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BetterMobile is a lightweight plugin for ClassiPress standard theme (3.5.1+) to enhance the mobile experience of your website, since most of the visits nowadays are coming from mobile devices so it’s important to take care of that side by applying some important style adjustments.


  • Display a large image thumbnails of the Ads on mobile devices.
  • Adjusting the current price tag style to a mobile friendly style.
  • Adjusting the text fields/buttons so they fit well on mobile screens.
  • Fixing the view area on mobile “view port” so it’s un-scalable to give the mobile-app feel.


  • This plugin is not compatible with any child theme.
  • Please test the “Live Demo” link on a mobile device before you buy it.


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Does this plugin support child themes?

No, it’s only for the standard ClassiPress theme

What version of ClassiPress theme does it support?

ClassiPress 3.5.1+

  • Download the Plugin zip file.
  • Open WP Admin dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new -> Upload.
  • Upload and activate the Plugin from Plugins page.
  • This plugin doesn’t have WP setting page and doesn’t require any further configuration after the activation.

Product support will be provided via this email address:

1.0.0 – 24/Mar/2016

  • First version released
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 Comments (47)

  • author

    Your’e welcome, try to add this code to your style.css to fix the slider

    img.attachment-ad-medium.size-ad-medium, img.attachment-ad-medium.size-ad-medium {
 width: 100%;

  • fyutk707

    Hi, Again I come to you with for help, the plugin works but image ads in the middle not in the mobile version and shifted to the right and when you look at this as something repulsive ,as if it’s a cheap website and I want to get away from him

  • author

    Hi, can you please send me a picture of whats happening? because I don’t understand you very well.

  • karaleise

    Works great, thanks!

    ZAIDRIX likes this.
  • towers_1

    on my smartphone does not display correctly. All items are very large.

  • author

    Can you please email me your website link

  • jumper

    Not google amp compliant

  • author

    Hi Jumper,

    No it doesn’t add Google-AMP functionality.

  • mycontrol

    Hi there I really need my website to show on smart devices. i believe u have a solution for this. all i need is for the current website to show ad pictures on smart phone/tablet.

    do u have any solution as support/hourly or in plugin etc i can purchase from you. if you can re edit my code for hourly, this will also do fine. i checked BetterMobile live Demo, but it changes the layout. Can u make the change so that i have similar view on smart devices as in window. example is

    hope to hear from you.

  • nickk37

    Can u look for me if my site is compatible with your plugin?

    Many thanks,

  • author

    Hello Nick,

    Yes, you have the original classipress theme, it should be ok.

    • nickk37

      Thank you. I just bought the plugin and it looks nice, but I have two questions.
      1. The rights side of the adbar from classipress (468×60) is outside the page. (maybe you dont understand, but I cant send pictures?) How can I fix this?
      2. My category page is looking a bit strange. On the left there are some categories, but on the right side there are most of them. (cant send picture here).

      Maybe your are known with this problems.

      Best regards,

  • author

    Yes please send me the pictures to my email

  • xlakshithax

    can you please tell me if this working on my website

  • xlakshithax

    hello..i just bought youe plugin…it look amazing on my website..but i have one issue.. my featured ads showing very big… is there any way to make it looks like on the pc?

  • author

    Hi xlakshithax,

    I would suggest to hide the featured ads bar for your website on mobile devices to provide a better user experience using this code (add it to your style.css)

    @media screen and (max-width: 800px) {
    .shadowblock_out.slider_top {
    display: none;

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