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Ad Stuffer Version 1.0 – Stuff your ClassiPress with Ads. With Ad Stuffer you get two extra Adsense Links and three extra ads for a total of five extra ads. Ad Stuffer will also take over your footer and you can put a total of four links for example a link to the AppThemes Affiliate market place. You are free to mix ads and links as you please but the total links and links are nine.

$$$ Promotion $$$  – Buy now and get free – Ad Stuffer for all AppThemes that will launch in December 2012.


Maximise your Ad revenue! Show 9 more ads & links on your website!
– Easy installation with FTP or WordPress admin in your ClassiPress based website.
– No edit in code with update!
– Clean & Trusted Code!
– No need for Child theme or hire webmaster!
– Easy install like turning a key!
– Free lifetime Support on AppThemes and


Install the Ad Stuffer by FTP or from WordPress Admin. Activate Ad Stuffer from inside the WordPress Admin panel. Put your Adsense, php, iframe or java code inside the Ad Stuffer. You find Ad Stuffer under settings in your WordPress Admin.


– ClassiPress 3.0.5+>
– ClassiPress 3.1.6
– ClassiPress 3.1.7
– ClassiPress 3.1.8
– ClassiPress 3.1.9

– WordPress 3.0 – 3.4.2+

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