ShareASale Publisher

Jump start your Clipper coupon site with coupon and promotional data from ShareASale. One of the most popular Affiliate Networks. ShareASale has tons of coupon data for your Clipper coupon site. Forget the complicated CSV imports! Get the ShareASale Publisher Plugin and import a truckload of coupon data in seconds!


  • Import coupons from joined advertisers
  • Automatically create stores
  • Automatically create categories
  • Sends notifications about created stores
  • Sends notifications about created categories
  • Allows to filter coupons by category
  • Import coupons on demand or schedule hourly, twice daily or daily updates
  • Define number of coupons to import
  • Uninstall options to delete all coupons and stores created by the plugin


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What themes does this work with?

ShareASale Publisher will only work with Clipper (our WordPress coupon theme), version 1.4 or later.

To install, simply upload the plugin via the WordPress Administrator Panel. Or extract the plugin’s files and manually upload via FTP.

Once activated, visit “Clipper->ShareASale” menu, and enter your API token.

Note: This plugin will automatically error and deactivate itself if the current theme is not supported. Simply reactivate the plugin through the Manage Plugins page once a support theme has been selected.

Please visit the dedicated support forum.

Version 1.3

  • Added uninstall options to delete all coupons and stores created by the plugin

Version 1.2

  • Fixed issue with assigning stores, pagination related

Version 1.1

  • Fixed issue where plugin deactivates itself when using multisite and different theme

Version 1.0

  • Initial release
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 Comments (39)

  • zeekzeek

    Hi does this plugin also work with the LinkShare plugin?

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  • asiamac

    Hi, does it support CJ or ebay as well?

  • aneelrathi

    how to set api Shareasle?

  • xshadow

    can i import products for example from in to my website ??

  • Netset Media

    Will this pull all links for advertisers or just the coupon link type?

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  • marcu


    The plugin work only with theme Clipper ?


  • author

    Yes, correct, it works only with Clipper theme.

  • tradeamillion

    Did created the API on sharesale
    cut and paste token and key, not working

  • marcu


    I want to buy extension and template, but
    You can send a link of demo to see how it works?
    Thank you

  • author

    @marcu here you will find Clipper theme demo:

    Demo of ShareASale Publisher plugin is not available because of simple reason – it’s importer, and it do not make any visible changes to the frontend of Clipper site.

  • jorgeginzo

    I just purchased this plugin and i would caution anyone considering buying this plugin to WAIT.\

    1. No documentation to help install and configure
    2. The API cannot be setup, and is a common problem with other users from what i see
    3. Support is lacking and absent
    4. This plugin is NOT free and should have better support.

    I have requested a refund from appthemes. i am hoping they honor it but if they don’t I won’t purchase anymore plugins until this is solved.

  • author

    @jorgeginzo You may not believe, but some people sleep at 6AM 🙂 Waiting 8 minutes for support reaction before spamming everything, it’s quite not enough of time 🙂

  • bian


    I buy the plugin but not work
    Error is: our ShareASale API token, Affiliate ID or Secret key is invalid. Error: Invalid Account – Error Code 4002 –

    what is the problem?

    We have introduced all the particulars

    • author

      The error says “Invalid Account”, so please double check the data you entered in plugin configuration page.

  • bian

    please tell me which is your email address to send you a printscreen

  • Александр

    Will the development of plugin the future whether to continue?

    • author

      Yes, current version is 1.2, what means there already was some updates (see changelog), and version 1.3 is planned that will include the feature to bulk remove all coupons imported by the plugin, to re-import it later with new affiliate ID 🙂 (in some scenarios people changing affiliate accounts)

  • Александр

    What binds the license ?

  • Sel

    Can I select only the merchants that I want coupons for?

    • author

      Yes, you can disable option “Create stores”, and on the “Stores relations” tab you can create relations only for stores that you want to import coupons 🙂

  • dgera


    I purchased this plugin and getting a weird issue. I imported 20 coupons and published those. Then I realized that it created one store which I was already having with some other name. I moved coupons to previously created store and deleted the new store which was created by plugin.

    But now when I open site in admin mode then it works fine but when I open without admin then I am still able to see deleted store and coupons in that store.

    Store should not be visible without admin mode and coupons should be visible in existing store. Could you please have a look.

    • author

      Issue you described sounds like a Cache, as an admin (logged in user) you receive freshly generated website, as a guest you receive a static page generated earlier… Flush your cache to see changes on your site (I don’t know what cache solution you are using, so can’t provide info on how to flush it)

  • dgera

    Excellent, It’s solved. Nice job 🙂

  • dgera

    Hi, is there any plan to modify this plugin so that we can import coupons from a particular store.

    • author

      Yes. To import coupons from particular store you have to disable “Create Store” option in the plugin settings, and create relation for that store on the “Stores Relations” tab. New stores will not be created, and coupons will be imported for those who have relation created.

  • cheapocoupon

    Hi Meloniq – Do you know how I can automate the upload of the High Quality Store Logos when the Plugin creates Store Pages instead of the WordPress mShot Store Screenshot it uploads when it sets up the store?

    • author

      The easiest solution is to enable notifications about created stores and do it manually.

      For automatic adding the store logos, I may think of creating plugin for VCLogos service – the one, that may provide to you high quality logos through the iCodes feeds.

  • mekopolis

    Love the Plugin, amazing work

    is there a feature or ability to block coupons from being imported by a specific store/affiliate
    I would like to keep the affiliate store in shareasale as I drive sales for the affiliate from other websites, but they have requested that I not post coupons on one of the websites [that I use this plugin on]
    I have marked the store as inactive and hidden all previous posts.. how do I keep future coupons from being imported by this one affiliate

    Thank you

    • author

      @mekopolis, Please go to plugin settings and disable option “Create Stores”, then go to “Stores Relations” tab, remove relation for the “Unwanted” store, and then remove the store itself from Clipper… plugin will omit this store during next imports as it will not have relation created, and plugin will not have permissions to create a new one.

  • mekopolis

    Awesome, Thank you very much!

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