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Give your Vantage themed website users an easy way to select Business listings.

The A-Z business listing plugin gives you an option to add an A to Z list bar just below the top menu so that your website users can directly select the business listing based on business name.


  1. Responsive Design
  2. You can opt whether to show in Home Page only, Show in all pages or Don’t show at all.
  3. Option to select Color for the A to Z list, text and drop down, so that you can match it with your theme.
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Q) Does it work with all AppThemes themes?
A) No, it works with Vantage theme by Appthemes, however it can be modified to use with any theme, if you know a bit of programming.

Q) Where is the A to Z listing shown
A) It is shown just below the search box. Please see the demo link.


1. Follow standard WordPress plugin installation.
2. Activate the plugin.
3. A new tab A to Z business List for Vantage will be added in WP-Admin sidebar.

1.0 First Release

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 Comments (16)

  • Missy

    Is it possible to have this change when in a category like ‘Las Vegas’ to have only the ‘Las Vegas’ A-Z dropdown appear if desired in settings.

    For example, For a larger directory can have 1000’s of listings and that box would be endless

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  • yea747

    I just bought the plugin but I get a white space between A-Z banner and the Vantage map? This seems not to be the case in your demo. Can you help me out please ? Thanks!

  • author

    Replied in forum.

  • yea747

    Hi Omar, your feedback in the forum doesn’t help at all. I need all my plugins, so that is not an option for me! I believe that your solution is not compatible with the Vantage Child Directory theme. If that is the case, you should indicate this in your requirements. Sorry it just doesn’t work.

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  • author

    I am sorry that you are not happy. A misunderstanding happened initially since you didn’t share the website initially. After seeing your website, I have just now given you the solution, please check the forum http://forums.appthemes.com/az-business-listing/space-between-z-banner-vantage-88441/


  • justaddcash

    Pre-sale question:

    Is this available for JobRoller theme? Thanks

  • author

    Thank you for the interest shown. unfortunately, currently it is not available. Will check and update.

    Thank you.

  • shahsheryar

    hi I have a directory theme and my website is http://www.nowflavours.com the a-z tab size is out of my border is there any way I can adjust?

  • shahsheryar

    Hi I have recently brought your plugin and enable it in vantage child theme and it’s not really showing fixed width please help me fix it.

  • shahsheryar

    Hi I am okay now

    just adjusted myself I am not really good programmer but for people who is using (FOR VANTAGE CHILD THEME)

    please adjust the sizes below:

    width: 1041px;
    margin-bottom: 0.7px;

    width: 39px

    hope now all the margin and width is absolutely right! 🙂

  • shahsheryar

    please visit my site http://www.nowflavours.com (For Adjusting Vantage Child Theme)

  • André


    I’d interested in this plugin and I’d like to know how this plugins handles more than 500 listings per character (A – Z). Does it show a scroll bar?


  • André

    Can the lists be ordered instead of randomly?

    Ex.: Character ‘T’ (it’s not ordered)
    The Sot Pot
    The Mongol Hut
    The Hangwa Bakery

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