates to fail (in a 10 hour period I only had 2 updates). After digging through the code it looks like the remote_get function was the problem. There is no need to use is_wp_error in the response check line because is_wp_error is part of the wp_remote_retrieve_response_code function. Removing is_wp_error resolved the issues, I haven’t had any new API errors and the scheduled updates are working as well.

        I also added an option to the dashboard to specify the post title length, with only 40 characters it was cutting off too much of the title, now I can specify how much to show.

        • meloniq

          Thank you for detailed information!

          I have also created a ticket for next release to add option to control title length.

  • Mike

    Hi Meloniq,

    Are the CJ and Linkshare plugins similar or better than Coupilia? I tried the Linkshare plugin and so far it keeps saying invalid token.

    Will they work together if both installed on Clipper?

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    • meloniq

      The LinkShare and CJ plugin is similar to Coupilia, the difference between them is that LS & CJ import coupons stright from affliate networks, and Coupilia service first import coupons into thier database, filter them, and only then give it away to your site (this is what for, services like Coupilia charge for – filtering inappropriate coupons, combining multiple affiliate feeds into one).

      Yes, CJ and LinkShare can be both installed on one Clipper.

      If you have problems with API token, please report it on support forum.

  • Mike

    Thank you, Meloniq. I just installed LS and it looks like it’s working nicely.

    Take a look:

    Will I have issues about duplicate coupons if I install both LS and CJ? Or will there be a solution to this in future versions of both plugins?

    • meloniq

      The only one scenario which I can imagine, is when you are joined to the same merchant in both affiliate networks, and this merchant added the same coupon on both networks – if you will experience that issue, you can disable option ‘Immediate publish’ in plugins and review each imported coupon before publishing on your site.

  • Mike

    Thanks again for the quick reply. Will it really affect my site negative on search engines if I have duplicate coupons? I know users may get annoyed.

  • Mike

    Hi Meloniq,

    Are we limited to a certain number of coupons to import? I chose hourly and entered 10000. Will that be a problem?

  • dwnl67

    The store relation link doesn’t work and the plug in is no longer import coupon. What should i do now?

  • futureclick

    Will this work if I have Discounty installed?

  • kasirkiani

    Please let me know! about LinkShare Publisher or CJ Plugin? is there is any issue about Google SEO if i use these plugin at my Clipper Theme Web? i mean Duplicate content or any copyright issue? cos many people use these plugin already?

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    • meloniq

      I haven’t heard about any issues. Latest Clipper also offers feature to disable single coupon pages, if you have some doubts about duplicate content.

      • kasirkiani

        Thanks for your Asnwer Meloniq!
        I havenโ€™t have any issue! i just want to conform before Use Linkshare plugin! with clipper theme!


  • kasirkiani

    Hello! i, am using linkshare plugin but it have some problem! always show error like this
    LinkShare plugin while importing coupons has failed to create some stores.

    Please manually create stores and stores relations for listed below advertisers:

    even update manually, it can,t worked!

    Need Help!

  • Eston Swaby

    Is it possible for me to use icodes, cj and linkshare? Will it cause problem? Does clipper theme have a system to weed out deplicate coupons fro same store and then delete one?

    • meloniq

      CJ and LinkShare might be included into feed from iCodes, so if you own iCodes account and plugin, no need to use CJ and LinkShare plugins. But if you would like to use iCodes plugin only for other affiliate networks, and keep direct feed from CJ & LS, just make sure those two are disabled in iCodes plugin settings page. There is check for duplicates in each plugin, but the iCodes have custom identification numbers so it will not work across plugins, means coupon “A” could be imported from CJ directly, and via iCodes, and it would have different identification number.

  • Eston Swaby

    okay cool. could you create the plugins please (please allow more than one country imports when you do)
    Amazon (icodes only inmport from US coupons and deals)
    adtraction please please please. if not all even Tradedoubler

  • Eston Swaby

    What about amazon and ebay? After learning that if i use icodes and nakedlink then the user will not be directed straight to the page of the product i think its best to use afflink, therefore i neee these
    Affiliate window

  • Eston

    if i purchase this plugin, will i be able to select and pull coupons and promotions fromn all countries (networks)? eg UK, AU, US?
    also does clipper have in place a system to automatically put deals in deals menu/category and promotions that are coupons in coupons heading? therefore giving users and admin better functionality, eg when they click on deals, they only get deals and no coupons included?

  • Eston Swaby

    If i purchase this plugin, can i create menus and haven specific coupons and deals loaded to that menu, eg valentines day (though its gone) free shipping etc? Can this be done automatically?

  • Yumiko

    @Eston Swaby, similar to what we also indicated in the CJ comments – you can find setup documentation for the LinkShare publisher plugin here, which can give you a better idea of settings. Thanks.

  • Marcio

    Please create a function for to controle use limit and use limit per user, with this will stay complete

  • cheapocoupon


    I am using linkshare and CJ Coupon Publisher to import coupons and setup stores. The coupon codes are being properly o show the “click to reveal” box but when you click the coupon title or caption picture it does not direct you to the individual coupon url page it just keeps you on the store coupon listing page.

    This is a problem cause then i have no way to direct customers to individual deal or coupons. Can anybody help me troubleshoot why this is happening?

    Thanks in advance!

  • cheapocoupon

    Yeah I have that enabled already – any other possiblity?

  • bubbley

    I wish I could add other API tokens as my Linkshare account has 3 of them. I cannot install more than one of these plugins to grab the other coupons/offers.

    Can this feature be added in the future?

  • Dan

    Does only work with coupons or can I also use it on the Rakuten product feed?

  • lucas111

    Can you please help with this. Thanks!
    LinkShare coupons import failed. Error: 20 Access Denied Token ID Is Invalid or Not Approved for Coupon Feed

  • lucas111

    I got the token by following the steps here:

    Are the instructions still valid?

  • Raaz

    I have a pre-sales question

    I want to use this plugin with clipper/flatter theme and want to import coupons with details after certain intervals i.e. every one hour from Specific Stores. Currently I am planning to work with Udemy Courses with coupon at Linkshare. Will it be possible to import the udemy courses destails with coupon automatically posted ?


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