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The Grid child theme provides you with another option for displaying ads.

With the child theme installed, users can quickly toggle from the standard list view and an attractive grid layout.

Grid child theme use the core ClassiPress function css and.
so you will never have to change anything after installed

Key Features

  • Displays ads in a grid layout (default option).
  • Let’s end-users toggle between grid layout and standard list view.
  • Layout – grid or list – stays consistent from page to page. You get the same view on the home page, search pages, category pages and more.
  • Uses the ClassiPress color chooser. Change colors to suite your desire.
  •  Full Featured Slider Pictures
  • Full Responsive
  • Easy installation

Sites Using Grid Theme version 1.5 version 1.9 2.3.1 2.3.1 2.3.1 2.3.1 vesrsion 2.3.1 2.3.1 2.3.1
and many more…

Additional Notes

We will UPDATE the Grid Theme for each new ClassiPress version.

Support is provided only for setup/installation. We do not provide support if you have customized the theme.

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You must have WordPress and ClassiPress installed in order to use this child theme. If you have not done that yet, please do so now.

== Installation ==

    • 1. Download the child theme from the AppThemes customer dashboard
    • 2. In the WordPress admin, go to Appearance -> Themes
    • 3. Click the “Install Themes” tab
    • 4. Click the “Upload” link at the top of the page
    • 5. Click the “Browse” button to find the child theme files that you saved to your computer earlier
    • 6. Click the “Install Now” button
    • 7. Once the theme has been installed, click the “Activate” link.

If you do not want to activate the child theme at this time, you can activate it at anytime by navigating to Appearance -> Themes

  • 8. After activation you can choose Grid Mod button color on Appearance -> Grid Mod Options page.
  • 9. IMPORTANT! If you allready have existing ads with photos, they may look stretched or squeezed after installing the Grid Mod.
    You can fix this with the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin from Viper007Bond.
    The plugin is available on the WordPress plugin repository site.


Please visit the dedicated support forum.

== Changelog ==

= 2.3.1 =
* Little template changes to provide better handling of the before_loop hook.

= 2.3 =
* Grid Mode is on by default
* Updated jQuery.Cookie plugin (version 1.3.1)

= 2.2.1 =
* Javascript and CSS optimizations

= 2.1 =
* Added theme options page (Appearance -> Grid Mod Options)

= 2.0 =
* Theme code rewritten for ClassiPress 3.3 compatibility

2 reviews of “Grid

5 stars
Showing only the subcategory in the grid
By -

I have installed this child theme and it works well.
I just need to know how to show only the subcategory in the ads in the grid mode.
Currently, it shows all the way : category / sub-category and it is too long and then the text is above the ad. So I would just show the subcategory.
Thank you for your help.

4.5 stars
Great Module
By -

Give a nice design and show your ads in grid mod.

Easy to install and setup.

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 Comments (72)

  • bleem

    Hey there Mr Green – I bought this prior to you putting it on the market place.

    How can I get the update for CP 3.2.1?



  • levt

    realy nice to see that Mr green now is on marketplace!!!


    • author

      Thank you Levt
      Take sometime to me because already build a store
      But Shannon and all Appthemes staff have provide a way to

      Special thanks to Dimitris for is patience and Meloniq to bring me a new approach
      So yes… i am HERE….!


  • dikiyforester

    Hello, mr green!

    I think you have the right to ask the administration to provide access to your past clients for this product. I did so. At least you can just ask.

  • dikiyforester

    No doubt that the list is long)) and wish that it has increased many times!

    Good Luck!

  • Haissam

    my previous comments has been deleted.
    I like to buy the theme same as but in english, please provide the best way to do it.

  • levt

    Mr green is a very bussy men here on marketplace 🙂

  • bleem

    Hi Mr Green,
    I sent you a contact message and a pm.
    Did you receive these?

  • lars

    Hello Mr. Green!
    This plugin is available to Classipress 3.2.1 + WordPress 3.5.1 ?

    Do you have a page to questions on appthemes forum?


  • yadkov


    i buy your theme it is cool. I try to install and i do it, but the photo added by previous theme are with poor quality.

    • author

      Hi Yadkov,
      First Thanks for your purchase

      >>but the photo added by previous theme are with poor quality.
      it’s normal read the install guide
      Important notes about thumbnails. The grid child theme uses a different thumbnail size than ClassiPress.

      or the READ_ME_Child_Theme.pdf in the Grid Child theme folder

      if you already have a established ClassiPress with lot of ad with pictures. you can resize
      all the pictures by using this plugins.they will resize all the pictures for you in a simple task

      I wish you a very good success

      mr green

  • muwaahid


    i bought this theme some time ago…. how do i get to update the theme without paying again?… thanks

  • wasee

    Is it possible to make it work with the ClassiSky theme of Classipress?

    • author

      I think no problem to work with ClassiSky
      Some adjusting in phone part if you using the mobile version of Classisky

  • villadecker

    hi there mr. green,

    i just installed the grid_theme and in noticed the menu is smaller then the orginal CP theme. How can i change it into the width of the original CP theme ?

  • adyildirim


    170, height: 100

    number of sets required to be

  • Darren


    This is a great looking theme! I just want to ask, does the multi language function come with the theme, or is this a separate plugin you are using? If so, which one do you use?



  • Mweston

    Any plans to make this responsive for 3.3 soon? Like really soon? I’m planning on making my own theme or using this but would need it to be responsive.

    • author

      Mweston@to make this responsive for 3.3 soon? Like really soon?
      Marketer i am on it upon as realized and tested it will be here
      be patient a bit not WF here 🙂

  • titusraj

    I just bought this child theme but it does not seem to work with CP 3.3 Beta

  • sohail

    Hello mr_green,

    i am already running classipress 3.2.1 on my site but now i am planing to upload 3.3 beta on different host with Grid Child Theme of yours. Now of course after installing classipress 3.3 i have to change few things in style.css or any php code according to needs but i never used child theme before with my previous 3.2.1 versions, i used to make changes with original style.css theme itself.

    1. my question is if i buy this grid child theme for 3.3 beta and if i need any changes on my site for eg, remove price tag if no price or any sort of coding changes etc, so where do i make changes is it at original theme style.css or at grid child theme style.css??

    2. if it is grid child theme then is it capable of make changes within child theme for any sort of changes for the site.

    Please kindly let me have your opinion because i am planing to buy this week end.


  • andreuerj

    The demo site is under maintenance.

  • freetraffico

    I tried to update my CLASSIPRESS to version 3.3 and everything went bad. I have lost my GRID CHILD THEME completely.

    Please what should I do?

  • andreuerj

    When will be available again the “live demo site”?

  • galazrafael85

    It is compatible with classipress 3.3?

    • semlimite

      Yes, it is compatible. Recommend child-theme. full support

      mr_green likes this.
  • simeon


    I already have my own childtheme that I have used in developing my site – am I able to implement and keep my changes if I install this child theme – how could I make it work in conjunction to my changes.

  • david

    Good day Mr. Green. I am looking for a child theme due to I want to modify the background (the one that looks a Little bit gray), the theme color (classipress standard color) and the theme background (white), This child theme fits my requirements?, Is it compatible with the marketplace plugins? I would also like to buy the classipress related adds. This child theme has the same options as the classipress?. I am very interested.

    • author

      Hello David,
      I am looking for a child theme due to I want to modify the background (the one that looks a Little bit gray), the theme color (classipress standard color) and the theme background (white), This child theme fits my requirements?
      What better than see yourself :
      )i just finished to help a customer. who wanted a request similar to you
      so check the site directly

      Is it compatible with the marketplace plugins
      If you talk Related ads yes it is

      I am very interested
      So what you need to do
      -Buying first
      -Then contact us directly to make the change

      Ps :If is only to change background color and some other little tricks you will not be charged again

      David hope this clarify your asking
      mr green

  • verocom

    My pagination is not working on my homepage. Please help !

  • MrMac

    Hello Mr.Green. How are you? First, let me say, great theme that you and your partner created. I am using this theme for my new online business. I have a question, would you know the code to put icons by categories for a directory style layout?

    Thank You For Your Kindness

    • author

      hat you and your partner created. I am using this theme for my new online business
      OK “is on the road” Super !

      code to put icons by categories for a directory style layout
      not i think is difficult to anticipate really what each one want
      can be a generally a least: car assurance … so focus rely in that.
      in forum some person have made tuto for, you will found quickly.
      Our direction is to alternate Classified & CMS

      if you want your site listed send me link in Pm


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