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ClassiPress Address Field plugin replaces default Street, City, State, Country and Zip code fields with a single address field with autocomplete and draggable pin on the map for best place selection.


  1. One new field replaces five standard fields.
  2. Address autocomplete on user typing.
  3. The map with draggable pin – allows selecting place by the point on the map, instead of address.
  4. Don’t need to set drop-down values for State and Country fields.
  5. Standard fields filled automatically on user choice. You can still use them in Advanced Search for filtering by State and Country.


  1. ClassiPress 4.1.0+. Admin form meta box requires ClassiPress 4.2.4+ (or the latest dev-build).
  2. Google map provider configured in ClassiPress settings (API keys must be working).
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Install the plugin

1. Upload the .zip file via the WordPress plugins admin page
2. Activate the plugin

Configure the plugin

1. Open menu Ads -> Custom Fields and find newly created “Address” field.
2. If you can’t find appropriate field – deactivate and activate the plugin.
3. Edit the label and description if you wish.
4. Add this field on your ad Forms if you have them. If you don’t have any custom form, the field will be added automatically on the Default form.
5. Should I say that ClassiPress Geo Services should be configured to make this plugin work? Yes they should be, and currently works with Google maps provider only.

  • Please read plugin description and install guide for a basic product learning
  • Search the Support Forums for an answer.
  • Create a new thread on the forum if you didn’t find the answer.
  • For a private communication Live chat with the author on the product’s site

Version 1.1.0

  • Improved client-side geocoding.
  • Improved server-side geocoding, when client-side failed.

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release

2 reviews of “ClassiPress Address Field

5 stars
easy and fast to use
By -

smart plugin this one , brings classipress geo out of the dark ages…. the only way to make this any better ??? add to advanced search..
5 out of 5 thanks alot.

5 stars
Simple to apply and great effect
By -

It is so much more elegant for the user to use this instead the classipress standard.
Installing is as easy as described.
Support reacts right away.

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 Comments (14)

  • frame34

    nice plug in…(gee all the plug ins are making the theme…..well….$$$$)

    Here my questions:
    1) I just wonder what it does to the already existing ads and the search according to location?
    2) Do I change my present addresses in all forms? I guess yes. I have 5 different forms right now.
    3) Can the plug in be included in the “Advance Search”?

    In fact I do not like the present search functions, since they are in fact a two step search. So I want to combine “Search” with “Advance Search”. Have only one search window.


    • author
      Artem Frolov

      Hi! Good Questions!

      First, I’d like to explain one thing that about the plugin.

      It doesn’t change the existing data model, but just provides a convenient interface for the user.

      Your existing ads still use “cp_country”, “cp_city”, “cp_state”, “cp_street” and “cp_zipcode”, but the final user will not see them as they save behind the scene.
      Also, the new Address field is artificial and doesn’t save its value at all, it used only to set values for standard fields above.

      So, proceeding from above, I’ll give answers to your questions:

      1) It doesn’t do anything to the already existing ads and the search according to location. You can deactivate and activate the plugin at any time without any issue.
      2) You will have to add a new “Address” field to all your custom forms manually. But you don’t have to remove old address fields, they will be hidden on the form automatically.
      3) No, there is no such function yet, but You can use old fields like Country and State on the Advanced Search as before.

      I hope this helps.

      Thank you for interest!

      • frame34

        Thanks for the answer.

        I am still a bit confused. So pls let we ask this:

        1) So if it does nothing to existing ads and the search, that means the search and ads will work with “old” ads as usuall? Or does it mean this plug in then will ignore the “old” ads addresses and not show them in the results? (do nothing)

        2) Sure that is not a big deal. Right now I do use only the cp_state, cp_state and cp_street values (no zip etc) I noticed only filling out the cp_street was eeven enough. Are my three fields ok for this plug in?

        3) Not “yet” gives me hope! 🙂

        I am planning to buy this, but need to be sure my running portal will work proper. Also, maybe getting some package deal is better than buying each plug in by itself!

        • author
          Artem Frolov

          1) The search will work with “old” ads as usual. And after you delete the plugin, “new” ads will work as well. Plugin does not change the data model, therefore there will no changes in search.
          2) Absolutely. The plugin will save all necessary fields automatically. The “old” fields needs on the form only if you need them for Advanced Search, otherwise they can be removed from forms.
          3) I’ll think about this.


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  • marioserrano

    demo >? url ?

    • author
      Artem Frolov

      Hi! Just added the demo link.

      Thank you!

      marioserrano likes this.
  • wzoj

    The current location is missing automatically.

    Anonymous likes this.
  • author
    Artem Frolov


    ClassiPress Address Field has been updated to version 1.1.0.
    For best compatibility recommend to use with ClassiPress 4.2.5+.

  • madmanc

    if classipress advanced custom fields plugin is active the address is shown ok back end , on front end how ever there is no address field displayed , is this a known bug ?

  • madmanc

    over 3 weeks now ive had no support , please fix or refund , too long now….

  • madmanc

    3) don’t think too long !! it really would complete the plugin nicely!!

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